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Sky-Pink-Orange Tri-Pinhole Pictures (2)


If you are tired to see this kind of looks all same images, I should say sorry

but still, I would put you into misery few more times. 


In here those Tri-color pictures, the trouble of Orange color in the previous post

has been sorted out and the position of Blue and Orange were swapped. 


 As its character, Tri-color Pinhole images are inherently gorgeous.

It makes one flower suddenly trebled and put a color to each one.  

—– How marbelous. 😀







As I’ve explained in the previous post, those exaggerated color was not made by

any fancy program but by just darken and brighten several times that all.

(with an adjustment of  Wammer — Cooler color a bit)

For me it’s a fun.

Pale Blue -Pale Red and Orange Tri-Pinhole Pictures

DD-Pale BR,O-01-A09A4421

Well, this was a further attempt to create colorful pictures out of otherwise

boring whitish flowers.  The effect of Yellow filter was not strong enough on

the last post, so that, on here I’ve put Orange instead. 

DD-Pale BR,O-02-A09A4437

So, white cosmos was tinted with Sky, Pink and Orange ( not so apparent).

DD-Pale BR,O-03-A09A4423

Then it was a riot of color Sir !

DD-Pale BR,O-04-A09A4415

DD-Pale BR,O-05-A09A4447

DD-Pale BR,O-06-A09A4448

DD-Pale BR,O-07-A09A4453

The flower’s own color such as yellow or pink was retained more or less as it was.

DD-Pale BR,O-08-A09A4416

With slight adjustment of White balance, the effect of blue became predominant.

DD-Pale BR,O-09-A09A4443

And to have some exercise.

DD-Pale BR,O-10-A09A4456

DD-Pale BR,O-11-A09A4458

DD-Pale BR,O-12-A09A4465

I think, an attempt to have colors out of white was worked — at least.


PS : Somebody asked me “What Digital Filter / Effect was used to create

those overwhelming reddish color ? ” —– I answered him “In my policy, I don’t

use PS kind of digital manipulation.   I use Picasa to file, which came free with Google.  

So that the photo above were just tinkered (brighten, darken, clopped) by Picasa, still

brighten and darken the same picture repeatedly, the contrast of the picture increases,

in other words, the color would be strongly saturated.   Since the picture having red

element because of the pink and orange filter, they came out quite strongly.  

Reason why the reddish color tend to be in the left hand side was, that’s because

on the three pinhole positions, pink was upper side, orange was left

and blue was right bottom.   (I should make them rotatable.  🙂 )


A Field by a Pinhole


A week after the previous post, the flowers in the same field has almost gone.

When there is no distinctive color pattern, the Double Density Pinhole is not

suit for a photo, as it’s image become just an incomprehensible murky blob 

though,  never mind this is the 666th post in this blog ! 

Field by DD-Pinhole(2)A09A2973

A belief, the world to be a clear, comprehensible place may not be true.

Neither photo necessary shows  clear image. (It still a photo !  Why not. )

Field by DD-Pinhole(3)A09A2976

Field by DD-Pinhole(4)A09A2979

Field by DD-Pinhole(5)A09A2980

Field by DD-Pinhole(6)A09A2988



Field by DD-Pinhole(8)A09A2991

Devil might like them !

Ha ha ha.   😀 


PS :  To advocate the Pinhole Photography general,  Not most of the

Pinhole photo is such bad,  I’ll show you the images made by

the ordinary ( one small simple ) Pinhole. 

Single Pinhole(1)A09A3106

Single Pinhole(2)A09A3111

Single Pinhole(3)A09A3103

 But the trouble of the ordinary pinhole photo was that, they are only the Photo

of  un-sharp. = nothing other than that inadequacy and never showed any other

positive value. —– That’s why I’ve put yet another pinhole around the center

pinhole  to make Concentric Double Density Pinhole,  in order to achieve the 

Impressionist’s Painting like effect.)




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