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View from Roof-top

View from Roof-top(1)A09A0064

Me and my friends went up to a roof-top of a building in Greenwich.  

One of the friend brought up 800 mm mirror lens on Canon and me with the

same D-D Pinhole, the other with a compact camera and we took some pictures. 

View from Roof-top(2)A09A0065

Though we didn’t stay long as it was a bit windy and  chilly.  Still, I could see a kind

of potential with Wide-angle Pinhole for the land-scape photography = weather

permitted, with something great lighting such as a sky burning sunset.  

(Something like the paintings of Turner !  🙂 )

View from Roof-top(3)70-001

I borrowed 800 mm lens and clicked few pictures.  

In the Photo left is the top of the Canary Wharf (1.8 mile / 2.8 km),  and in 

the Right photo, the Victorian Tower of the House of Parliament and the

Westminster Abbey (5 miles / 8 km away).

View from Roof-top(4)A09A0070

And this is the top of so-called O2 / Millennium Dome (1.8 mile / 2.8 km away). 

View from Roof-top(5)69-001

Photo left,  the mast of the Cutty Sark and the Church tower.

The clock face in the right photo was a part enlargement.  

(Not too bad quality for a £150 second-hand lens.)



Carnival in Greenwich (3) — Impressionists Pinhole Photo


I expected that the bold color and the shape of Masquerade and the Carnival costume

would suite for the Pinhole photo though, in real life, it was not as colorful or bold.

Carnival Ref(2)DSC_1120-001

This photo is a reference, how it looks like through normal lens !


Double density Pinhole creates big hallo around brighter subject,  


though, this softness seems to be a bit too much to be the Impressionist’s.  😀



(In this post, the results of  two days shot = wet cloudy and fine / bright day

were mixed, hence, it might give confusing looks.)







Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole was mounted on Canon 5D Mk-III.



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