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No one deny the exceptional drawing skill of Leonardo DaVinci, but how about his famous

ingenuity in the inventions, and the scientific thinking and the observation ?

Most of the people believe the reputation of him as a genius —– really ? ? ?

As a matter of fact, what people believe is mere Hear-say or Myth.

At least, anybody can see his superb drawings and the paintings. Though, how many people ever

put close eyes to his invention or anatomical drawings, which purported to be medically,

scientifically true representation of the human anatomy.


Utterly against the popular belief, my view of Leonardo DaVinchi is, he was just a trickster with

big mouth. Big mouth but his presentation with realistic superb drawing fooled the people.

Exactly same as a sham Doctor selling beauty portion with beautiful picture on the bottle.

But the people who doesn’t know the science or engineering was just fooled by his big mouth

—– any how they couldn’t understand the significance or implication of the drawings.


If you have the basic understanding of the mechanical structure, have look his famous design of

the battle tank. —– ( you can find it in the Wikipedia )

Just look how the wheels to drive the tank was connected. —— You must soon be realized, that the

tank can go nowhere, because the wheels of the tank rotates opposite directions, against each others.

Of cause, if it was actually ever built by the carpenters —– since even ordinary carpenters can see the

direction of rotation, the mistake in the design must be rectified and modified by them on the spot,

therefore the tank could have roll-out for test drive.  But even if it was built and tested, soon they realized

that a block of stone or shallow trench dug on the ground can easily demobilize the tank and it become a

sitting duck.  Oil and fire would burn the soldiers inside alive.   What a useless silly idea  😀


And just give a thought to that famous flying machine design —– does anybody possibly imagined,

somebody in the world has the muscle to swing the wings of that huge heavy structure ? 

Was Leonardo DaVinci such ignorant ?    Still, he believed it is a feasible good idea.—– Delusion again.

Despite his big mouth and the pretense, he lack the brain to rationally figured out the possibility and

the feasibility of the mechanism. —– He literally draw the beautiful picture (or dream ? )

He was a man just deluded and intoxicated by his own fancy idea and fooled others with it.

He was only good to copy and draw what he can actually see. —– was that ?   Really ?


There are hundred of the anatomical sketches made by him.

They are no doubt, superb realistic drawings —– except some

unimaginable distortions, which he intentionally put on there.

Leonardo DaVinci was a member of the Free Masons and had profound Masonic

belief, hence he had the belief of the spirit.   He believed the domain of the spirit

is in the brain, and because its spirit was carried in the semen, the child inherit the

spirit from father —– therefore it has been continued from Adam.

Its mean, the sperm has to come from the brain.   And it shouldn’t come

through the same tube sharing with urine, hence having different tube in the penis.

So that he has drawn additional extra tube running from brain to penis, in his anatomical

drawings of the genitals.

—– Obviously he was quite obsessed with this idea,the same man who

could precisely observed and drawn the exact position of the urinary

tube from kidney to bladder still managed to falsify non-existent tube

in the penis.   It’s not scientific at all.  And if he was a believer of

the God’s creation, it is a dreadful fallacy, and contempt of God.


There was a strange paradox in his belief. Despite his profound Masonic

belief of spiritualism, he didn’t know what the spiritualism mean, hence

he tried to make-up the materialistic representation of the spirit

—– the semen as the substance of the spirit.  ( Bad tendency of the inventor. 😀 )

( Inventor’s aim is to materialize the idea.  Philosopher accepts first and try to explain  😀  )

Lots of people were mislead by his paintings of Mona Lisa or Madonna kind of images, but it was

just an assignment with money to him, it was nothing to do with his spiritual state of the mind nor Christianity.

Considering many of his drawing of grotesque faces, and above all, a man who got insatiable apatite to

dissect the human body, even a pregnant woman with a foetus inside —– it is not only illegal but

a grotesque feast of insanity.   It was far worse than mental perversion.  He actually took a knife in his

hand to cut open a womb, in order to draw the shape of  foetus.  Under the spooky candle light ! Oh, No.

This is the reason why no spiritual institute gave him any historical significance, other than

dubious DaVinci Code story 😀

Neither no scientific, medical topics or phenomenon was ever named after him. —– scientists, medical

academics never took him anything serious.   Since, he was just a deluded pervert, yet able to get

away, just because of his powerful connection who has been fooled by his big mouth.

DaVinci was the most typical case of  PRECONCEPTION  which I wrote long time ago.

His dreadful gruesome act has been completely masked and forgotten by the smile of Mona Lisa.

And people were made to believe a myth of Genius 😀

( Those drawings are in the Queen’s Collection, Windsor )

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