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DHARMA = System

Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Enlightenment, Mushin, Selflessness by yoshizen on July 24, 2010

While putting comments and reading the replies of another Truth Seeker’s blog,  I’ve found

the definition and the understanding of the word  DHARMA  vary a lot between  the Buddhists.

Some sects seemed to define the meaning of  DHARMA  very narrowly just as the Teachings.

The worst case I found was the Teachings of his instructor.  😀

———- Then I realized,  this must be the KEY in understanding  the  Buddhism.

Buddha (in my blog when I say Buddha,  its meant only Buddha / Shakyamini / Gautama Buddha )

had rejected all another teachings of so-called guru and popular Vedic teachings, and established

his own teachings which we now call the Buddhism.

Why he was called  Buddha / Enlightened Man,  not like a prophet or Devine figure was,  he was

a man who found the Truth in this whole world. —— Whole world mean all the existences, include us,

human being and our psychological phenomena as well.

—— By seeing it with his clear eyes, Buddha realized, the truth is in the very Dharma itself, as

the Dharma is whole existences and the rules combined together.

On this occasion,  I’ve clicked  Wikipedia to see what others are saying.  The authors who

compiling those descriptions are the people who learned the subjects much longer than me

hence,  their descriptions are correct though,  strangely  the crucial point, the meaning of

the DHARMA also contain the phenomena itself is only mentioned in the last. ( in two places )

Think where Buddha was standing and what he was seeing. —— In northern India,  far away

the great Himalayan mountains,  river, forest, green fields, people and animals —— and

the human life —— from there Buddha found the rules behind of all those existences /

the rule of the DHARMA and its intricate relations which are relying on each other /

the relative existence of the existences / phenomena.

( In any body’s eyes,  the Nature’s intricate Eco-system and the Harmony must have amazing Rules. ——

Some says it is the God’s design —— in fact it was the result of hundreds of millions of years refinements.

—— any irrational, ill-matched  design has been eradicated.  Hence only rational existing, happily exist now)

( So, I wrote somewhere before ” Spread your hand wide. Embrace the world. This is the Dharma “)

When  Buddha inspired his understanding, of cause, he was bound by the notion of the word

Dharma which mean whole existences and the rules behind of it, gave the foundation of his philosophy.

In another word,  Buddha’s teaching was inseparable from the meaning of the word Dharma

—— all the existences and the rules behind which is not independent notion from

the existence itself,  since they are all related and dependent each other.

With this understanding of  dependency, our human existence couldn’t be seen as the solid

permanent existence neither ——>  Hence, The Atman (Self) is not exists = Anatman (Non Self )

( When the Self is not a reliable existence, the product of the self / Thinking has to be seen as a Delusion )

And as the Dharma is not abstract, independent idea,  BUT inseparable from Existences / Phenomena

even the teaching  couldn’t be separated from the real life —— Hence, teaching = Practice.

———- From those observations,  I found the meaning of the Dharma  should be

better understood by  the word,  SYSTEM.

SYSTEM mean,  they are not just a pile of existences but each part are connected each other and

functioning together.   And to make a SYSTEM as the functioning SYSTEM, there is the Systematic Rules.

And the Rules has to be viable / rational, otherwise they would disintegrate and disappear.

( This is the reason why Buddhism never contradict against the science.

Since, Buddhism stands on the facts,  therefore it have to be rational.  Not stand on the absurd idea or belief.

This is the reason why Zen rejects the imagination and thinking, and relying on the observation.

Incidentally, when Buddha was asked about the structure of the universe he didn’t give an answer.

He might wanted to say ” I don’t know. Who care, do you ?” ( Such imaginary world  is not relevant to the life )

neither he answered  when  he was asked whether the soul exist and reincarnated.

He would have said  ” Haven’t you understood  what I said before”

( Anatman / Nonself  was his main teaching,  since Vedic  Atman is only  imaginary product / Delusion )   

Buddha never argue or get angry. 🙂

( Someone who deluded by wrong thinking/ belief will not get enlightenment that all. It is the person’s Karma.

Buddhism never offer the salvation, only give the guidance to the person to learn.)

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Super Natural POWER (?)

Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Buddhism, Dharma, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Zen by yoshizen on July 8, 2010

There is a popular misconception,  the religion has super natural power. Or super natural vision

can reveal the truth.  If such claim is in the market, of cause it is only a spin to sell dubious products.

Same as ” Use this special formulated cream, you will become Hollywood beauty at once”.

If such claim has any substance, all the population in the world should be the Holly Man now

and never had war or mass killing.  And the Amazon natives who said to have “Vision” by the

hallucinogenic  chemicals from the magic vine,  shouldn’t have marginalised.

I never hard any positive contribution from the Vision made by drugged brain or the people. (Have you ?)

Russian government had spent millions of  money to research those Para-normal power for

military, espionage purposes without single positive result.

Yet still, everybody knows something is still there and I too believe now. (with my 8150 story)

Though, the trouble is they are beyond the human control.  We can not resort it to the intentional purpose.

( I still couldn’t figured out how my parents could able to predict somebody’s fate, and what is behind of

Chinese I-Chin)

Yet still, the Power over there, what Buddhists calls Dharma is active and makes no mistake.

This is my understanding,  some may calls it my belief and religion.

So, What ?


Posted in Awareness, Dharma, Enlightenment, Order of Universe, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on February 14, 2010

Buddha didn’t find anything new. Didn’t show or prophesied anything fancy.

So that,  he was called as Buddha ( Enlightened  Man ) not a Devine figure or Shaman.

But he was the only person ever pointed out the mechanism and its Rules of the Karma and  Dharma.

Therefore,  only after him,  mankind got the knowledges to deal with this Karma.

Since almost all about the Buddhism is, about this Karma, even the most

fundamental  Noble Principals are still,  four different aspects of the Karma.


Since Karma operates in its own cause, not for the convenience of the person, it is often creates unexpected

havoc to the person, hence the life looks in trouble.

Also,  Karma works in relation to millions of factors, it keeps changing,  hence nothing stays the same

therefore even the person’s Self couldn’t be defined as a solid entity.

So that, to live the life in such condition,  the one shouldn’t expect too much,  better live in modesty.

(still, it’s open for us to try  to push it to the limit—-even if the one loose, still it is the Providence of the Dharma)

And when the one become able to see the Dharma, it is the Enlightenment which lead to the Nirvana

( I may not have the test report in time—- so, this is my guess.  But historically it was widely believed right. 🙂)

So,  this is the Wisdom to face the Truth of the Life where even the death was integrated into the

one’s Path Way.   It is not an abstract idea or fancy promise but the Actual Way to live along side

the Karma,  not fight against it.       Since the One was created by the Dharma on purpose, live

the life accordingly to its purpose,  is the Way to achieve the best Harmony with Dharma.

Since,  Karma is not necessary a restriction, but it can be the direction pointing the opportunity.

After all,  You to fulfill its purpose is what the Dharma intended and expected to see.

———- only a difficulty  is,  as the biggest cause in one’s Karma is the very person,  so that the person has

to deal with it in person, while observing the Real  Self  /  Who He (She) is, which only the person can find out.

So that,  we have to live with this Karma, by carefully observing it by our sensitive subconscious,

while avoiding the interference from the useless thought, which we can learn from

the Practice as the way of  MUSHIN.   And in the state of MUSHIN, one can see the Dharma.

This is what the Buddhism is.  (  According to Yoshizen ‘s  experience  )

Most Bizarre Story in Zen — Disco Dancing in ZEN

” Dancing can be a practice for Zen “

This must be the most ( yet I got many ) bizarre story.  You believe or not I was a Disco King.

1-Tokyo Dream12-001

(This must be the most rare photo of me dancing — taken far later date / Sept 2015 

and it shows Rotating LED and LED flushing pants !)

As I used to take photo of many musicians, one occasion at a rehearsal session, a drummer

complained me, even though they work hard to make their tune unique and new, when it was

played at a gig, everybody dance exactly same to the other.

So, I promised him,  ” I’ll dance as the exact reflection of your tune and show it to you.”

(Here I’m not talking about a kind of common body-shaking in one-two-one-two, regardless

whether the music is 8 beat or 16 beat.  Its got to be much more athletic, expressive movements )


First I get rid of all the patterned crèche such as typical John Travolta’s or Micheal Jackson style kind.

and resorted to the natural dynamics of the body.  Since its heavy inertia, we can’t shake the bottom in

16 beats (still I met 3 person who can do) so the rhythm of the percussions should be assigned to the steps,

bass drum to the bottom and the melody to the hands.

On the end 3 parts of the body started to move independently in different speed in the same time   🙂

And as the use of natural dynamics of the body,  with its maximum speed, lots of people miss took

my dancing as a kind of Martial Art, and asked me which school is it ?

Funnily enough, one person even asked me, Is it related to a religious practice ?

( This is the back ground of previous post ” Shaolin Martial Art “)

——In my knowledge the Indian Barathnatyam Dance which follows some tradition of the ancient

Dancing Yoga,  exactly synchronizing with the music (in its Tara / drumming pattern and the melody)

So,  I applied this to my dancing.  (My favourite is the German Bass. It is the limit the body can follow)


Even dancing every weekend,  it took 3 years to achieve this movement.

And during this period,  I noticed, this is the process to learn unconscious body coordination,

same as to learn skiing or riding a bicycle,  and this must be the matter what the Zen said about

the ” Ichijo ” as a sword become a part of the body ( or the sword and the body become one )

and then the Dharma would be prevailed.  (How exiting ! ! ! )

When your body follows the incoming music signal automatically, we don’t need to think what

is the music or how to move.    So, I thought, if I can leave the business to the unconsciousness,

I would be connected to the Dharma. ——– though there was not such simple paradise and

nothing changed in my life. ——– Then, Waite a moment,  I realized,  all the baby has

to learn to walk, and all of them become able to walk unconsciously. 

It is nothing special.


Still, at least, I got an insight = unconscious or subconsciousness has the Key to decipher the Zen.

——– (And since then many clubs’ owner, manager offered me free entry for my strange dancing.

It was unexpected bonus——but they too, need a prominent dancer who become a talking piece )

(Some of the readers might have seen me dancing in a club called Flex in Hitchin,

Enigma in Maswell Hill, Limelight in Shaftesbury Avenue, Fridge in Brixton

(Escape from Samsara) = in every weekend, continuously up to 5.5 years (for

Fridge) often having with flashing light pendant or trousers.  🙂 ) 

So, I had my 60th Birthday Party at a D & B club (organizer called Movement with DJ Fabio etc) and

invited teens to septuagenarian who never seen my “legendary” dancing.  Ha Ha Ha,

It was a good  laugh.  😀


Who is the Self ?

Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Selflessness, Zen by yoshizen on December 8, 2009

” Did Buddha kill his own SELF ?”

I’ve visited a site called < Contoveros > run by Michael J who gave

a good observation of his Zen life to my blog. (@ Mindfullness / comment )

I can see he has cultivated nice friendly community around his

relaxed heart warming blog spot.

——- And I found very interesting words in his spot which says

” Needn’t kill yourself to be like Buddha ” ——m m m ? ! ! !

Waite a moment matey, did Buddha killed his Self ?

According to the so-called Buddha’s biography (along side some historical facts)

Buddha had abandoned his status to be the Royal Prince and became a bikku

which gave a serious havoc to the linage of the Magada Kingdom etc——.

Even though it was for a quest to find the truth to save the human being,

Wasn’t that by his crazy ego ? especially to the eyes of  Shakya Royals.


Here is the very interesting issue of What is the self, ego ——What is

the person’s role to be born under the Dharma.

In the Buddha’s eyes, clinging the position to be the Royal Prince while

indulging exclusive prosperity was the greed  and ego infested by the

delusions, therefore it has to be get rid of it.

——–In my view, Buddha didn’t kill his self ofwhich he was born with.

He only needed to expose it which had been stashed away under the

cover of Royal robe.

The same apply to anybody as you are born to be the self by the Dharma,

but to live as the true  yourself (some time called  Inner-self ) you only

need to get rid of the life of unnecessary and excess ofwhich most of them

are artificial and unnatural (This is so-called Middle way ).


From the tiny thumbnail of Michael’s photo, I can see his really nice character.

Look his child like twinkling eyes and the round smiley cheeks.  The shape of

ears shows his rather well-off happy life.

A man born like him wouldn’t be killed even under the bombardment of Vietcon.

Dhrma protect him to fulfill his life.

(As a family tradition, I’m pretty good to read the face and the line on the palm)

Congratulation to Michael.

Selfless Love

Among the human psyche, love and charity are the most strange phenomenon.

Love (and the base of the charity which is also love ) is only the phenomenon

which occurs without a cause (which mean out of Karma ).

All the notorious troubles associated with love are in fact caused by the attachment,

its mean the possessive ego.

Love itself is the causeless phenomenon.

—– Only possible explanation to this phenomenon is, it must be a fundamental

character of the Dharma, of which we are the part of it.

One of the peculiarity of the love is its selflessness.

While observing a selfless love of the mothers, and the charitable people,

Buddha must have conceived the original concept which is, selflessness is

a part of the Dharma though, the selfish ego always throw a spanner

( I’m not implying there was the spanner and screw in Buddha’s time)

to this act of love.

Since the Dharma is fundamentally selfless, its mean the ego is a human

invention driven by one’s obsessive delusion.

Therefore, the man to believe and clings the existence of self is fundamentally wrong.

The belief of the perpetual soul, Atman is nothing but a greed to keep the attachment

even after the death.


What Buddha wanted, was to save the people suffering in misery and in poverty.

They need to have the food to eat, help to alleviate their misery, not just

inedible holy enlightenment.


Following Buddha’s teaching, such as King Asoka spread the Buddhism and

organised the charity to save the needy and sufferers.

——- Though the professional scholar of the Buddhist Temple, who

couldn’t understand the teaching of the Buddha went into a cul-de-sac of

the ” definition of what is the self ” —-and lost.

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