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Posted in 8150 Story, Awareness, Buddhism, Dharma, Enlightenment, Evolution of Mind, Karma, Unconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on November 14, 2010

Time to time I was asked to give an advice to a friend or friend of friend etc, in all sorts ——

Some time, how to deal with family or woman to electronic circuit ——- 🙂

While talking with computer programmer, a man (say Mr.A ) told me the pressure he is feeling from

the family or relatives who expecting he should be a genius and become a millionaire.

After that meeting, while dealing with Emails I just got a thought, why not Mr.A develop an  App

for mass user of such as iPhone etc —— may make him quite rich as his concept to deal with programing

is rather novel.  Market system, whether its got bad name of capitalism or not, it is quite democratic,

if it is good for the people it sell.   Not Mr.A  not me having wishful thinking —— let the people to decide.

So, I send him short Email saying  ” How about, to develop App for iPhone kind”.

Soon after,  I received his reply in which he explained this and that, and mentioned  ” By the way I just

have  received an Email from Intel’s development director, asking whether am I interesting to take part of

their development project ” —— then I realized the time-record of his Email was —2010  8:15 — M m m ?

( I hope I’m not paranoia though, as it happened in the same time of me to suggest him, and it must be a

peculiar coincidence )  I took this as a sign and Email backed him mentioning this number

” Be honest, do what you want.  Dharma is watching you “)

As he knew about this number, read of my post / 8150 Story,  he replied  ” Oh, dear God,  SCARY !”

Exchanging the mail with Intel, he found he is not very keen with their business, and found his

direction —— not the money but to keep what he really want to do.

Which he said ” Keep my path is what Dharma directed”

Despite popular misconception, DIRECTION is not an external menu which we can choose by will.

It is what we ourselves having in us.  It is in fact synonym of the self.

Here, the source of all the misconception and confusion lies, to be true to yourself, reset your mind

to the default state, have a blank space in your mind is in fact Just to be yourself.

In most of the case, what we are thinking This is Me ——– is in fact The imaginary Self, the Role to

play or the tactical Pretence to chase a goal (such as power, fortune  or delusion to be a Macho Man).

This is why, the Buddhism says, There is no such thing like the SELF ——– so-called Self is not

there, yet Buddha taught Watch it by yourself.  Watch who you are. ——- If the self is not there,

Who is watching ? —— What Buddha meant was, not by such imaginary fixed figure of the Self

(as the Self is continuously changing with Karma, no still photograph exist —– You can’t capture an

image of running horse / still horse is a dead horse.(forget hi-speed camera which Buddha didn’t have   😀 )

but by the eyes, free from the conscious of self.——simply, just who you are.


Unlike awkwardly dressed masquerade, the person inside is the real self who can spontaneously

respond the Situation and the feeling (unconsciously) like natural Flow.  Buddha saw this ability

to respond the Karma is, it is because of the fundamental rule / Dharma.

Hence it is not the SELF but the Dharma. ——- of which everybody has inside and born with.

( As you are born with it, it is easy to be, though, strangely it is a hardest thing ——- so that, when it was

achieved it was described as a Dog Shit )

So, I’m watching what next move Mr.A will takes.


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