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Blue Moon without Eclipse


It was a Full Moon, but we in England couldn’t see the Eclipse like somewhere else could.     Never mind, it won’t cause any misfortune.

(As always, the photo here was taken by Tamron SP Mirror 500mm F8 on Sony A7R. Through double glazed window.)  😀


It was a full moon !


In the evening of the New year’s day, I noticed a moon behind the trees.  I thought, Oh, it might be a full moon, though, before it came to the center of the window, the sky got cloudy.

Yet still, you can see the unusual “Norwegian Moon rise Photos” in the Bentehaarstad Blog. —– not only that, you will find many many very interesting topics and the photos in her blog (click the links in the bottom)  I’m sure you will enjoy them.   🙂  




——————————————————— Parties started week ago

—————————————————— and I saw beautiful full moon

——————————————————— but missed lunar eclipse.

—————————————————— Still we passed Winter solstice.

——————————————————– Shining sun will come back.

—————————————————————— as usual  😀

———————————————–No big issue here, just enjoy the season. —————————————- No big issue here.

———————————————————————- ___/\___


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