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Human psyche is the complexed awkward animal.  It has too much pretense and the vague drive.

Pretense,  What ?  – – – – – because it is the posture of the idealized image,  not necessary the inherit nature.

——- though,  this is the foundation of the so-called  Spirituality.

And the vague drive  which may even came from the genetic memories are hard to define.

Still, it is not necessary a bad thing.

In my high school time, the talking shop of the left-wing activists ( of its milky junior rank ) concluded

the definition of the human as  ” a man aiming to become the human”. ( Here,  the Vector is the key )

This persistent aim and the tenacious effort is what makes a man as the human.

Actual direction may not necessary clear and it varied person to person,  so that this attempt include

its search as well.

Of cause,  the reason why we do need to search is,  as we are not born to be ——- its mean,  in nature

we are not human yet,  still if we abandon this attempt,  we will sink to the bottom of the stagnant water,

and we lose even a candidacy to be a human.

Even though we are not perfect yet,  the aim or hanger to achieve perfection is hidden in our nature.

Since this is the same Dharma which has given the vector to Mono-cell Organism in the primeval

sea to evolve ultimately to us,  the Mankind now.

Hence,  the aim or attempt and the effort to achieve the better is the Order of the Dharma.

———- and in the Buddhism,  this Drive / Vector is the very cause to attain one’s  Enlightenment

and ultimately  reach to the Nirvana.   And it is the reason why we need to practice, ——- the Drive

is there, but the one who actually work is the oneself.   Just born with Dharma is not enough.

( This continuous drive is the unique key factor of the Buddhism,  never seen in any other belief system

which tells a fixed Genesis story  ought to be believed )

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