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Selfless — Mushin ?

In my blog, I’ve been talking about the way of conditioning our brain to omit the process of the amygdala where the tagging of the incoming signal to the “Self” would be made. In the normal way, we can separate the particular face or person to such as my wife, kids or my friend etc. against the other nobody. Or the certain possession, or the occurrence to mine or my concern otherwise to no interest. Therefore, if we do negate this tagging process, everything would lose significance and become a remote landscape. —– to a certain extent, as everything become to detached object, a worry to lose them or want more kind of greed would be no longer there. So does the emotional trouble of up and down in the relationship would be gone. (How boring you might say.) 😀 —– A bit more serious front, where the situation is a fight or flight. It is the moment to be or not to be. Yet still, we can be free from such trouble by avoiding to be overwhelmed. —– We can be cool.

Amygdala is a part of the limbic system = primitive part of the brain. = It’s mean, they are common with other animal and in fact, those primitive part alone can manage the primitive life. (Only human needs a big brain) In the limited narrow environment, and as the limited life form, such as a small reptile can live their perfect life. They may not have a complexed communication system or accumulated information system still, enough DNA information to navigate the environment and the response to the life’s each needs = where to live, how to eat, how to mate, where to lay eggs etc etc. As long as the one lives their life as their life, the life existing as a complete life form. Only very few creatures imagine the situation beyond what their existence is. (Other than human, such as the monkey use the tools, even crow knows to drop a shell from the air to clack it and eat = speculated expectation made by the brain power)

The funny origin of the Buddhists “No-self” was that it was conceived against the Vedic / Hindu idea of the Atoman (perpetual soul) still, not only that, from the point of Karma (interrelationship of cause and effect) how the soul can exist after the own body’s death, and from the observation of the facts that is we are walking, working without having clear conscious, and such state must be the state of the truth to be with Dharma. So, to do the things without having conscious, became the point to achieve. —– The remarkable achievement under such state (of Mushin) is the by-products of later days.

When the coming signal was diverted from the amygdala, where they goes ? = they might be treated as nothing or nobody and as it got no pre-tagging, it could be made to quite illational connection. As the amygdala could make very rational established responce, but, once it was diverted, the signal could be treated quite wiled way = this is the very hot bed of the creativity or known to be open-minded situation. —– When the signal couldn’t find its natural nest of “Mine or Ego” the stray info’ end-up in the bizzerre fancy shop ! 😀


God and Heaven

The most fundamental difference of the western God and the eastern Heaven is, the one imagined in a brain (modeled from such as the Gilgamesh Myth) or the one observed as the natural phenomenon.   So that there could be a complaint to someone who created the idea of western God, why the Evil was also created ?  And there, the matter is whether you believe its story or not.  Unless you believe it, it doesn’t exists.  

In contrast, as everybody in the east can see, the Heaven or the Nature is existing even before the human being or the universe was created.  Whether it was believed or not, it is a real existance to anybody.    Therefore, they knew the utterly evil earthquake, tsunami, volcano etc are a part of the nature.   (If the people has  ever encountered those utmost power of the nature, they become aware, they have to live with this without making useless complaint. )   So, that is how those evil were accepted as their part of the destiny.   The system or the existence of those phenomena all together IS the existence of which the Buddhists calles the Dharma, or the Taoist calles Heaven.   The strange phenomenon is, some profound Zennists are able to communicate with this Heaven or Dharma.   (save, other than a nuts)   😀


Karma – Fate – (3)

This is yet another 8150 story.   On my life, the sign 8150 is regularly appear here and there = nothing special or I would say, they are a kind of road sign, OK to go.  Yet still, it may seen quite odd or even a supernatural phenomenon to others eyes.

In the world, there is a kind of people who proclaims that they ARE the chosen people though, it seems if it was a case they seemed to have far more share of the bad fortune all through the history.  =  It doesn’t seem that the God is anywhere near to their side.   From the eastern view, the idea of a personified God speaks same language and negotiable, sounds too odd, in comparison to the absolute eastern Heaven.   They are more like a children’s bed time story.   Yet still, you are free to believe any story.

Lord Buddha, as the enlightened teacher, he didn’t believe a God kind or after life as they are too irrational, and banned the magic kind of deceptive practice to his followers.  (Its mean, Tantra’s “Magic words”= Dharani is not the Buddhism, neither all sorts of Mahayana fantasies are nothing to do with the original teachings.  (They are the stories borrowed from the Veda = Brahmanism / Hinduism.)

Yet still, the belief of the Dharma and the Karma is in the teachings.   So, where those two seemingly conflicting idea reconcile ? —– In fact, they are the real phenomena and its rules.  They themselves exists like a phenomenon of lightning or thunder, they exists without the imaginary god of lightning or thunder. = Such Gods are nothing more than a children’s story.

So, does it mean, the Dharma and Karma are just the visible phenomena ?  or actual occurrences ? —– the rules  rules behind = invisible.   Those ruler IS the western equivalent of the God, but the Rules or Heaven is almost the abstract, —– we only see its sign.   And in my case, the sign was the number 8150 (and its variation).   When I see it’s there, I feel a kind of approval of me doing it.   Still, to find the address of the seller in China was also 8150 (in fact 518000) frightened me.  (By the way, the mysterious lens I talked about also having that number —– its mean, I was right to speak out)  😀 —– So, what’s all those mean ?  Even though, the Karma is abstract, it IS watching us and ruling our life.  It is not an imaginary existence.  It’s real.   (at least on my life = I was born to have this life while possessing the palm line which is saying the same = So, its benefit is, I don’t get ill or get accident. Except getting old.   😀 — getting old is a nature of the Karma ) —– I wouldn’t boast such as that I was chosen but I’m actuary seeing the Karma / Dharma is with me. —– though, as an honest feeling, it is a bit bothersome = leave me alone.  I want to have a bit more naughty life away from their watchful eyes.     😀  ) 



Karma – Fate (2)


(Photo above left showing the back of the ticket on the mirror)

On the surface it may looks just a personal story though, I realized

that this IS more like a public demonstration of the “Karma at work”.

The photo above right was a letter I received some days ago which

showed that notorious number 8150 (= said to be the Sign of Haigorei)

Though, this letter has no strong significance to my life =

So, it is just an indicator lamp.  Showing that the system is ON.

But what IS such system all about ?    It is the system of the controlling

mechanism of the world / everything within, including the man’s Fate.

2-E'Docu-A09A4746Photo above left was an One-day

Ticket of the London Transport

which is showing the same 8150.

The date was 19 Feb’ 1992 =

the deadline for me to lodge the 

460 pages, x6 bundles of the

document to the Court of Appeal.

(refer to the Court Order, left) — since I received an “additional Order” 

from the High Court on the morning of very day, I went to the Court Office

to have an extension of the deadline. (Which I got 2 more weeks, and spent

£ thousand more to Re-Photocopy to incorporate that additional Order. =

since the page number has been shifted, they needed to be Re-Photocopied.)

(Obviously the conspirator try to make my appeal Out of time though,

the rule is the rule = Court office had to extend the time-limit.)   

Can you believe, this has been done by the English High Court themselves !


For a part of my Stock-taking operation, I published the papers of

the Court battle about a month ago.  Then somebody who read the

post, tipped off me a crucial info’ to incriminate the opponent. 

And to find the name of the person I met then, I found this

One-day Travel-card stacked on my old diary.

All the life’s occurrences (even if it’s looks utterly a coincidence) ,

was in fact caused and placed by the Karma, and all the flow of the

life was observed by the Dharma = even my movement has been

watched by the Dharma.

(= so, the number 8150 was posted on the back of the ticket to tell

me “I know what you are doing. Carry on” —– If they want me to

stop, they could have staged an accident to destruct me.)

===This is not an imagination of the nuts. ——- Can you tell,

who could possibly watch all of our life/movement/action and

able to adjust even a number on the ticket.

(My 8150 story was just a hi-profile example to demonstrate 

the existence of the Karma and the Dharma.) = What else ?

The most important matter is not the display of 8150 but having

those occurrences next by next, the troubled matter seems to

find the breakthrough and converge into the better solution.

(So, keep watch the space and see what happen on the end.)

(You may not figured out the sign/number of your case yet , but

surely they are there, otherwise how you were born as you ARE ?)



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Utterly useless Banana skin —– still, this is the Glorious 700th Post for a festive evening !

Banana skin-A09A5490

You never seen like this or able to guess what this is.   They are the banana skins.

—– ? ? ?   Why banana skin was made like this ? —– They were left there to

become dry. —– Why needed to make them dry ? = It was for not to make wet

rubbish in the bin and to prevent the fruits fly to come. —– M m m ? ? ?

—– If I have a grown up teenage daughter, she must hate this kind of practice

and the man who does. = = = I know, that’s why I don’t have a daughter, in fact

any kids or even a possible cause of that, a wife.  

(I just read a small article which was telling about his awkward daughter.  😀 )

So that, to avoid to have a cause of trouble was a wise precaution, or wise choice

to have trouble-free life and seems to be a way to reach Enlightenment.

Sound very much Buddhist like thinking.   Though, this was an Hinayana approach

to the life.  =If the whole planet was filled with such wise Buddhists,

the human-being would be doomed.

As, Hinayana approach was to avoid to have the cause of trouble beforehand,

therefore, to become a man of “Do nothing” was the ideal solution to get Enlightened.

—– but this approach creates more trouble “Not able to follow the rules” = The more

rules, more chance to fail.   And anyhow most of the man was not such ideal person.

So, the Buddhism invented another approach called Mahayana = To have a trouble

which is natural to the life is not classified as a trouble.   A wife (or two) and could be

an awkward daughter(s) = they may be troublesome but bring a fun as well.

It’s mean, a man (or woman) to have life’s troubles is nothing wrong, it’s just

awkward that all. (After all,

Lord Buddha defined the life is suffering !)  = The matter of the Enlightenment is

nothing to do with those troubles.   No man is perfect, so, why imperfect was the

obstacle to get enlightened ?

Still, strangely enough, no one (well almost) stay put imperfect = but try to be better.


So, this is where the banana skin comes in. — but not to make you slip, make us think.

Why fruits fly is not welcome and the fruits skin is the cause of trouble ? = Filthy wet

rubbish made by the fruits skin kind in the bin is the ideal breeding environment to

the fly. —– Still, fly exists according to the Dharma too.   All sorts of nasty bacteria,

virus etc etc also exists thanks to the Dharma.

—– If so, imagining own clean life and avoid to have a filth is just an ego and a

delusion isn’t it ?

Giving the opportunities of their life’s fulfilment to the fruits fly, bacteria, virus etc etc

it is a compassion isn’t it ? ? ?  —– So, how do you think.  (My guess is,

Lord Buddha would have given a smile but no answer.

And Zen master will give a good whack. = shut up, don’t waste the time. 😀 )

—– Have a nice holiday.   🙂


Whose LIFE is it ?

In the Buddhism, to think “ This is my Life” might be the most arrogant notion.

—– In the truth, we might be here by the will of somebody else,

Buddha or Dharma whoever over there.

Its mean we are here to fulfil his will or intention. —– in other words, on the surfice, we are

believing that “ I have chosen my direction. It was my decision”  though, in fact it was given, and

we just have taken its opportunity in its occurrence. ( Remember, you didn’t chose to born —– you

have just become aware you are here —– when you were 8~10 years old 🙂 )

It was not accident. —– It was predestined direction.


This is what the selflessness really mean in its deepest meanings.

( What really exists is not you, but the Dharma —– so, the words “Dharma in you” may be

misguiding —– YOU were not separate entity or counter notion from the beginning )

And this might be the real meaning to be the life to be the Bodhisattva.

The life is, not one’s life but the Life of the Dharma.



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SELF again ? ! ! !

One of my friend who is a believer of the Brahmanism sent me a link to the site showing a (long )

conversation between a Guru and a follower.

—– www.krishnamurthys.com/profvk/advaitadialoguepage1.html


Gosh !  Is it going on to 1008 lines ?

It’s a good sample of 3~4000 years argument.

My blog having strange conflict about this.  And 2000 years still no answer was found 😀

The argument is time-consuming and on the end no answer —– so,

Buddha cut off the time-waster “No such things like the Self ”

—–Though,  the obvious trouble is — I’m still here,  Who Am I ?

In my Blog,  I’m saying True Self is in our subconsciousness but it is not the self but the Dharma.

And the apparent self — Self-conscious is false or self-conceived illusion.

Still, leaving murkiness — When enlightened man sees the ” Dharma let this hand move” and created

something ( by himself ) — whose hands did the work.  Undeniably it was the same, very man —– though,

he was working in deep concentration (abandon himself  / he was not even aware his eyes were watching

his work )—–there was no Self,  as he was in Mushin, state of the Mind of No-mind ).

———- Your Brahmanism, your Guru is talking about abstract definition of the Self —– but

Buddha was talking about mental-state / neurophysiology.

Because, Life is not in your abstract imagination —– but you actually need to DO and LIVE.

And when you can achieve much better result  “ Do it in Mushin ”  why you need to have

conscious of  Self / notion of  Self.

When a Bank rend you a good money, you don’t need to think about the financial system behind the banking

operation —– you just invest the money into your business and work hard.

—– Buddhism is the pragmatic answer, the best answer applicable to the real life.

Not for a philosopher. Buddha didn’t need to save the Philosopher / Brahman.

He wanted to save the real people.

By the way, those conversation is the long tradition of which even Buddha did it with his disciples, and

the origin of the Rinzai-Zen though, as you too might have found, it’s hard to read 1008 lines without

fallen asleep  😀

That’s why I’m suggesting ” Cut a lemon> and learn Mushin ” 😀

———- Convinced ?  😀


There is a story of Buddha attending to a man wounded by an arrow.

His disciples were wondering from where the arrow could have been shot, the material it is made of, who

could have shot it etc etc,  while the man was dying !

Buddha said  ” Gentlemen !   STOP !!!   Attend to the man first, before he dies  !!!”

This is Buddha’s revolution with respect to Hindu philosophy  😀


I’m well aware except few differences, there is little distance between Buddhism Dharma and

the Brahman / Atman. —– Yet its argument wouldn’t help much to the human life.

So, I would concentrate pragmatic implication ” Just Do It ”  😀

Because we can’t create our life just by imagining it.  We have to LIVE, while we LIVE.




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Time to time I was asked to give an advice to a friend or friend of friend etc, in all sorts ——

Some time, how to deal with family or woman to electronic circuit ——- 🙂

While talking with computer programmer, a man (say Mr.A ) told me the pressure he is feeling from

the family or relatives who expecting he should be a genius and become a millionaire.

After that meeting, while dealing with Emails I just got a thought, why not Mr.A develop an  App

for mass user of such as iPhone etc —— may make him quite rich as his concept to deal with programing

is rather novel.  Market system, whether its got bad name of capitalism or not, it is quite democratic,

if it is good for the people it sell.   Not Mr.A  not me having wishful thinking —— let the people to decide.

So, I send him short Email saying  ” How about, to develop App for iPhone kind”.

Soon after,  I received his reply in which he explained this and that, and mentioned  ” By the way I just

have  received an Email from Intel’s development director, asking whether am I interesting to take part of

their development project ” —— then I realized the time-record of his Email was —2010  8:15 — M m m ?

( I hope I’m not paranoia though, as it happened in the same time of me to suggest him, and it must be a

peculiar coincidence )  I took this as a sign and Email backed him mentioning this number

” Be honest, do what you want.  Dharma is watching you “)

As he knew about this number, read of my post / 8150 Story,  he replied  ” Oh, dear God,  SCARY !”

Exchanging the mail with Intel, he found he is not very keen with their business, and found his

direction —— not the money but to keep what he really want to do.

Which he said ” Keep my path is what Dharma directed”

Despite popular misconception, DIRECTION is not an external menu which we can choose by will.

It is what we ourselves having in us.  It is in fact synonym of the self.

Here, the source of all the misconception and confusion lies, to be true to yourself, reset your mind

to the default state, have a blank space in your mind is in fact Just to be yourself.

In most of the case, what we are thinking This is Me ——– is in fact The imaginary Self, the Role to

play or the tactical Pretence to chase a goal (such as power, fortune  or delusion to be a Macho Man).

This is why, the Buddhism says, There is no such thing like the SELF ——– so-called Self is not

there, yet Buddha taught Watch it by yourself.  Watch who you are. ——- If the self is not there,

Who is watching ? —— What Buddha meant was, not by such imaginary fixed figure of the Self

(as the Self is continuously changing with Karma, no still photograph exist —– You can’t capture an

image of running horse / still horse is a dead horse.(forget hi-speed camera which Buddha didn’t have   😀 )

but by the eyes, free from the conscious of self.——simply, just who you are.


Unlike awkwardly dressed masquerade, the person inside is the real self who can spontaneously

respond the Situation and the feeling (unconsciously) like natural Flow.  Buddha saw this ability

to respond the Karma is, it is because of the fundamental rule / Dharma.

Hence it is not the SELF but the Dharma. ——- of which everybody has inside and born with.

( As you are born with it, it is easy to be, though, strangely it is a hardest thing ——- so that, when it was

achieved it was described as a Dog Shit )

So, I’m watching what next move Mr.A will takes.


Yet another 8150

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Among the regulars of the Dorkbot gatherings, there is a creative programmer Jagannathan,

who has presented semi autonomous, self interactive moving pattern of enigmatic images before.

On the Dorkboat, he performed an electronic music composed on the spot, jammed with Alex Mclean.

On the boat journey, we talked about our resent activities, since our idea to put his organic program

to combine with my strange kinetic design hasn’t been materialized yet.

I told him about my Youtube images with its key word Kinetorori.  To google Kinetorori, it led to both

Yoshizen blog and my Youtube channel.

Along side the Youtube video clip / Cupidon and the blog Kinetorori,  inevitably he stumbled upon

8150 story.  Which lead him to read a post ” Is Dharma directing us ?”

In that post I was asking the reader to check their Number.  So, he checked his Bank a/c number ——

Bang ! —— He discovered,  his Bank a/c number having this fatal 8150. ——- Please read

the comments on the post. ” Is Dharma communicating us ?” (To search, type in the box and click )

Later he said on the Email, Shocked and amazed by this.  And as he said on his comment, he is

having this only a Bank a/c number since he arrived here 10 years ago. —— does it mean,

the Dharma did know  from the beginning,  we are going to meet —- or the person who got this

number are destined to meet together?

Jagannathan is not a Buddhist but he believes Brahmanism.     Still, what so ever human make up the

name the ultimate power over there is the same entity.    All of us are under the rule of this power.

And, in deed we were watched by it.

I gave a thought for Jagannathan’s life —– then I realized a crucial point that is (as he described

in his email)  after he experienced the trouble of his program  Pirated, he decided to publish them

as open source  ” Instead to spend the time to encrypt them, better spend the time to create

something new,  which gives  more freedom” ——- abandon  the ego and greed and

give-away his creation, brought him more freedom and strangely more wealth and stayed in health.

—— this is the very paradox in the Buddhism which I described many times.

So that, the greed-free honest attitude in the life is the key factor, as his life style is far from ascetic —–

having a wife, likes cider and he confessed, its hard to stick with  Right-hand Zen. 😀 —– Still,

Selfless, Ego-less free mind may made him spiritually stand out.

Programing is a laborious work for perfection  ( if not perfect, it doesn’t work at all  🙂 )  and

even for open source free program, if it is not creative and useful enough, nobody give a sit.

And now he started to wonder —— is this, because of him being protected by the Dharma too ?

( Fascinating isn’t it —— or is it Spooky ?   🙂  )


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Dharma and Heaven

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( This post may read as an addition to the previous post  Dharma = System )

In the east a word Heaven ( Ten in Japanese, Tien in Chinese ) having somewhat similar meaning like

the word Dharma.  Heaven  can be just a sky above but not necessary a Paradise like in the west.

Heaven is where the invisible but ultimate power,  the Ruler reside.  Or the Rules itself.

As the Heaven cover everything on the earth, there is no escape therefore this notion affects every other

notions and the fundamental philosophy and the ethos.

Unlike under western humanised or personified notion of God, in the east there is no margin of negotiation

to the morality, like the situation of crime and punishment.  There is no such things like ” If the God doesn’t

arrow this I’ll go to another God, or our church justify this killing since enemy is pagan”.  Killing is killing.

( I’m not talking the sheer number of execution in China, or having  sever  punishing flood and earthquake)

Without having the insight of this fundation of ethos,  ” Wrong is wrong. There is no escape” it is hard to

understand the hidden psyche of Fatalism in  Taoism or  Zen Buddhism.

As the basis of the Buddhism lie in the word / notion of the  Dharma which is all the Existence /

Nature and the Rules behind or Existence / Nature itself is the Rules, it is naturalto see why

eastern culture is so well harmonized with the nature,

or to see why the Hinayana Buddhism says The man’s life itself is the Enlightenment —— as

the man born with the Dharma within.


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