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Why “Don’t Think” ? ? ?

 When you are walking, you never thought about how to move your foot.

Same as to read this blog.  You are using your brain and thinking “What a hell

this guy is talking about” still, it is about the meaning of “What was written”

but not about the action, [Reading] itself. = Your eyes automatically scan the

line and pick the pattern of Alphabet —– and in most of the case, you don’t need

to even think what I wrote here = as no sophisticated literacy or academic

knowledges were needed to read this.

So that, to read this, you don’t need to “Consciously” think anything.

Almost automatically your eyes gliding over the line.   (While unconsciously

feeling “nothing special = ignore this” 🙂 )


Yet still, when the matter came to the famous theory of [Nut Macadam]

suddenly your brain awake and try to sort out “What this Nut Macadam is”

because you don’t know what this is, and you don’t want branded to be an

Ignorant = since this could be important and missing this might be

disadvantageous. = (Your Greed and Ego was alerted !)

So that, suddenly your thinking started to be in full swing. (Though,

no such Nut Macadam has a value more than a Peanut, this

thinking process would find nothing.)


Like this experiment, you may become aware a fact that the thinking is

associated with the own ego and greed. In other words, your own “Self”.

“The Self” is so eager to defend the own interest and try to gain something

though, see the situation.    On the end what you gain ? = And in any way

you will loose all you have gained and die soon or later.

(So, Don’t think is in fact same as “To be Selfless”)

Or is it a game to make a life more fun ?

(Make a life more fun = this is in fact the way of the Mahayana, instead to

live sombre life with so-called “Contemplation”. 🙂 )





Intuition is a tricky subject. 🙂

Every body knows it is there though, as a mater of fact nobody is sure how it works and

works correctly or not.   Generally, the woman said to be good at with this though, if it is true,

how come 1/3rd (now it is getting nearly ½) of the marriages end-up in divorce = wasn’t it

correct intuitive choice —– or, correct intuition had been over-ridden by the useless thinking ?


Many Internet blog sites are keep shouting “Be intuitive” though, funny contradiction is,

in the same time, often the very same blogger also saying “Never judge a person in first

impression but to be Kind to others and Open-minded” or

“Never chose a book with its cover” kind of crèche wisdom.

In most of the so-called WISDOM, there is always opposite wisdom as well.

= Silence is Gold and Eloquent is Silver, still many relation brake down because of lack of

communication —– if intuition is so good, why it needs to speak by the words. 😀 😀

Reality is, to see the situation down to the minute details and to pay attention to every

aspects of its implications and give enough consideration and correct rational judgement

is a heavy task, in fact too much to do —> So, don’t bother JUST react and pick-up first idea

—– IS what people calls “Intuitive Decision”.


Our subconscious memory-bank has enormous amount of accumulated data, deposited since

we were born —– the more serious matter, it has been imprinted with the more stronger

emotional tag, often with the accompanying pain,  or if it is important in the family or in the

society,  it has been strengthen by the repeated input as it occurred again and again

= hence, the first INTUITIVE reaction against the situation was based on those

important data without having mere hear-say or “read yesterday” kind of

cheap data and thinking,  therefore it is more or less correct, but not necessary

perfect. —– to compare to the result of “Deep consideration” which has been done by

a not necessary very bright brain = may be the probability of hitting right answer

would be the same.


If the outcome would be the same = right or wrong, half and half, why bother

bothersome consideration or thinking ?   Anyhow, we have to pick-up the

consequence — favorable or not =  This IS what the LIFE is.

This contemplation is the core of the “Intuitionism”.

And to live the Life in natural flow.

And the more importantly,  even the most wisest man in the history,

Lord Buddha has found (= even to such a wisest brain) “the Life is suffering”

= no one can escape from this fundamental truth. (If you feel not seriously suffering

= You’ve done rather well  😉 )

What we can do the most important attitude toward the Life is,

= NOT dwell the idea “IF NOT” = as the situation is changing moment to moment, to

keep regretting a wrong decision which had been made in the past,  and a result already

arrived,  is in the matter of the fact = have to deal though, the new and current situation is

on front of the eyes and it is burning. = This is what we have to fight against.

(If the fire is not big, a pint of beer could be enough to put the fire down otherwise, just run !

Don’t sitting there ! 😀 )


Yes, don’t sitting there.  DO something !  Enjoy a nice and active Weekend. 🙂



Hidden burden in BUDDHISM

Hidden is not necessary appropriate word.   To the people who is aware of it, it is nothing new but

because of it is not convenient or sound nice, it has been stashed away or intentionally ignored, hence

it was rarely talked about, —– YET, it is the most crucial element and the steps of which

a Buddhist had to take once in their pathway.


Go back to the Kisa Gotami story, —– What was her Contemplation ?

Was that just an acceptance of the life’s reality and the surrender to a force of the Dharma ?.

What was the meaning “Surrender” to the Dharma ? —– obviously, it is silly to stand against the Dharma,

therefore, it is no point to talk about the general condition of human existence, as man’s

existence is a minute from the beginning.

Superficially the teaching in the story of Kisa Gotami is an acceptance of the life’s undeniable reality= Dharma.

Yet hidden in the story, was her Self Denial —– not just accept the Dharma, but there was much more

personal, strong feeling of the failure, as a mother and a wife.

In fact, it was a rigid patriarchal society where a wife’s role and the duty was to bear a son.

A woman can assert her status only as the mother of the heir. Having her son’s death, she was

facing not only the grief of her loved child but a crisis to be branded as a woman of failure.

—– To accept the emotional trauma of both grief and the feeling of failure in fully minded

depth was, in deed her contemplation.

Discovering the harsh reality and found no possibility to find the seeds to revive her dead child,

psychologically she was stripped naked, left alone in the void of blank space —– she became

a clean blank sheet of paper, well prepared to listen the teaching of Buddha.

And Buddha knew she will reach to this state of mind when she come back. ( That’s why he sent

her out for a journey ) So that, when Buddha saw her come back without carrying heavily deluded

expectation and clean calmed face, he gave her kind consolation and the words of wisdom.


Often forgotten or rather intentionally ignored fact of the Buddha’s life is that,

once Buddha was a renegade of the ascetic holy man’s lank.

In order to soften the blow, this story was changed to rather positive description of that

Buddha found the better way to reach the truth, other than torturing the body and the mind —– though,

the eyes of the society then and to the mind of himself,  he knew he was a renegade until

Buddha found his own answer —– real truth and the way to reach there.

In the man’s life, anything has happened was, in fact placed there to be happened.

Same apply to the Buddha’s life as well. —–  If he didn’t join the holy man’s lank and learned among them

and then abandon its practice, the Buddhism today is not exists.

In other words, the elements and the experiences Buddha gained while he spent a time among

the ascetics, and  above all, the contemplation he got when he became a renegade was a key

to reach the Buddhism.

When Buddha abandon and let such practice go, he was literally a broke. no margin to retain

any ego or arrogance left, and having the deep blank space in his mind —– the mind was

completely open. Buddha was ready to configure his understanding from the deep depth of

his subconsciousness. ——————->  (read again and have enough time to visualize those words)

And Buddha’s blank space in his mind,  completely open subconscious inspiration was

able to see the invisible rules of the Dharma which we call  Panya Paramita.

Here the Buddhism was born.


It must be clear, it sound not very pretty though, a defeated completely lost mind, or utterly

desperate feeling of failure, —– utterly denied and hopeless ego, utterly powerless feeling

and so on, —– is the key to gain a blank space or completely open humble mind.

Which can be bracketed as a Self Denial.

May be not, not pretty, but sound rather dreadful   😀

But this is the key step to start to receive the teachings. —– hidden and yet another unfortunate

aspect of the Buddhism.

Yet, even The Great Teacher Buddha went through this, how can we avoid to take this step ?

Sound too much ? —– OK, I leave the analysis to the next post   🙂


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