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Return of Chilean Miner

The return of Chilean Miner is one of the most extraordinary story in resent human history.

It was an exceptional raw human endurance, and the typical technological solution of today.

( I have no idea, how to drill a hole into solid granite and hit the target 2,000 feet away.  What sort of

guiding / detecting system, technology there.  When Doctor insert a probe through blood vessel, he can

see it by X-ray image, even in 3D.  Though, can Radar does the same function towards under ground ? )

That is why the Chileans are so proud of its achievement. ” We can do this “.

In Buddhist’s view it was also the proof of that the Buddha’s insight was bang right.

——- You might say, no, they are the devoted Catholic that’s why God saved them.

I’m talking  not about their God,  but the Universal Dharma / fundamental nature of Human Psyche.

Even though,  their motivation to go down the notorious hell mine is derived by the better money

than the other safer mine,  in other words greed and the ego,  yet still,  if they couldn’t overcome

much more fundamental ego / survival instinct / fear of the death = negation of the self,  they

couldn’t go down to the hell in the first place.

Without this State of Non-self /  Anatman, they couldn’t keep the discipline / diligently follow their

leader / foreman and managed to keep peace in the utterly desperate condition.

If they were just greedy egoist,  there could be easily the fight over the food ( can you imagine, just

one spoonful of tuna fish per day,  under the utterly uncertainty of the fate, for 17 days ).

If , Survival of Fittest was the rule, some of them, much stronger than the leader, could have broken off

and took all the food only for them —— but no such fight occurred.

They had accepted the fate,  there could be the possibility of all of them may die, one by one,  still

without fallen into the madness facing the coming death,  play together and kept Hope

—– waited, and waited, —— 17 days ! ! !

This is nothing but the typical sample of the  Buddhism Paradox / The one

who survived was the one who accepted the death. Non-self is really the key of the survival.

And the Non-self was the foundation of the charity / kindness / compassion —— so, they helped

weakest, and  ALL 33 survived together and came out the hell.

It was not the Dharma helped them.

They followed and kept the rules of the Dharma / they are the Dharma.

( You may say,  why non-Buddhist could know and follow the Dharma —– Dharma is the universal Rule

therefore it rules every body, and all the human being has it in them, whether a person aware of it or not )



WOMAN womam !

Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Empowerment, Intelligence, Meditation, Paradox by yoshizen on March 29, 2010

I’ve encountered a woman at somebodies’ birthday party  who questioned me, why the Buddhism

discriminate the women and keep them in the lower lank in the hierarchies.

It’s an awkward question.

My explanations  ” There was no such thing in the time of Buddha, as there was no organized system of

ranking his followers,  and the seniority who has learned longer and knows deeper was obvious,

regardless the gender ” —— Though, this woman who said to be practicing  ” – – – something, never

heard of kind of meditation” was so tenacious,  saying  “Even a woman who achieved the high enough

level of enlightenment,  still been recognized lower than the male and couldn’t be ordained to the same

rank as the male counter part etc etc. ”

As the matter of fact,  I rather liked to just shut my mouth and ignored the question though, this woman

just keep repeating the question and push and push,  and unlike the Great Buddha,  my silence didn’t

hit the world like a thunder.  ( Ha Ha Ha  😀  )


The matter was too obvious,  It is not my business.  And I don’t think it is her business neither.

Somewhere some sect administrate the way of their organization in their own rules,

it is their problem. (if any at all )  If anyone doesn’t like it,  just go to another sect.

Obviously this woman is arguing the matter which is not what she is facing herself,  in other words,

she is arguing the matter which is only in her knowledges, the thinkings.    And talking an injustice of

discrimination in social recognition of the one’s achievement in her assumption. Not in her reality.

———- Unfortunately,  the starting point of this woman was hopelessly wrong.

Buddhism is not a cooperate system to organize the people in bureaucratic hierarchies,  therefore

expecting to receive high-ranking etc is not the Buddhism,  but the one’s ego and the greed.

Invested the money to the speculation of the land, but as the bubble collapsed and couldn’t get the profit.

Though,  before complain the lost profit,  think own greed  expected to grub the money with dubious scheme.

———- I really wonder,  what sort of Buddhism this woman was imagined of.   Instead to find the peace,

she  created a discord in her mind,  which is not even  her business and only exist in her knowledge.

The one’s enlightenment is not given by the organization of sect,  but gained by the person oneself.

Attending the sect’s talking shop, which chair to sit is not the matter at all.    The person,  just sit on

the floor  comfortably,  without any dithering,  is in fact sitting closest to the enlightenment.

And I’m sure,  when the founder of  THAT  sect had encountered  a woman of this kind,  who was just filled

with ego,  still insisting  ” I’ve achieved and gained the understanding of Buddhism”

the founder must be amazed and fed up to argue with her.

After so many years of study and the practice and achieved to gain so much so ” Knowledges” still able to

maintain so much so ego and the greed,

the founder must come  to the conclusion ” They are the hopeless”  ( I guess )

So, after ” The historical woman’s right fighter ” the sect changed their rules, it was the unfortunate history

in a corner of the Buddhism sphere.

In the Buddhism Paradox, the Dharma prevails to the one who achieved the perfection without

asking the return. ( in other word, in  Mushin —– or so-called Selflessness )

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