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Baby Baby

There was a BBQ in my friend’s place, and I checked the palm lines of my friends

Lukas and Lucy’s baby Lia’s. —– Hm —– hm hm !

Anyhow, a baby is —– fundamentally cute.

Why CUTE ?

A notion of beauty came from the eyes of grown-up’s. Therefore, it

needs the exact shape and the proportion etc etc.

A baby got everything out of proportion.   Big eyes big round cheeks short legs

etc etc.   Hence they are not beautiful but cute or pretty.


Beautiful woman is the eyes to appreciate —– though not necessary nice to talk with.  Especially too perfect

beauties often repel us.  Or at least me.  ( Anyhow I know I don’t match them.  Ha ha ha  😀  )

The charm point, which attract us is somewhere a little bit out of perfection.   Out of proportion.

So, the charming point lies between perfection and a monster. —– So that, a bit out of standard is a charm,

but  if it’s gone too far makes a monster.  How much [a bit] is depend on the individual taste.  Some likes more

and some got taste of even a monster.  In most of  case, where the people feel charming and cute, such

as big eyes etc are in fact the typical feature of the baby.

Cute disarm and open the mind of grown-ups and make them feel joy.  So, everybody loves it.

Simply because the babies are absolutely harmless (except few historical accidents 🙂 )  and the living sample of

the glory of the life  ( save the pain and the hardship of the parents found in reality  🙂 )

If anybody really encounter a creature 6 feet tall looks like a baby in the picture, definitely frighten them

though, here, she is just a small baby,  only makes you smile.

Isn’t she CUTE ?

Photography / Zappa Photo

Posted in Art, Buddhism, Lemon Zen, Music, Photography, Who is Yoshizen, Zen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on December 9, 2009

” What a Hell,  Frank Zappa is doing in a  ZEN  blog ?

It was rather unexpected turn of the situation.

Since one of my great  friend artist, Wayne Chisnall mentioned this blog and me as a photographer in his

blog spot,  it became necessary to explain about my photography. (—–of strange kind  :-))

Frank Zappa and me on the live stage (Copyright reserved/ 2009/ Yoshi Imamura )

The photo above was taken by my hand made camera called Yoshi-handy,  with

17mm fish-eye lens attached on the 6 x 6 film format, hence it create whole circular image.

Yoshi-Handy Camera

(On this photo above, the lens attached was Nikon Fish-eye 16mm of which the Lens-hood was removed)

——As Zappa was so intrigued by this camera and its effect, he asked me to produce as

strange as possible photos.  —– And this is it.

When I was young, my interest was the nature. Close-up

photography was the essential tool and to do it I needed

to improvise or modify the equipments.—- If I got

to do, do it.   If I didn’t know how, learn it or try it.

If not successful try again and again.

The camera here left, the body was hack-sawed and

made the lens to tilt, enabling a focus from lens front

to infinity in one picture.—— When I modified EOS, the boss of R & D in the Canon asked me,

How I could make the camera working again ?   I answered ” If Canon can, I can do too, as

we are the same human being “.

Why not.    Ha ha ha   😀

( If you are the person who expected to see lots of photos—— Have a break, and see ” Zen in  Action”

It would be a fun ! )

Wayne’s Blog        < http://waynechisnall.blogspot.com >  or click / Associates / Wayne Chisnall

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