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Science of Mantra

Unlike what I wrote somewhere “Buddhism never contradict Science” if anybody read the Mantras

everybody can see it just as a piles of piles of bullshit.  One description contradict to other or utterly

absurd logic etc etc (such as devils chasing wondering dead soul in the hell “therefore blah blah —-” 😀

Oh, C’mon it’s not a logic —– So, what is this metaphor meant for ? ? ? )

So,  Why I saw them ” Scientific” was, ——– the matter is not the contents in the Mantra but the

effects it causes and evoke the mind ——- instead of blindly accept a Dogma.

If anybody read Abidharma cosa Mantra  (provided not fallen into asleep.  😀  ) it will definitely

wear out the one’s mind, exactly same effect to chant the name of Mantra thousand times.

Analyzing the existences and the perception and categorizing them into thousand of classification

——- and to read them through ( What a hell ) definitely make the person to abandon the thinking

words and words will become just the patterns passing through the eye field.

Exactly same as a typist.  Just type the chain of words.  Just let them go.  Don’t think.

This, well thought-out psychological effects are amazingly scientific. —– Akin to the process of

blow heat the malachite with charcoal  and to get the copper metal.   Long (in deed) before the

mankind knows the carbon in the charcoal reduct the oxygen from copper-oxide —– from

the observation then try and test and establish the method is nothing but the rational science.

—— So, unmistakably on the time of it was written ” To study this Abhidharma is the way to attain nirvana”

( in hard way —— and not very good to the eyes  😀  )

( PS : Earley version of Buddhist Mantras such as Pali Canon is far shorter though always having repeating

——- phrase,  which was meant to be recited ( It’s in the poetry form) —— by reciting them repeatedly

——- its goes down deep into a person’s subconscious, hence it will become automatic to recite (without

——-thinking) thus able to attain state of Mushin (Selflessness) —– So, some described it ” Purify the Soul “.

Without shouting the Dogma,  still able to convert one’s mind by observing the psychological effect is

nothing but the scientific approach.

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