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Useless thought — is it ?

While boiling the eggs, I suddenly heard a noise “Pang”.   I knew it must be a noise of the egg cracked, as time to time they do.   When I checked them, I found an egg popped open a part of its shell, like a submarine opened his hatch = a well made round hole. —– I’ve seen hundreds of the cracked egg when they were boiled “in my life” though, I never seen the Egg Submarine opened his hatch. = this is THE first event ever I encountered and witnessed in my whole life.    is it ? ? ?  —– So, what’s the matter ? 

———- Then I realized, this is the serious identity crisis case.  It would shake the foundation of the cause or justification of me to blog here. —– How and why this blog started ?  = This blog / Yoshizen started as a talking post to explain my theory, that is,  The Zen is not for talking or thinking but to DO.  This theory was conceived through my own experience of doing,experience of doing, and from many stories how the one could achieve his skill by just doing it many years kind, and the old say, such as even Rain drops carve the rock kind together with the very simple facts that the most of Buddhists sects are having their practice to repeat doing the same action.

—– So far, I think I succeeded to explain those matter by explaining them as the function of our brain / Amigdara. 

But, what about this instant case / Open hatched Egg ?     What this egg to do with Zen ? —– Quite few of the posts here are showing a kind of activity, demonstrating the simple, repetitive work for “Making something” also showing the sample of the way of utterly free thinking.  (why not approach, such as to use a spray can as a barrel of a macro lens or a discarded drink-can can be made a good sculpture etc. )

But is the Open Hatched Egg to do anything with the Zen ? = nothing.  Why not ? (Everything is the only an occasion in the life = have you ever seen any of two eggs cracked and showing exactly the same pattern ? —– Does the Zen Blog got to have a special big topics to talk ?  —– am I assigned to deal with such heavy role ?  —– who the hell yoshizen is ? = It must be a joke = can not be such ostentatious matter here.  it’s just a small free blog.  —– What an useless thought I got here.     😀


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Is Science, Belief System ? / Is Zen, Belief System ?

Lord Buddha ordered his disciples, [Don’t believe, think Yourself].

It’s mean if anyone thinks, the answer will be found by themselves.

And it’s mean, it doesn’t need to be any special person or special brain = Answer is within

a reach of anyone’s common-sense and comprehension.


There is no fancy mambo-jumbo in the

Lord Buddha’s teachings.  Everything is obvious fact.  Like The Four Noble Truth, who

can deny it is not true.   Life’s sufferings, illness, get old and die, are the hard facts.

And his observation, there are cause of those troubles, is nothing strange view at all.

If anything happened there must be a cause.    Then, there is the way to overcome those

sufferings —– could be true, because that is exactly what

Lord Buddha found and taught which is applicable and effective to to anyone.

The most crucial matter is, that the way to overcome sufferings is not by a

fancy belief and its placebo effect, but an actual change of the mind-set

through practice, which is not a trick but an extension of existing mechanism

of the brain activity, such as to extend our unconscious action of the body.


Like a physical phenomenon, such as Gravity, whether you know the theory, or understand

its mechanism or not, at least you know the effect which you can easily observe.

Whether you imagining (and believe) small green man pulling invisible string, or resorting

with hypothetical particle Graviton causing Gravity, the phenomenon itself exists as a fact,

hence, the science has been accepted as the truth and it is not in a belief system.


In the same context, Zen is a system to utilize a mechanism of the brain

carrying out the action without having a thinking process, and such action

is ubiquitous observable fact.   (Zen calls this [Mushin] )

Whether you are aware or not, we are walking without noticing which muscle is contracting,

or reading this blog without aware of your eyes are capturing the pattern of the letters,

even without having a conscious of that you are reading this = Until you start to think and

become conscious, consciousness of the self is not exists. = (Self is our invention by thinking)

Those function of neurological mechanism is the fact and far beyond the belief system.

And a mechanism of our brain, which tend to ignore the repeating signal,

hence we can be apathetic to the signal, is an existing phenomenon,

therefore it is not in our imagination.  Fact exists long before the belief.

And the practice which enhancing those mechanism to deal with a cause of

the problem was what uniquely proposed and taught by

Lord Buddha.


Lord Buddha’s view that we could live on those unconscious mechanism

in the brain, and as those unconsciousness has no self-conscious, we could

live selflessly, was his theory.

As the water is running down because of the Gravity is an observed fact. Hence, this

running water can be used as a power source is a theory. As everybody knows, this theory

has been successfully implemented in a water mill or electric power generator. Likewise,

Lord Buddha’s theory has been implemented as the Buddhist’s practice and

actually it works. This practice and its effect is not relying on the placebo effects or belief.

It actually trains and changes the way of the person processing the signal,

hence changes the perception towards such as a cause of fear, even a death.


Therefore, the effect of Zen practice is a real fact.

Not in a belief or in an imagination.

This is the reason how Zen practice has been used even in the sports training.

Zen is not imaginary fancy story but a practice which brings a tangible effects.

Key is Just try, Just DO, and see What happens in your Mind and on your Life.




An ologist described the 20 century is the first time ever the Buddhism was discovered as its entirety.

In certain extent I can see the point and agree with this.

All the ancient mantras were written as ” Buddha said “ —— and each sect read the certain selection of

mantras as their holy books without questioning or knowing what is the origin or relation to others.

But now, the scholars and researchers who are studying Buddhism, can see all the Buddhism scriptures

in Pali, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Chinese and modern English, German etc  while reading them

in comparison or chronological order.

I’ve read may be only fraction of total volume still, when I read another translation, I realized the more

likely meaning or understanding —— and I went back to the original idea —— if it is common

to all the sect’s, it must be closer to the original teachings, and if it was far-fetched idea it couldn’t be

the Buddha’s own teachings since Buddha didn’t teach educated people but to the ordinary folks on the

street or in the field, it should be based on the common sense.

—— Buddha wanted to save the suffering people not the well off educated.

Regardless whether rich or poor, still human mind and its mechanism is common to everybody and that is

where Buddha started, and gave the deepest insight. 

And those insight is what we can rediscover today as Buddha taught ” Observe it by yourself “.

And it made us even amateurs able to study by ourself in our own way, based on our own life.

( ” Follow the facts you experienced, not the scriptures ”  is also Buddha’s teaching, since

everybody got their own Karma which is unique to the person, hence one’s Nirvana too )

Hence the explosion of the Buddhism / Zen blogging.     And the creation of  Zen blog sphere.


——— I found in the Blog sphere, somebody try to explain the mind in creative front, using the word Flow.

When our mind freely flow without stuck to an idea or things we can be most creative.

Thanks to comprehensive coverage of the observation of human mind and the phenomena, by  Buddhists

it is not difficult to relate this to the Flow of mind and the changing phenomena / nothing stays the same ——

hence a mind, stuck to a moment couldn’t see the truth, it needs the mind of  Mushin / No-mind / Anatman.

——— And in the other spot, somebody explaining the understanding or true meaning of this  No-mind.

As I wrote somewhere in the earliest post, the Buddhism is a way of the Psychoengineering.

Not just a belief system or religion who is saying ” it might come as the God is there, if you believe” or

a Philosophy which saying ” look in this way —– so,you might able to see it in this way”

BUT  ” As you can actually change your perception / mind to see this, then you will see this”

Buddhism can change you / your life, since it will change your perception / eyes and the mind.

( This is the reason why the same technique has been used for a brain wash ——- but it wouldn’t be too bad

to wash your brain clean and see the world afresh  😀 ——- it looks nicer and more peaceful. 😀

Brain wash implant yet another crocked idea though,  Buddhism leave the cleaned brain to the person

enabling the person to see the world and himself by his clear eyes and make him to decide the way of life)

No-mind / Mushin is the core of the Buddhism teachings, hence it is the hardest part to understand

——– when you understand its meaning in real life, your perception has already changed.

( Your brain has washed ! ! ! )

It may sound strange though, this is the magic of the Buddha’s teaching.

And you may feel even more strange is, it is not to put or learn anything new or fancy idea

but just remove the occupying idea or view from your mind / brain ( hence nomind or default

state of mind) and create a free blank space which enable you to see or perceive your own idea,

creation,way of life, what-so-ever  in natural  FLOW.

So that, strangely,  it is the most easiest things to do —– as a small child is doing.  🙂

Try it your self —– safe to try it in your home  😀



No Words ?

On the beginning there was no ( written ) words.

After the death of Buddha, this situation continued 200 years.

Its mean the Buddhism continued without having solid dogma or

unified teachings.

Even in the Buddha’s time there were several types of Buddhists exist,

such as Shomon (who is receiving the teaching and following it) and

Dokkaku (practicing and learning by themselves and attain enlightenment).


How was it possible when there was no book, no instruction manual and

without attending teaching sessions, yet attain the enlightenment ?

Because, in the Buddhism, there is no monopolized secret or exotic

formula to study.

No mysticism, no mumbo jumbo.

Buddha’s teaching was based on his observation of facts and the common

sense which can be understood even by a learning difficulty person.

——- Buddha never demonstrated any miracle as he was not magician or

Devinne figure, and died as mortal with food poisoning of a fish.

( On the death bed, he never said to the disciples  ” I’ll come back ” kind of

the words as he knew and taught that the death is the final end.

What Buddha taught was ( in metaphor ) ” There is a gold mine. Go and

find it.  Where ?  its in you ”

Anyone can find the gold as everybody has, provided if the one keeps

searching it.

So that there is no wonder, even Dokkaku can.  Hence DIY ZEN here.

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