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Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Ethos, Fate / Providence, Karma by yoshizen on March 19, 2010

According to the news on a asian radio,  in a corner of India,  there was a serial killing of  the children, and

a couple who is desperate to conceive a baby was suspected for its killings,  as the (religious ?) belief says,

” To conceive a baby,  it needs to kill 11 children “.

? ? ? —— this is 21st century.     If this kind of belief is still held among the people  even now,  it is

no wonder,  why  Buddha needed to utter ” There is no such things of the dead person’s soul.   Once

the person died,  it is the final, hence it is the Nirvana ”    Dead children can’t contribute anything

to the conception,  since they are dead.

In the Buddhist’s eyes,  it is obvious if anybody committed such killings,  it will  boomerang  back,

——— completely opposite of happy conception.

This is what the Karma mean.   And this is a simple human commonsense.


Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Ethos, Intelligence, Mind, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on March 18, 2010

I saw somebody shouting in his blog  ” Listen ” ” Listen”.

Yah,  I can see what he meant.   But,  Hang on Mate,  we had in deed listened.

We born as a virtually blank sheet of paper.   And while growing up, we have listened and listened,

and learned and seen , learned, listened ——– then here I am.

Listened the same thing again and again,  it became ” A Type”——- and imprinted as the commonsense.

Once the one acquired  A Type, he start to pick up only the information fit to A Type, because any

other Type hadn’t heard often before ——- such rare exception is irrelevant to the life.

The people shouting a minority opinion still want  “Them” to listen, but ” Them” belong to the  majority.

Majority share their commonsense. And it is imprinted in Subconsciousness.

———- though, it is not necessary the truth.

To see the truth, the one has to get rid of the filter of  A Type, and open the mind.

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