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Multi layered Cherry – X6 Lenses(?)

Mag Lens

Multi layered Cherry (Yae-zakura) started to flower.  Here is a collection of the photos taken by 6 different homemade Lenses / Pinholes.

Sony 30 mm Macro

Gaudy Lens

Gaudy Lens

Sony 30 mm Macro

Mag Lens

Sony 30 mm Macro

Gaudy Lens

Mono Pinhole

DD Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

Sony 30mm Macro

You must be convinced that how dry the images of “So called Good Lens”.  Still, you may not to have any choice but to go with the “Good Lens” other than just wet the lens with your spit.   😀   (Don’t worry, it’s not a serious matter at all.)


Paint the Morning Sky

Screen shot of the same photo

This is a screen shot of the next photo using Double Density Pinhole on A7R camera.

Zeiss 18mm F3.5 on Nikon D810

This is the original straight shot on Nikon D810. (cropped image)

Zeiss 18mm F3.5 on Nikon D810

This was the straight shot on Nikon D810 by Zeiss 18mm lens as a comparison.

Fun camera Lens (27mm? / F13) on A7R

The same sky by the Fun camera Lens (though not on the same moment = I was doing those shots next by next).

Wide DD-Pinhole

A shot by the DD-Pinhole — in fact, this was the last one of those photos on the morning.

Wide X4 Pinhole

Shot by the X4 Pinholes with wide adapter attached.

X4 Pinholes image again. (without wide adapter)


Yet another X4 Pinholes image.


Just a casual click on the kitchen window — only for a fun.   😀  —– but I like this !


How about those ?  — Left was X4, Right was Mono Pinhole.


Sweet image (2) — aren’t they rather Goth ?

The photos here were taken by the DD-Pinhole with a LED ring-light.   Pinhole mean, there is no grass optics which may block the light of shorter wave length (Blue to UV) and the LED used were very cool day-light type (recycled from a discarded cheap work light — there is a high quality LED which got exact 5500°K but with the cost)  = resulting to produce very blueish photos. (I should have set the camera’s White balance to somewhat 8000°K in advance)

You may say, they are not pretty sweet kind but more likely a Goth taste !   

I agree, but, is there anything wrong ?         Ha ha ha.   😀

Nevertheless, I like this approach / technique.   Anyway, the photography chose the subject.   If it doesn’t, it mean, it IS a kind of general photography, not worth bothering to. —– if you say, there are numerous impressive photos in the field of general photography —– Are they ? If you look it again, you will realize, it is impressive because the subject WAS impressive = not the photo.  Photo was just a good copy of such subject.  Nothing else. = you can send a robot to do a copy.  = It is not a photography but a listing up, curation of the subjects.   There is an occasion, as if the subject was almost placed there to be photographed.   Photography is a very heavy activity in the life.


Flower flower = x3 Lenses

Suddenly many flowers started to open. (The above seems to be a Plum flowers) — So, I’m capturing them with a lots of lenses (?) — above, by Sony E 3.5 30mm Macro.

This is rather early though, Somei-yoshino Cherry by Sony lens.

And this year again, the early Magnolia by Sony lens.

The same flower by homemade Mag-lens.

Yet another shot by the Double-density Pinhole.

The same flower by the same DD-Pinhole but with LED lighting.

Cherry flowers by Sony Macro lens = straight shot.

Then by the Mag-lens.

A bit too messy though, by the DD-Pinhole.  (Being as a Pinhole which is pan-focus, messy back grownd become very prominent.)

So, how about with added LED Ring-light. (Hoping the back mess going into the dark)

By the Mag-lens.  (Only the far back grownd showing funny coma aberration.)

By the DD-Pinhole.

DD-Pinhole with LED Ring-light.    Good evening Sir.

And they are the Lenses(?) and the camera — Sony A7R with E 3.5 30mm Macro, DD-Pinhole and  a homemade Mag-lens (A lens originally from a magnifier, mounted into a lens barrel from other compact camera = equivalent of 40mm F2.4)

Flower flower(14)-DSC05530

Well, this is an extra addition = Yama-zakura (see its brownish leaves come out with the flowers) taken by the Fun camera lens.


Ai Weiwei Exhibition


Actuary, I went to the Fortnum & Mason again with different

lens (or hole ?) — Then, I just crossed the street to other side,

to the Royal Academy = where happen to have an exhibition

of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.


Academy’s courtyard having trees or re-assembled dead wood.

It was an utterly odd view.  Those trees were not in the original

shape nor well composed big “Ikebana” but the standing mess.

I wondered what’s going on the inside.


04-AiWeiwei-F&M5-001(Photo above = tons of building steel rod were piled up on the floor

=Ai Weiwei is not good to make the things by himself but to

organize the  workers to do the job.)

I’m not a fun of Ai Weiwei. 

I can see he is trying hard to MAKE something “looks like an ART”.

= in other words, he was not a born artist = so that, to squeeze the

brain to manufacture the piece, not spontaneously creates a shape.

Hence, the piece wouldn’t hit our emotion but just boggle the mind. 

= So, the art critics needs to write about those “Boggle” = keeping

them busy and the art-media flourish. — The good art will hit the

viewer’s subconscious direct = no need of explanation nor critics’

blah blah.  😀


So, those were the pieces made out of the pretext of the earthquake

= the list of the dead (Left) and the debris (right).

— did such big disaster inspire him only those ?   If I were him, I

would have put a school text book or a bunch of hair between the

debris = bad taste but such straight visual signal will hit the

subconscious of the viewers direct, without needs of blah blah.


Photo left showing “a chair IS a part of a tree” = I know,

a chair used to be a tree. = So what ?

And the photo right = nicely made cabinet having holes =

spoiling the effort and saying a twist = again So, what =

What a cheap idea.  Can’t you conceive anything better ?


Yet again like the words of a second class art school

teacher = “Make a thing out of norm/Break a stereotype”.

TV camera (or that kind of shape) was made by plastic.

Chinese has been making so many utterly inconceivable

products such as fake eggs, fake protein (melamine) in

the milk etc etc = Ai Weiwei should learn from them if he

want to impress us with the eye-opening incredible idea !


Something scribble ? — or repeated print covering whole wall.


He might have thought = highly technical idea — a piece using

the reflection of acril plastic. = Yes I can see its funny reflection.

So, what ?   A bit strange doesn’t mean “Impressive”  🙂


Everyday’s  objects made out expensive jade.


Handcuffs made out of plastic. Useless and out of norm again.

(Chinese kid’s toy Handcuffs were all made by plastic ) ?


Fabricated trees in the room — not impressive though, they 

still showed a kind of fun-full free structure he must have

enjoyed like a game.  So, I liked this piece.


07-A09A4444Thousands white plastic pieces covering the floor and one

baby buggy  (= somewhat impressive fine work)

— is this related to the Chinese Scandal / billion of forcibly

aborted fetus by the “one child policy” ?  (I only guess =

I didn’t get any information or bought an exhibition catalog.

= In my policy, I SEE the piece, not study it by the words.)


In this room, and the confined small box explaining what

Ai Weiwei himself has been subjected by the So-Called

Authority’s tenacious interrogation = kind of torture/


This is not an art but just an indictment.= may have a

political meaning still, visually boring exhibit. Not impressed.


So far, this must be the most impressive piece in this exhibition.

May be it was just a coincidence = still, how bizarre.


On this occasion, I had only Concentric-Double-Dencity Pinhole

intended to use for F&M Window shooting, which was not best

suits for this  subject still, I think it wasn’t too bad.

—– If you want to see more info’ or clear images please

search in the net or go to the exhibition yourself. = don’t ask me.




Pinhole Machine in the Field


It’s not a Pinball Machine.  And a photo above is a Japanese maple ! 

As I explained in the Previous post, it is a combined / selectable Pinhole.

Single Pinhole, Multiple Pinholes and a Concentric-Double-Density Pinhole

were all in one panel, with or without a Wide-angle Front Lens.

02-PinholeMachine in Field4-001

Those were taken by the Concentric-DD pinhole.

03-PinholeMachine in Field5-001

They too, by the DD pinhole with the typical radiating halation.

04-PinholeMachine in Field1-001

And those images were taken by the Multiple (4) Pinholes.

If you carefully check the photo, you will find the 4 repeated images.

PinMac-Fi-A09A3695And DD pinhole image again. (Some years ago I made similar image !)


In the same time same subject but by the Multiple Pinholes.


Taken by a single pinhole though, with a very slow shutter speed =

camera was shaken, bird has moved = hence utterly blurry image.  🙂


09-PinholeMachine in Field3-001

Still, they were the very painterly images which I wanted.

10-PinholeMachine in Field2-001

By the DD Pinhole.


Last moment of sun hit the Single Pinhole and created

fantastic diffraction pattern.


Single Pinhole with half a second shutter speed = camera shake.   😀


And this image —– 1.6 second exposure.

(I would rather say, not too bad for a hand-held shot !)

I think, the Lens (?) worked well for the purpose to produce

impressionists like / painterly image !   🙂

(You must have seen the most unusable photos here though,

if you like to have so-called good photo, use Phone-camera.)


Evolution of PINHOLE System


Till now, I made quite a lot of Pinhole to take pictures for my

Canon, Nikon and invented “Concentric-Double-Density Pinhole,

and Wide-angle Pinhole

On top of those, even Double, Triple Pinhole, Tri-Color Pinhole

— on the end, it’s a mess. = In order to rationalize, I designed a

Convertible Type = Simple Single Pinhole, up-to-4 Multiple Pinhole

and Concentric-DD Pinhole with Selecting Tab, on the Nikon Mount

(Which is easily converted to the Canon) together with Detachable

Wide-angle Lens on front. 

So, the sample images were, Top photo Left = by Single Pinhole, 

Middle = Triple Pinholes,  Right= Concentric-Double-Density Pinhole.


In this photo, Left is the Detachable Wide-angle (Diverging) Lens

In the Middle, Triangle-ish panel which got 3 selection of Pinholes can 

be moved to each position.      Right is a NikonAI  to  CanonEF adapter.


Photo left is my kitchen.

Or you may call my work shop.

—– you may realized, how

my work is casual.   😀

Still, it’s OK to produce

properly machined like quality ! 


And the photo here showed the effect of = with or without the

wide-angle lens.


And the photo here, right, the panel shows 4 holes — by moving

rear panel, the selected Pinhole will come to the position.


Photos from the window —

Left = Single Pinhole,   Middle = Triple Pinhole. 

Right = Concentric-DD Pinhole.

—– So, I have to go out to make worthwhile pictures !

* * *

Incidentally, a test shot of “that rose” with this DD Pinhole was:

1-Remake-DD etc2-001Considering it IS mere hole, without focus or any control, still

the image was somewhat comparable to a good German lens

—– isn’t this, amazing ?

—– Or, unlike the Leiz, the Zeiss might have kept their belief

on “Natural Optical Image” like this !

—– Mind you, the Pinhole is not a “Light-bending” Lens or a

Grass, therefore neither has aberration inherent to the Lens at all.

Still, the outer (larger)  hole of Double-Density Pinhole here is

acting as a “Dispersed” Light-pass, hence showing similar effect of 

the Spherical Aberration (= effect of light coming from not only the 

center but the outer area of the lens as well which is not necessary

converges the light to the same point = make the image softer.


Pear Skin

pear Skin(1)-A09A4095

In this post, I’m talking about completely different several topics. 

To start, all of those are the photos of peeled skin of a pear.  

— peeled and dried skin.     The photo, top photo was taken by

the 4th version of Double-Density Pinhole. (Shutter speed was 1/30th)

Pear Skin(2)-A09A4100

And this photo was taken by the Two Elements Homemade Lens.

(Equivalent of  F4.5  and 1/250th)

Pear Skin(3)-A09A4094

Then this is the normal kind of photo taken by the Canon EF 40 mm F2.8.  

(at F11 and  1/100th)     Something special was that all those three photos

were taken on the ISO 25,600 setting !  —– Even with such high ISO setting,

the color and the smooth tonal character wasn’t too bad though, very peculiar

point was that the rough grain appeared only on the top (pinhole) photo.

 = a sort of common knowledge,  the rough grain appears on high ISO setting

= if that was the case, why other two photos doesn’t show the grain at all  ? ? ?

Pear Skin(4)-A09A1794-001

The another matter here was,

why drying the fruits peel ?

Well, in order to prevent the fruits Fly

appear, I decided not to make a wet 

garbage in a bin, but first dry them 

spread next to the window.

(Fly doesn’t come to the exposed, half dry skin)

Once, fruits skin, orange peel etc were dried, they never attract fly = it’s mean

there wouldn’t be any conflict.  (may looks a bit messy though, nobody sees it.)

I think this is the Buddhist like solution — remove the cause, resulting no conflict,

fight or killing = What a peaceful solution.  Don’t you agree ?   🙂



Yet more Impressionists Photos (2)-B

4th DD-2B(1)-A09A3850

With much of annoyance of the regular reader, I put yet another

fuzzy pictures — but with added “academic” ( 🙂 ) interest !

4th DD-2B(2)A09A3784

The pinhole which I’ve called 3rd version, used in the previous post

and “Quest for Fuzziness” post etc was the one gone too far, hence the

image has very little informations.  

So, I made the 4th version which gives less halation and a bit sharper image.  

(outer hole is still the same 1 mm though, the inner hole was much smaller.)

4th DD-2B(3)A09A3839

4th DD-2B(4)A09A3806

4th DD-2B(5)A09A3800

So, here is a comparison. (Photo above was by the 4th version)

4th DD-2B(6)A09A3492-001(3rd DD)

And this was taken by the 3rd version. = Difference is too clear.

4th DD-2B(7)A09A3760

 Those white halation can be reduced by darkening  (shadowing) though,

by doing so, the color contrast also increase = higher color saturation.

This was the reason why the images in the previous post looked like

a copy of old cine-film.  (It is a contradiction, supporsed to be a soft image

end up with strong color.  😦  )

4th DD-2B(8)A09A3761

4th DD-2B(9)A09A3765

4th DD-2B(10)A09A3766

4th DD-2B(11)A09A3767

4th DD-2B(12)A09A3768

Outer 1 mm hole was made on the thin aluminium panel (from beer can)

though, the inner pinhole was made on the thin plastic (from a cap of yogurt)

therefore it is very easy to make another one in 10 seconds,

and thanks to the DSLR, the effect can be tested at once.  

So, the Pinhole photography suits for a DSLR camera and really a fun.  🙂

(Especially in the case of Canon DSLR —–

Nikon needs to have Non-CPU lens set-up. (See the end of the Post)

—– I haven’t tested with other camera though)



Yet more Impressionists Photos (2)-A

3rd DD-2A(1)A09A3501

The pictures in this post were also taken by the 3rd version of  

Concentric Double Density Pinhole which was the same one I used

for the previous post.  And the one giving the most drastic Bokhe.

3rd DD-2A(2)A09A3517

Outer hole is 1 mm though the center Pinhole was comparatively large and

the material filling the gap is rather clear plastic. (it was a cap of yogurt .  🙂 )  

So that, it wouldn’t give so much details of the subject.

3rd DD-2A(3)A09A3521

So to say, they are somewhat the equivalent of rough oil paintings by large blush.

3rd DD-2A(4)A09A3535

3rd DD-2A(5)A09A3537

3rd DD-2A(6)A09A3538

3rd DD-2A(7)A09A3539

3rd DD-2A(8)186-001

3rd DD-2A(9)A09A3547

3rd DD-2A(10)A09A3548

3rd DD-2A(11)A09A3551

3rd DD-2A(12)A09A3549

3rd DD-2A(13)A09A3550

3rd DD-2A(14)A09A3554

So, the use of this Pinhole is a matter of the taste and the subject.

= Sometime it creates nice picture but not always.  😀



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