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The late Cherry (or Ex-Cherry ?)


It’s not nice to say “used to be cherry” —– so, Ex-Cherry ?




A woman said it’s not fair, they got a full bloom every year —– m m m, rather tricky to say any word here. 

(Those photos were taken by a lens from a toy camera on Nikon Z7 —– It was a single plastic lens, equivalent of  28mm, F13,  fixed focus )


Paint the Morning Sky

Screen shot of the same photo

This is a screen shot of the next photo using Double Density Pinhole on A7R camera.

Zeiss 18mm F3.5 on Nikon D810

This is the original straight shot on Nikon D810. (cropped image)

Zeiss 18mm F3.5 on Nikon D810

This was the straight shot on Nikon D810 by Zeiss 18mm lens as a comparison.

Fun camera Lens (27mm? / F13) on A7R

The same sky by the Fun camera Lens (though not on the same moment = I was doing those shots next by next).

Wide DD-Pinhole

A shot by the DD-Pinhole — in fact, this was the last one of those photos on the morning.

Wide X4 Pinhole

Shot by the X4 Pinholes with wide adapter attached.

X4 Pinholes image again. (without wide adapter)


Yet another X4 Pinholes image.


Just a casual click on the kitchen window — only for a fun.   😀  —– but I like this !


How about those ?  — Left was X4, Right was Mono Pinhole.


Baby baby


Yesterday I went to see my friends and their three months old babies.  Those babies are the cousins each other and born only a day apart.  (This photo = Pinhole)

When I saw them, I noticed that one of them had very hard birth from the shape of his head.   Dady explained me, it was a 40 hours battle.


The baby having the face amazingly resembles to his parent = that’s because of their Gene, yet still the babies having big head despite the mother’s passage he had to came through hadn’t been evolved accordingly, was because the our (or ancestor’s) choice. = We human changed from herbivore to omnivore started to scavenge animal carcass, borne marrow etc. resulting our brain grow bigger. (omnivore needs to process much  more information too = needs more brain power.  —– And to compensate a such painful trouble of giving a birth, a pleasure the woman can get from the sex is far more = otherwise the woman would say “Oh no, never again” and the human race had been extinct long ago. )  

Funny tendency of our attitude is, that we accept the physical appearance of the baby such as the face, and do know that the lines on the palm is fixed on the birth, still wouldn’t accept that the basic character (such as expressed on the line on the palm, the tendency in the emotion, a type of the brain, or Ego etc) =  accordingly a kind of the life that the person will have, IS also fixed.  (People doesn’t like to be fixed or been told by the others, and hope to have a hope = expect good luck, and the effort would change the fate = be optimistic.)  It’s not a matter of Gene, but the Karma which was specifically given to the person.   Otherwise why the person was made to be exist as this person.  = It IS the same person since he was born.

(Those photos were by modified Olympus Pen-F 38mm F1.8 on Sony A7R)


( by PEN-F 38mm lens)


(by the Fun camera lens on A7R)


(Fun camera lens again)


So, they were the camera and the lenses I used here = Olympus Pen-F 38mm on Sony A7R, Fun camera lens, Pinhole (equivalent of 21mm lens view and about F125) and the lens from a Toy camera.  ( The point is, I could carry all of them in my pocket.  Why do I need to go back to a heavy DSLR. )


This Pinhole photo showing about 90 degree view and heavy vignettes (corner fall off) — ISO was 25600.    Think, if this photo was ordinary sharp image, would it be useful for you ? — I don’t think so, since we are not seeing the world in its detail, anyway.


Yet another baby photo by a Pinhole (ISO 25600) on a DLR train — the girl wanted to touch the camera. 

You see, a Pinhole was usable even for general snap shot.   😀   (Of course, such as the ISO 25600 — in full color ! — was never possible without having a processing power of the digital technology. —– So, I’m not insisting the pure analog in its own sake.  I just want to have the image I want, not the image what the manufacturer recommends. = What they recommend was the style of the mass market of which they make and sell in millions. )


Jessop’s Fun-camera Lens

Jessop Funcamera-2-001

I found yet another fun-camera (One-time use Camera / Camera with Film)

in an Odds and Ends Box of a Camera shop. (for a couple of pounds)

Jessop Funcamera-1-001

This time it was a Jessop’s product though, since Jessops disappeared many years 

ago, this product was also pretty old.   Old enough to be rotten deep = supposed be 

an unused battery inside was completely corroded and the chemical has been leaked.

Branded Jessops though, it was a Chinese made = hence cheap battery was rotten.

This was an interesting product.   As a Chinese made, it could be a complete

Copy-cat product though,  the Jessops then was a well known English company 

= they could be an easy target of a lawsuit for a Copyright infringement.

So, they didn’t copy the lens by taking a mold —– instead, they put their own

Two-element Lens for this camera.     When Japanese film company, Konica,

Fuji, invented the disposable camera (one-time use camera), they designed the

omnifocus lens using pretty fancy aspherical design.

And to make the camera able to take photos under different lighting condition

with fixed shutter speed (about 1/60th second) on ISO 100~200 film, the

lens has to be about F4~3.5.  Especially after flash light was incorporated,

to have a reasonable picture for 3m, the lens can’t be smaller. = It’s mean,

pan-focus with smaller F-aperture was not an option, therefore, they had to

design sophisticated aspherical lens which could produce a reasonably well

focused image in any distance with F4 diameter (7~8mm).

—– But, without using aspherical lens, Jessops opted to the simple two lens

design with smaller F8 aperture setting, while taking advantage of the

higher ISO sensitivity of 400.

Jessop Funcamera-3-A09A2172 The trick here was,

 F4 x2 = F5.6  F5.6 x2 = F8    while

 ISO 100 x2 x2 = ISO 400 (the same)

 —– and F8 can give much deeper

 depth of the field

 (= Pan focus effect using ordinally 

 lens though, F8 is not enough for

 close focus). 

 I tested this lens attached with rather

 heavy concave lens to extend the 

 original 27mm focal-length to 44mm, 

in order to use on the Canon EOS, (Photo left)

(thus, 3.5mm lens diameter, now gives F13 = pretty dark to see the finder image)


—– Not only that, the image produced by this lens was utterly rubbish. = when F13

lens could make only trash image while having no fancy fuzziness (F13 couldn’t 

have any chance of nice fuzziness) = there wouldn’t be any point to use this lens.

—– Well, not all the experiment has been a successful one.   😀


Impressionist’s Flower Photo (without Pink)

Any Color(1)A09A4850

Those photos were taken on the same day of the Shooting Party.

Any Color(2)A09A4811

Being as an impressionist (for one-day 🙂 ) = no botanical

observation or comment.

Any Color(3)A09A4803

Any Color(4)A09A4879

Any Color(5)A09A4883

Any Color(6)A09A4848

Any Color(7)A09A4885

Any Color(8)A09A4829

Any Color(9)A09A4866

Any Color(10)A09A4874

Till here all the photos above were taken using a Fun Camera’s Lens.

Any Color(11)A09A4894

Any Color(12)A09A4914

Any Color(13)A09A4907

And those last three photos were taken by the Wide-angle

Double-density Pinhole on Canon 5D Mk-III.


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