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Exploding Cinema or Firework


Last night was a so called Bonfire night and may be to coincide with it, a cinema session “Exploding Cinema” was held in south London.

I popped out carring A7R camera with a homemade “Mag lens” attached on it.   But as I saw the fireworks over a park,  soon I realized that I put a wrong lens. 

Mag lens makes the largest halation among my homemade lens = bright spot like firework become just a big blob.  Still, that’s what I got then, — never mind, it won’t kill me in any way.


Exploding Cinema has been running by the volunteers, film enthusiasts for the past 25 years.  (And I know the current figurehead, Matt for 20 odd years.  When I met him, he was a visual media technician and I was an almost a dancer in residents of the Fridge Club in Brixton.)  Exploding Cinema is showing all the films submitted without selecting, and running totally independent. (so that, the waiting list said to be more than one year to be shown there)



So, the films shown there were from short comical Anime to professionally made quite serious one. (A film produced by Chris R’s “Drone Strike” was a heavy staff good enough for the big screen.)


And MMM    🙂



When I popped out, the fireworks exploded over my head, —– I found, the lens character of big blob is quite pretty in deed.  Ha ha ha,   😀


Ship Stubnitz in Canary Wharf

Building in Canary Wharf-A09A2581-001

I’ve been visiting the Ship Stubnitz many times and talked about in many posts here.

In early days she was in the King George IV dock in the east London.  Then she moved

and moored in the several different docks,  but now she is in the Canary Wharf.

(5 minutes from the Jubilee line’s Canary Wharf station).

Stubnitz in Canary Wharf(3)-A09A2600-001

She looks pretty impressive isn’t she.

Stubnitz in Canary Wharf(2)-A09A2596-001

Where to moor the ship need to have funny negotiation behind with the London

Port Authority.   And it was said to be depend on the whim of the Authority.  🙂

Stubnitz in Canary Wharf(1)-A09A2584-001

What so ever the story, She to be in the Canary Wharf is very convenient to us. 

(In comparison to have an awkward journey to east London, not to mention to

climb over a barbed-wire fence.  😀 ) 

Video group in Stubnitz-307-001

So, these days many groups are using the ship for their meeting or as an event venue

and the photo above was a gathering of the video film makers = Open Video London.

Digital Sound group in Stubnitz-A09A2593-001

And the another group, slub.org is having  Experimental Digital Sound demonstration.

( commonly known as Techno —– still, I noticed, their rhythm was pretty good.  🙂 )

Canary Wharf Station-A09A2603-001

If you have an image of London, as a red brick’s traditional town scape, you must be

disappointed to be lost in the grass and steel structures in the Dockland. 

Still, this is the another face of the London.

In the Canary Wharf Station-A09A2576-001

Yet, supposedly the modern concrete structure still giving strangely ancient temple

like impression. —– I like this paradox.  🙂     And this is the same feeling I’m having

from the Ship Stubnitz = 60 years old ship interior giving the SiFi like atmosphere.


Exploding Cinema at Goldsmith

Exploding Cinema Tytle Cover

Last Saturday evening,  the Films and Art event / Exploding Cinema  was held in a big church

building ( now it was converted to an art-space for the Goldsmith college / London University

of Art )   It seemed, it was one of the most successful evening of the Exploding Cinema’s history.

Exploding Cinema 1

Exploding Cinema 2

Impressive massive space though, as it has been converted = not purposely built = make use of

the space needed a lots of work especially running all together 100m of the electric extension

cables etc. —– while having time count  ” One hour left” ” Another 15 minuets” — then over load

power cut etc.    The DON / Facilitator of many art events /  James Stevens had to work hard   🙂  

( Photo right = Brian Steel’s sculpture / Dummy)

Exploding Cinema 3

( Photo right = I brought my kinetic sculpture Virtual Woman with  3W LED light to project

a shadow of moving image on the wall. )

Exploding Cinema 4

( Photo left = Jini Rawlings installing her video projection system with water reflection. 

Photo middle = Matt Lloyd was setting up the AV system in the performance Room.  

Photo right = I brought yet another piece / Hell Fire —– color changing

rotating LED with reflection ! )

exploding Cinema 5

Exploding Cinema 6

Then the door open —– loads of audiences has come and enjoyed the evening with massive

amount of all sorts of moving images —– save the coldness of a winter night in the massive

stone building  😦      = though, the advantage was, we didn’t need to use  Cloak-room  🙂  

Exploding Cinema 7

Exploding Cinema 8

Exploding Cinema 9

Other than individual set-up of video projection by each artists, the main screen

showed nearly  30 short videos —– some were pretty experimental  🙂

Exploding Cinema 10

And the Performances !   ( Photo left = Blanca Regina performed her amazing singing

with her video image !  ( And I intruded with my dancing — seemed they liked it  :-D)

Photo middle = Pete Gomes  played his impressive Flute accompanying his 8mm cine

images shot in India.    Photo right = Vicky Smith draw tyre track with her bicycle. )

Exploding Cinema 11

Celina Leiesegang’s group performed their movements.  ( Dance  ? ) 

And it is,  another fixture = Mould Wine !    Good for chilly night  🙂


PS :  Any participated Artist who want to have more photos in a bit  larger size, 

Please put a request as a comment saying Photo number / left or right or so =

Comment has your URL which enable  me to send it by Email.


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