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DD-Pinhole on OM-D, M-4/3



The DD-Pinhole was mounted like the other on OM-D’s body.

(DD mean, Double Density concentric Pinhole.)

= Pinhole inside of other pinhole !

— it’s a philosophical enigma Sir  😀



TEST2-DD(4)-001DD-Pinhole chose the subject and much harder to use

in comparison to Single Pinhole.

Still, its painterly effect is fun to play with.  🙂


Yet more Impressionists Photos (1)

More fuzzy(1)A09A3802

I guess, to the regular reader who followed past few posts, those photos must be

looks very familiar.   Yes, they were taken by the Concentric Double Density

Pinhole but this time it was by the (say) 4th model.   (In fact I don’t know

whether it was 10th or 20th —– I’ve tried so many minute variations.) 

More fuzzy(2)A09A3779

Still, this time the diameter of outer hole was smallest 1 mm and the image was

a bit sharper than the one on the post “Quest for Fuzziness”   🙂

More fuzzy(3)A09A3811

They may looks the same though, where “Fuzzy enough, but still show

the identity of what” lies somewhat critical.  😀 

More fuzzy(4)A09A3812

More fuzzy(5)A09A3848

More fuzzy(6)A09A3836

More fuzzy(7)A09A3822

More Fuzzy(8)A09A3851

More fuzzy(9)A09A3861

More fuzzy(10)A09A3853

More fuzzy(11)A09A3860

More fuzzy(12)A09A3868

More fuzzy(13)A09A3855-002

When the picture become more and more like a painting, it’s need to

have “likely stage-up” — like this picture, it may need to have

a man and the dogs (if not a peasant) near the foreground.  🙂 


Mono Hole – DD Pinhole Comparison

Mono-DDP Test(1)A09A0269

Another day, I demonstrated the effects of the Pinhole to a sceptic in a Park.

So, the Photo above is the reference shot by a Fish-eye lens.

Mono-DDP Test(2)78-001

Photo above are the images made by [Wide-angle Mono Pinhole] (Left)

and the Pinhole alone (= Wide-angle lens was removed) (Right)

Mono-DDP Test(3)79-001

And here, the Photos were made by [Concentric Double-density Pinhole]

with Wide-angle lens attached (Left) and without (Right)

Mono-DDP Test(4)A09A0478

A Fish-eye image of  “Pink Forget-me-not” (I think) — note,

even Fish-eye lens has limited depth of field.

Mono-DDP Test(5)80-001

Left was [Wide-angle Mono (single) Pinhole] (Orange cast was caused

by a light-leak.)  Right was [Wide-angle DD-Pinhole]

Mono-DDP Test(6)81-001

Left = Wide-angle Mono-Pinhole.  Right = Pinhole alone and close to the flowers.

(Remember, Pinhole has no focus —– even no view-finder image = too dark.  

Therefore all those photos were the blind-shots)

Mono-DDP Test(7)82-001

Left = Wide-angle DD-Pinhole.  

Right = Pinhole alone and close to the flowers. (The line in the left side

was caused by an internal reflection.)


At least, my friend was convinced that the effect was not by a digital

manipulation though still sceptic about the significance of the image.  

That’s a matter of the taste Sir.  😀


Snap-shot by DD-Pinhole

DD-P Snap(1)A09A0098

All the photos here were taken by my ” Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole” on

Canon 5D Mk-III.  In fact on that day, I went for a walk only with this lens (?)

and the Tamron 500 mm Mirror lens, hoping to see Parakeets.

DD-P Snap(2)A09A0103

Original pinhole got about 60 degree of view though, with the additional concave

lens ( from a Canon Zoom lens) the angle was greatly widened to nearly 100 degree.

DD-P Snap(3)A09A0134

You may guess that the Pinhole Camera needs to have long exposure though,

with the advantage of Hi-ISO digital camera, such as with ISO 12,500,  the shutter

time can be  1/80~1/8 like this outside shot. —– who care with slightly

blared photo on 1/4 or 1/2 slow shutter any way.  😀

DD-P Snap(4)A09A0107

The best thing was,  no visual details were given in the image,  

no further information would be needed.   Photo has atmosphere only.

DD-P Snap(5)72-001

DD-P Snap(6)73-001

DD-P Snap(7)74-001

DD-P Snap(8)75-001

DD-P Snap(9)A09A0203

DD-P Snap(10)76-001

DD-P Snap(11)A09A0168

DD-P Snap(12)A09A0099

So, the photography (for me at least) purely a fun.

No complicated notion about the subjects or message in the photo 

= image or the subjects were there just as they are.

To see the world in clear eyes, the world showed its fuzzy nature.

This paradox is what the Dharma is.



Impressionist’s Flower Photo (without Pink)

Any Color(1)A09A4850

Those photos were taken on the same day of the Shooting Party.

Any Color(2)A09A4811

Being as an impressionist (for one-day 🙂 ) = no botanical

observation or comment.

Any Color(3)A09A4803

Any Color(4)A09A4879

Any Color(5)A09A4883

Any Color(6)A09A4848

Any Color(7)A09A4885

Any Color(8)A09A4829

Any Color(9)A09A4866

Any Color(10)A09A4874

Till here all the photos above were taken using a Fun Camera’s Lens.

Any Color(11)A09A4894

Any Color(12)A09A4914

Any Color(13)A09A4907

And those last three photos were taken by the Wide-angle

Double-density Pinhole on Canon 5D Mk-III.


Pink — Impressionist’s Pink !

Pink Pink(1)A09A4800

In early spring when the sun is not strong, the flower has to rely on its

hi-visibility color = yellow to appeal to the insects.

Pink Pink(2)21-001

But when the spring deepen with increasing  sun light,  flowers who got other

tactics such as sweet scent doesn’t need to rely on its visibility,  hence  free to

pleasure  with another color. —– Then the Pink become in fashion.  😀

Pink Pink(3)A09A4820

Though, I’m not knowledgeable enough whether those Pink has any effect to the

human psychology. Why a young lady saw something naughty blushs pink (red ?)

or a glass or two drinks makes the cheek pink ?

Pink Pink(4)A09A4844

My friends has been rather wondering, or even suspicious about my eyes or

mental condition if those fuzzy images were the symptom of poor eyesight or

a kind of drowsiness for some kind of intoxication.  😀  

Pink Pink(5)22-001

Surely, drunken wouldn’t say “I’m drunk” and I think I can focus if I need.

Pink Pink(6)A09A4871

Pink Pink(7)A09A4873

Pink Pink(8)A09A4887

Those photos above were taken by the lens from Kodak Fun Camera on 5D.

Pink Pink(9)A09A4903

But this photo above were taken by the Wide-angle double-density Pinhole.

Pink Pink(10)A09A4860

And this one is a normal photo as a reference

—– whether you feel boring or sigh of relief (at home).   😀


Shooting Party

Shooting Party(1)A09A4843

Yesterday, I’ve joined a Shooting Party who had taken the photographic course

together many many years ago !

Shooting Party(2)13-001

As they are living in the Greenwich area, party went to familiar

Greenwich Park.

Shooting Party(3)A09A4864

I went there with my Fish-eye lens, 24~70mm Zoom and

Shooting Party(4)14-001

I field-tested yet another funny lens from a Disposable-camera !

Shooting Party(5)15-001

Fish-eye lens worked well as always.  🙂

Shooting Party(6)16-001

And those pictures were taken by another fancy lens 

= Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole !

Shooting Party(7)17-001

Shooting Party(8)18-001

The lens (?) worked perfect for ” the Impressionist’s Photography”.  🙂

Shooting Party(9)19-001

Shooting Party(10)A09A4970

(May be I need to have costumed actor and actress ! )   😀

Shooting Party(11)20-001

Shooting Party(12)A09A4989

Easiest way to make impressive picture is —– take picture of grand subject.  😀


Too Early Magnolia

Early Magnolia(1)A09A3860

When I saw this Magnolia, I was even annoyed by it.

It is definitely wrong — gone too far.

Early Magnolia(11)A09A3964

Cherry can flower earlier but not this variety of magnolia.

Normally, this tree flowering after the Cherry — in May.

Early Magnolia(3)615-001

Without a reason, I have strange soft spot to ancient plants.

 Cycad, Tree-fern, Horsetail, Ginkgo, Yew, Monkey-puzzle, Magnolia, Lotus, etc.

Early Magnolia(12)A09A3969

For them to survive hundreds of millions of years,  they must

have a supreme wisdom printed in their gene ! —– I feel awe !

Early Magnolia(4)A09A3857

So, what’s wrong with she in this time ? ? ?

Early Magnolia(5)A09A3868

Those fuzzy images were taken by Wide-angle Pinhole on Canon 5D Mk-III.

Early Magnolia(13)A09A3967[]


Kan-zakura = Winter-cherry

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Cherry blossom in this time of year ? —– you might say.  

But this is not fake or old photo.  This is real though —— 


In reality, actual looks of the cherry is far from Photogenic isn’t it.

= Whitish cherry flower has to stand out under the deep blue sky.

When the flower was under the bright sun-light, the pupil of

our eyes close, hence the sky behind became looks darker.

(It is the same situation of the bright snow-scape, sun and the sky is 

the same though, if the foreground is bright, the sky looks darker)


But when bright sun-light is not available —– why not make one.  😀

So, this is a photography,  completely opposite of the previous post

[What’s there ?] and the recent post such as [Fort’Mason’s —] where

I talked about “What is real or looked as it is” —– instead, here I tried

to create or falsify “Ideal image” with intentional manipulation.   🙂

So, I used a flash-light to brighten-up the flowers = F-aperture was

set for correct exposure for the flowers,  but the shutter speed was

set to make under-exposure for the sky. (make it looks darker)

Kan-zakura(4)D-D Pinhole-A09A2241

Took advantage of flash-light,  I took the same flower’s photo

with Double-Density Pinhole.

D-D Pinhole / Agfa-full

Pinhole photography sound natural though, in reality, as it needs to give

rather long exposure, it is not necessary good for flower photography.  

( with wind, they move too much.  😀 )  

Use flush-light would be one of the answer. = So, this is an artificial 

creation of an artificial silk flower by Double-Density Pinhole photography

which satisfy my stereotypical idea of “What fluffy flowers should be” 🙂


Impressionist photo of Autumn

They are utterly vague fuzzy images though, strangely we can see enough information,

or we feel enough of what is going on there.   And it is enough to carry on our life.

( The detail of Concentric Double-density Pinhole can be found in this post (link))

Some one said, ” To know the name of Plant is the start to respect and love the Nature”

Is it ? —– I think, ” To realize, How little I know,  lead me to just accept what’s there,

regardless any  name or details, —– This must be the Truth to be there”.

= Therefore, see nothing is what clear eyes can see at it’s best !    Ha ha ha  😀  😀

So, those fuzzy images may be what our eyes are actually seeing.   And so-called sharp

photographic images were, the results of the heavy  manipulation in the brain.

( Do remember, our eyes never able to see a straight line, as the Retina is not flat =

impression of  straight line was created in the brain !  = so did any images.  The facts

in the Argumented Reality showed, our vision is very very flexible.  😀 )

They looks like just common tall grass though, this one is the Japanese Susuki Grass.

And I’m very very attached to it.

So, this is it.    It was my Autumn moment of this year.  🙂


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