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Poor Nature

This poor friend is what I found on the pavement. (The actual size is 45mm across)

He is the largest Stag Beetle I came across in this country ( Japanese Stag Beetle is twice big.

—- Notorious Killer Wasp which we call  Suzume Bachi ( Sparrow Wasp )is 2″ big, by the way ).

Though,  when somebody saw this Beetle on the pavement, the person might have thought, this is

a big cockroach and stumped on him,  hence his broken stags and crushed body.—— How shame.

Once before,  I saw the collection of the cockroaches came from all over the world at a Lab’ in

the Imperial College,  from the hissing cockroach to 4″ big sandy brown / black striped beautiful one.

Though, common cockroach is the public enemy number one.  This hatred is almost chemically

programmed in the mind.  Therefore the person who saw a black insect, wouldn’t have given a shred of

thought or time and instantly crushed him with almost automatic reaction.

So, it must be too much to ask to give a close look and distinguish him out.

So, I only can  say, it was his misfortune to venture out the woods and came to the building area.

Zen asking instant judgment and reaction though,  preceding to its action,  the clear eyes to see and

distinguish the situation, has the crucial importance. ( Of cause, I wouldn’t expect to the people

able to distinguish a stag beetle, as they may never seen or learned it before —– even myself have seen

it less than 10 times over 30 odd years living in this country )

—– So, I only hope, behind the one dead body,  yet another 10 are still surviving somewhere in the woods.

And I’d like to ask the people who got a big garden to leave the pile of log or trunk of dead tree ( leave it

as 3~4 feet high ) for them to nest inside.

In south London,  there is a green area called Peckham Rye Common and it was once named the dirtiest

park in London by a news paper. Then the local Council / Southwark  took an action —– clean up all the

dead wood, concreted the pond floor removing all the water plants.  Pond used to have larvae of such

as Damsel Fly, and Newts were crawling among the water plants.—– I complained to the Council and

they replied that they are having consultation of naturalists —– What sort of scientists ?  Bollocks.

” Who the Scientist ?”  ” We can’t reveal the name, to protect identity ” —– It’s just a smoke-screen.

Utterly bollocks and nothing but a vandalism to the Nature.  Clean up,since insects gone hence birds gone.

Nature is not clean and tidy.  Dead tree and rotting wood is the essential part of it.

We shouldn’t forget —— We humankind is the most dirtiest, harmful toxic part of it.

With a kind of guilty conscience  we need to pay back to the Nature —– we should be humble

since, soon or later the Nature will kick us back.  Look, the Planet Earth is becoming barren land.

Pakistani top-soil was washed away, Russia and Amazon are burning, American mid-west,

north-west Africa, Australia are drying up ——- to mention but few.

And this is the manifestation of the Karma.  We are picking our fruits.  Toxic bitter fruits.


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