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PARADOX in seeking the ZEN


I wrote in previous post, to reach Zen, how it is crucial to block the Emotion.


Though, Zen or Buddhism in general, it is a strange maze of the Paradox =

the more you try to see it, you can’t see.   The harder you put the effort,

you can’t achieve. (—– I think, I wrote the same subject before, while using a metaphor

“You can’t run, as long as you got legs” 😀 )

This trouble is, all comes down to the existence of the Emotion or Emotional thinking.

Because of the strong intention or will is always accompanied by the strong

Emotion. The more you are serious, the more your mind is stack to the subject

though, ironically, the art of Zen is how to make you detached from the subject.

—– You can’t detach yourself from the subject when you are studying it —–

you may say.

(If you ever read the book of Zen Mondo / Koan, then if you read it again while this paradox

in mind, you will see the point, or it will make sense in each answer.

= They are in the matter of this paradox.)


So that, there is a trouble to understand such as “what the Mindfulness is” =

the harder you try to be Mindful = you are falling into a Clu-de-sak or strays away to nowhere

because of your mind = Emotion is just stack to the subject. Emotion blinding You !

—– There is nothing else but the subject, and you can see it clear detached eyes.

= This IS Mindfulness. = because of your eyes are detached from your Emotion, there

couldn’t be any wishful thinking or a greed to succeed etc kind of destructive rubbish = you can

see the true nature of the subject. = therefore you can do the perfect job, hence you will succeed.

This state of mind, detached from the subject, = as there is no Emotional

attachment, hence the mind is blank but only eyes are gazing at =

This is Mushin and in Selflessness = This IS Mindfulness.

Why Selfless here ?  Because, only eyes and the subject are here.  Not your Mind.


Sound easy ? —– or you may utterly bemused, how to do ? How far to be detached 😀

Because of this confusion, ancient Buddhists invented [Middle Way] 2,000 years ago.

While saying “Not too close, still not too far” — Because, they themselves haven’t experienced

real Mushin 😀

= It seems, the vast number of Mantra Authors are not necessary understood the Buddhism.

= That was why so many fancy stories of it was added to the original teachings to cover-up  😀

(Good in writing is not necessary knowing the subject 😀 = The Monks are familiar with sitting

in the temple, but they may not be any expert of DOING something — this is a reason why the

Zen was invented = Zen put an emphasis to DO something and prohibit Thinking)


When you DO something, subject is very front of your eyes.

If it was cutting a lemon, lemon and a knife are there. —– So, just cut it. You don’t need to think

anything else.  After cutting 10 lemons, 100 lemons, (what to do those mountain of lemon slices =

may be better make Marmalade and use one or two for a cup of tea 😀   Or if you are short of

money, cut potatoes instead and make crisps ? —– though, I don’t like to use oil )  you will

run-out anything to think about (NO Thinking) = you will cut it almost like an

automatic machine (NO Emotion),  hence your eyes sees nothing else of Lemon

and the Knife = this is the Mindfulness.   And the brain is in the state of Mushin.

Then, applying this eyes and the Mind-set to see other things in the Life.

By actually DO something, there is NO PARADOX (Paradox is created in the

Emotional Thinking = such as Intention, Will, Gain / Loss Calculation, etc etc =

not exists in Doing )  —– This is the ZEN.

( So, it is a great mystery, what the people is doing while sitting and doing

so-called meditation ?  😀  😀 ) 



Wet Mind and Dry Judgement

This year’s freak weather is not kind to the nature.   Nor to the farmers who grow corn,

but in the same weather said have brought a bumper harvest to the strawberry growers.

The situation seems to be the same all over the world.   Hence, it said to have brought big profit to the

commodity speculators who [rightly] speculated to have corn shortage and its price up.

Whether it is right or wrong, it is always the case, somebody’s misery is some other’s god opportunity.

This is the hard fact, as the weather is.

Then bring an argument to those situation is either emotional or in moral issue

—– both based on the Wet Mind.

Because of the dry weather, the plants on this patch of the land here couldn’t succeed.

In fact this year they failed twice. —– once the weeds grown to a feet high, then the dry spell on April

wiped them out.   And after a short but pretty heavy wet weather, some plants shot up again —– then

they are all dead now. === is rather prosaic description of what happened here.

From this desiccated scene, may be I should create quite emotional, wet stories such as how I feel sad

while imagining a pleasure to see wild green, mentioning the glory of the sun and the joy which the nature

has been brought me over the years, and so on.

—– wet stories appeal to the readers, who is seeking sweet story

and a moment of consolation in the cyberspace.


Despite we are living in the environment of  90%  Hard, Dry Facts,  our mind seemed to have

90% of  Wet Thinking / Wet Mind —– because we don’t see the Dry Fact in Dry —– We are seasoning it

with wet, slimy source, mostly to sweeten it. —– On top of it, before cooking and seasoning them, we are

conveniently selecting them to meet our taste.    (Hence, sweet blog is more popular 🙂 )

Then, end of the day, we have to face Dry Fact and forced to give Dry Judgement — if the judgement

was not Dry enough, it will fail and Boomerang.

I know, Dry Food is hard to swallow, Dry Fact is hard to see though, anyhow  it  IS  Dry —– to

see the world as it is,  the first step to avoid to hit by a Boomerang = have a long-term peaceful life,  in stead of

temporary comfort —– which need to have some practice.   ( to begin with,

to know how sweet your taste,  and the favourite source is   😀 )



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