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Exploding Cinema or Firework


Last night was a so called Bonfire night and may be to coincide with it, a cinema session “Exploding Cinema” was held in south London.

I popped out carring A7R camera with a homemade “Mag lens” attached on it.   But as I saw the fireworks over a park,  soon I realized that I put a wrong lens. 

Mag lens makes the largest halation among my homemade lens = bright spot like firework become just a big blob.  Still, that’s what I got then, — never mind, it won’t kill me in any way.


Exploding Cinema has been running by the volunteers, film enthusiasts for the past 25 years.  (And I know the current figurehead, Matt for 20 odd years.  When I met him, he was a visual media technician and I was an almost a dancer in residents of the Fridge Club in Brixton.)  Exploding Cinema is showing all the films submitted without selecting, and running totally independent. (so that, the waiting list said to be more than one year to be shown there)



So, the films shown there were from short comical Anime to professionally made quite serious one. (A film produced by Chris R’s “Drone Strike” was a heavy staff good enough for the big screen.)


And MMM    🙂



When I popped out, the fireworks exploded over my head, —– I found, the lens character of big blob is quite pretty in deed.  Ha ha ha,   😀




I got quite few typical round flower like Fire-work photos of film

time, somewhere.   but nothing special of such ubiquitous photos =

no interest to find the photo from bottom of the box.

Instead, I just clicked the shutter and found the expected exposure

(ISO 200, 1/2 sec, F-5.6) was correct, when I saw the Fireworks

over my window.  —– Then, I set my camera (5D Mk-3) to 5 frames

Multiple Exposure.)    So, this is the end-product.


Those Fireworks were just made by locals and seen over the roof, 

so, nothing grand at all, still it was a fun to watch. 

And the Golden Rule to make a humble subject looks rich =

give multiple exposure while shaking the camera, worked perfect.   🙂

So, it was my Bonfire Night.


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