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How silly !



While checking my own post (I need = notorious trouble of mis-speling), I realized “Wait a moment, why did I need to make a screen shot of Aster flower, while having such fuzzy pinhole — How silly”

Whether you believe or not, I’ve completely forgotten the existence of Double Density Pinhole.  I should insist, this was not a demented memory but the Zen No-mind.   🙂   —– Zen only deals with the things on front = if not on front, it is not exists, since the mind is not clinging the No-existent things.

Anyway, to find the “Pinhole Machine” for Sony A7  and  For Nikon (+ adapter), and had the shot of Aster with ISO 25600 setting.  (More artefact noise would appear with longer exposure = dark evening)


The left photo was a Double density Pinhole. — Nikon type Pinhole machine has Multiple Pinhole as well. (Photo right)


They are the compalison = Pinhole machine for Sony A7 —– As the pinhole is much closer to the sensor, the images are much wider and the color on the edge is sifted to magenta. (Left is DD, and the right was mono-pinhole though, not much present fuzzy effect.



Pinhole sounds simple and easy to make though, — because it IS such small, very difficult to controle = very difficult to replicate the same effect.



So, I have to be contented to have this fuzziness on Autumn Color.  🙂


Covent Garden (1)


I had some shooting around Covent Garden with a friend who

also got pinhole on his Alpha 7-II camera.

(But a photo here on top was a comparison, shot by Nikon

D810 with Zeiss 18mm lens.)


The same objects by the pinhole on A7R camera.


And so on.













Whether you like those moody image or not.   😀


Pinhole Machine for A7R

Alpha 7 P Hole(1)-001

While having Olympus OM body cap handy, which happen to be a

perfect fit to Sony A7, E-Mount, I could easily make a Pinhole System. 

= With or without Fisheye effect and the choice of Single Pinhole or

Double Density Pinhole. (So, I can do it in the industrial scale !)

Alpha 7 P Hole(3)-001

Other than a strange color hue on the peripheral, the pinhole shot was

well-managed by the camera’s AUTO setting = Automatically chosen

ISO 6,400.  Just aim and click.  Single Pinhole, Photo above left. 

Double Density Pinhole, Photo right.

Alpha 7 P Hole(2)-001

And a Mob-phone-camera Fisheye adapter was attached with.

(Since, Foster beer can run out, this time the Pinholes were made

on a Danish variety.   (Photo Top, Right)   😀 

I think, its looks, works pretty good.

* * * * *

Again, to be fair to the paying customers, this is the real staff

Canon Fisheye (Zoom 8~15mm).  With a help of just arrived EF

to E-mount adapter.  —– See the dimensional difference.

(A7 camera’s Focus-peeking worked very well =  able to show

the difference of 10cm on the 15mm image was remarkable !)

= definitely, miles better than my eye-sight ! EF to E_Mount(1) -001

—– Though, am I going to use the Alpha 7 in this way is quite

questionable.  So far, I found the use of the A7 with the Homemade

Toy lens, and the Pinhole machine is very handy and comfortable. 

In addition, I might use A7 for Digitizing the Transparency  and

make another tilting bellows to take advantage of the

A7 camera’s 18mm flange-back.

(Use 35mm film camera’s lens, it can focus from infinity.)



Lens (?) Comparison


Twist Meadow-1-A09A5796Photo above was the picture taken by the “Twisted Lens”

Gaudy Lens

Gaudy Lens

The same flower meadow was taken by the “Gaudy Lens”

for the comparison of Fuzzy effect.

2 Element Toy Lens

2 Element Toy Lens

Effect looks very similar to Gaudy Lens though, this

is a lens originated from a Toy camera + added

concave lens on front (= effectively a Retrofocus structure)

— advantage of this lens is its omuni-focus design.

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

And this one was taken by the Double Density Pinhole.



But this one was by the simple Mono-Pinhole.



Then, how about Tri-Pinhole !    🙂

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

Different angles by the DD-Pinhole.

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

This photo showes the flowers in the green, between the houses.

= nothing special.


Cosmos and Hydrangea @ Greenwich Park

Cosmos G'nich-08-A09A2087

While checking the photos I’ve taken this time at Greenwich Park,  I went

back to the post I did last year and found that it was one week earlier, yet still

I did shoot almost identical photo then.  = not only the tree, some of the plant was

perennial and stayed the same patch, keep flowering with the same face.  And the

approach to the same plant is the same = amazingly persistent as the same person.

(It’s mean not much fresh innovation or improvement.)  🙂

Cosmos G'nich-09-A09A2092

Cosmos G'nich-10-A09A2093

Two element homemade lens was the same though, this year I brought

“New” Gordy Lens. (Looks somewhat the same fuzziness, but Gordy Lens

can give close focus. = further background became out of focus ! )

Cosmos G'nich-11-A09A2122

Hydrangea G'nich- 01-A09A2081

Hydrangea was one week too early and having dry hot weather they looked

a bit withered. = I may come again and change the photos here.

Hydrangea G'nich-02-A09A2086

Hydrangea G'nich-03-A09A2068

Hydrangea G'nich-04-A09A2058

Hydrangea G'nich-05-A09A2069

Those heavily fuzzier photos were taken by the Double Density Pinhole.

Hydrangea G'nich-06-A09A2083

Hydrangea G'nich-07-A09A2062

But those closer images were taken by the Gaudy Lens.

(One more post of Greenwich Flowers would follow.)  🙂


Pale Blue-Pale Red and Yellow Tri-color Pinhole Pictures

DD-Pale BYR-01-A09A4347

The previous post [Blue-Orange-Red Tri-color ] was obviously too reddish.

Yes, Red + Orange was too strong indeed.

DD-Pale BYR-02-A09A4348

So, I tried Pale Blue (Sky), Pale Red (Pink) and Yellow next.

DD-Pale BYR-03-A09A4388

Though, the effect of Yellow was rather weak —

It gave only a bit warmer color-temperature.

Then I realized that the pinhole for Yellow was not clean round hole. (too late)

DD-Pale BYR-04-A09A4387

DD-Pale BYR-05-A09A4353

DD-Pale BYR-06-A09A4354

DD-Pale BYR-07-A09A4356

DD-Pale BYR-08-A09A4395

DD-Pale BYR-09-A09A4376

DD-Pale BYR-10-A09A4364-002

DD-Pale BYR-11-A09A4363-001

Still, end results weren’t too bad.

(But I need yet another try.)


Blue-Orange-Red Tri-color Pinhole Pictures


Who said, Tri-color is BGR. —– Tri-color on the French Frag are Blue, Red, White.

Any three colors can be Tri-color.  Why not  🙂

BGR tri-color images on the previous post looks too cold.   I want warmer image. 

(I tested with Green, Red, Yellow though, it looks still too cool.)   

So, I put Blue, Orange, Red. —– Images looks on fire.   I like it.  😀

Mind you, not all the Zennist is pale-faced cool person.  I’m not cool at all.  😀


In fact, only white flower would be rendered into those colors.

(Flower can keep their own color — more or less.)



I think,  direct sun light hitting the pinholes caused those red halation.










Anyhow, it’s a burning color in deed.  (Is there anything wrong ?)


BGR-tricolor Pinhole Pictures


On that flower meadow, there aren’t much colorful flowers other than few Cosmos left.

On the other hand, there isn’t burning colored autumn leaves yet. 


It looks as poor as this. —– but, if there aren’t much color, why not make them !

(Though, I’m not a graphic designer.  I don’t like to create it on a computer.)


So I did, by pricking two more pinholes and put BGR color filters behind.

They became “Double density BGR-Tri-Pinholes” and created the images like those.

(There was a post showing simple BGR-Tri color Pinhole pictures.)









At least, they are colorful in deed.  🙂


Yet more Impressionists Photos (2)-B

4th DD-2B(1)-A09A3850

With much of annoyance of the regular reader, I put yet another

fuzzy pictures — but with added “academic” ( 🙂 ) interest !

4th DD-2B(2)A09A3784

The pinhole which I’ve called 3rd version, used in the previous post

and “Quest for Fuzziness” post etc was the one gone too far, hence the

image has very little informations.  

So, I made the 4th version which gives less halation and a bit sharper image.  

(outer hole is still the same 1 mm though, the inner hole was much smaller.)

4th DD-2B(3)A09A3839

4th DD-2B(4)A09A3806

4th DD-2B(5)A09A3800

So, here is a comparison. (Photo above was by the 4th version)

4th DD-2B(6)A09A3492-001(3rd DD)

And this was taken by the 3rd version. = Difference is too clear.

4th DD-2B(7)A09A3760

 Those white halation can be reduced by darkening  (shadowing) though,

by doing so, the color contrast also increase = higher color saturation.

This was the reason why the images in the previous post looked like

a copy of old cine-film.  (It is a contradiction, supporsed to be a soft image

end up with strong color.  😦  )

4th DD-2B(8)A09A3761

4th DD-2B(9)A09A3765

4th DD-2B(10)A09A3766

4th DD-2B(11)A09A3767

4th DD-2B(12)A09A3768

Outer 1 mm hole was made on the thin aluminium panel (from beer can)

though, the inner pinhole was made on the thin plastic (from a cap of yogurt)

therefore it is very easy to make another one in 10 seconds,

and thanks to the DSLR, the effect can be tested at once.  

So, the Pinhole photography suits for a DSLR camera and really a fun.  🙂

(Especially in the case of Canon DSLR —–

Nikon needs to have Non-CPU lens set-up. (See the end of the Post)

—– I haven’t tested with other camera though)



Yet more Impressionists Photos (2)-A

3rd DD-2A(1)A09A3501

The pictures in this post were also taken by the 3rd version of  

Concentric Double Density Pinhole which was the same one I used

for the previous post.  And the one giving the most drastic Bokhe.

3rd DD-2A(2)A09A3517

Outer hole is 1 mm though the center Pinhole was comparatively large and

the material filling the gap is rather clear plastic. (it was a cap of yogurt .  🙂 )  

So that, it wouldn’t give so much details of the subject.

3rd DD-2A(3)A09A3521

So to say, they are somewhat the equivalent of rough oil paintings by large blush.

3rd DD-2A(4)A09A3535

3rd DD-2A(5)A09A3537

3rd DD-2A(6)A09A3538

3rd DD-2A(7)A09A3539

3rd DD-2A(8)186-001

3rd DD-2A(9)A09A3547

3rd DD-2A(10)A09A3548

3rd DD-2A(11)A09A3551

3rd DD-2A(12)A09A3549

3rd DD-2A(13)A09A3550

3rd DD-2A(14)A09A3554

So, the use of this Pinhole is a matter of the taste and the subject.

= Sometime it creates nice picture but not always.  😀



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