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Twilight in Greenwhich

Twilight(1)-DSC07350It was a rather murky twilight moment in Greenwich.  That’s all.













Looks rather normal picture was taken by so-called Fun Lens.  Fuzzy images were taken by the Gaudy Lens, and if it was very fuzzy, they were done by the Mag Lens —– but I don’t think you ever bother to know.   😀




Autumn Color

Fall Color(1)-DSC07415

Those photos were taken by a single glass homemade lens, called Gaudy Lens on Sony A7R Camera —– you may wonder why needed to use High spec’ camera = the matter was not the spec’ but its small size.   😀

Fall Color(2)-DSC07422

Fall Color(3)-DSC07437

Fall Color(4)-DSC07439

Fall Color(5)-000

Fall Color(6)-001

Fall Color(7)-DSC07462

Fall Color(8)-002

Fall Color(9)-DSC07456

This last photo was by the Mag’ Lens, not by Gaudy Lens —– any way looks the same = doesn’t matter.  As those both lenses got a lots of halation, picture never looks sharp.    Yes that’s what I wanted. = I just wanted atmosphere, or Impression.   In that requirment, those lenses are doing good job.   😀


Oxford Street (and Selfridge) Xmas shot






















Those photos were taken by the lenses, homemade Mag Lens or Halina wide Lens though, few of them were by the Gaudy Lens on the Tilting Bellows with Sony A7R.


Sow Bread (Cyclamen) — (Secondly Photo)



(Top photo was in fact a screen shot of the second photo. — Second =

original photo was taken by a homemade Mag Lens and the

screen shot was done by even fuzzier  Gaudy Lens)   😀

Sow Bread (Cyclamen) was introduced to the Japan about 150

years ago.  Botanist then, Saburo Okubo named it as a direct

translation of the English name Saw Bread to  Buta-no-Manju !

(How beautiful ! ! !)


Most of us think, Cyclamen as a potted flower associated with

Christmas. — As a matter of fact, they are the best-selling plant 

in the winter.   So that, to find its flowers in a shady ground of a

public park was a rather surprise to me. (I have no knowledge or 

a proper reference book to distinguish whether this one was a

wild one or just humble but a tough type for an outside garden.)


Biggest selling plant mean, it has a very competitive big market

= how to attract the customer, so to find a good sale’s point is a

serious business.  So that, adding a nice smell to the normally

smell-less Cyclamen having a fierce battle. —– On the end a

Japanese scientist has succeeded to develop a nice smelled

variety by manipulating / tampering its chromosome.  =

Made a cross bleed between C.persicum (2n=48) and the

C.pupurascens (2n=34) with scent, to (2n=41) then by the 

use of  Colchicine alkaloid from Saffron, made it to (2n=82). 

(And further process by exposing to Ion-beam to change its

DNA to create nice color with nice smell.)

The whole process sound very complicated and awful. 

Somebody, a kind of  “Activists” may start a fuss, still others may

say it was not actually tampered the Gene but only the change of its

container (Chromosome) which technique has been used to creates

many Seedless fruits such as  the seedless grape, water melon etc.

(When the number of chromosome set was changed to x2, x3 …

such irregularity obstructs the normal development of the seeds

= hence seedless fruits.) 

Although, the plant can produce the fruits, its plant was fertile =

even a cross-pollination couldn’t produce next generation = no

possibility of its spread of an abnormality = safe to the Nature.

—– ?  is it ?        

(As a matter of the fact, our Nature has been bombarded by the

cosmic ray, nuclear particles etc. which is causing the damage /

change of the Gene.

(Which may have contributed to the evolution of many species.)

—– Even on the worst analogy, an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima,

must be caused millions of genetic mutations if not just burnt to

the death, didn’t create a single Super cockroach nor Giant man.

Genetic mutation might cause the abnormal development or

abnormal growth of the cell or organ (which was called Cancer)

if not die straight, but to have a chance to create any distinctive

new feature to the species is a rare rare occurrence.

To see what is natural and which is not, or how far we can go is a

very difficult question (unlike Activists are shouting) = may be

our useless ideological imagination (and a want of nice smell) is

creating more trouble.  😀


Southbank by Gaudy Lens (2)


Previous post was about the people, here the landscape.   😀










You might say “Those people in the picture, aren’t they the people ?”

“Are they ? 

I thought, they were the well made stones.  Just happen to be there.”

Survive well in such heat wave.


Southbank by Gaudy Lens (1)


Yesterday I went to the Southbank to see my friend and took those

pictures too.   Sun was baking hot and the air was steaming. 

(You might thought, the lens used was yet another pinhole though,

wrong — it was the Gaudy Lens = as I chase the same fuzzy effect,

the image may look the same kind though, the fuzziness of this image

was created by the aberration of the single grass.


Not only the aberration, the hallation on the untreated lens surface

was very strong.  But, that’s what I wanted. 

(If you want clear picture use your Phone camera please.)











And for this kind of subjects, was sharp details necessary ?

I don’t think so. 


It’s the Gaudy Lens


I developped 10s of devices/lenses to obtain painting like fuzzy effect

— and so far this gaudy lens seemed to be the best device for the job.

No filter or attachment available on the market  nor digital

manipuration can make the same effect.

(simplly nobody else needed => no manifacturer wanted to make)


So, I’m enjoying a dance alone in the middle of nowhere.   😀









The best things of this gaudy lens is, its balance of fuzzyness

and the ability to retain a certain details of the image.

(In fact, I can controle it by the size of paper hole/iris and

the amount of over-exposure/halation = so, it is not

like a wild animal of DD-Pinhole)  Ha ha ha  😀



Lens (?) Comparison


Twist Meadow-1-A09A5796Photo above was the picture taken by the “Twisted Lens”

Gaudy Lens

Gaudy Lens

The same flower meadow was taken by the “Gaudy Lens”

for the comparison of Fuzzy effect.

2 Element Toy Lens

2 Element Toy Lens

Effect looks very similar to Gaudy Lens though, this

is a lens originated from a Toy camera + added

concave lens on front (= effectively a Retrofocus structure)

— advantage of this lens is its omuni-focus design.

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

And this one was taken by the Double Density Pinhole.



But this one was by the simple Mono-Pinhole.



Then, how about Tri-Pinhole !    🙂

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

Different angles by the DD-Pinhole.

Double Density Pinhole

Double Density Pinhole

This photo showes the flowers in the green, between the houses.

= nothing special.


Cherry by Soft Lenses


The photos here were taken from the same Cherry tree as

the previous post.   (As they are not plain 5 petals flower,

this is not Somei-yoshino) 

The softness (?  Blur) on the previous post were created by

the Focus-Shift = focused image and the out-of-focus image

were mechanically superimposed on the shot. — But here,

the softness was caused optically by the lens’ aberration.

= Those first 4 photos were taken by the homemade

single glass lens = nicknamed “Gaudy lens” .


Among my homemade lenses, this is the most useful,

easy to use lens.


You may say, the aberration of this lens is too much

though, this is what I wanted.   🙂



Above those two photos, you can see the type of

softness are very different.  = The photo above and

the following 3 photos were taken by  the modified

(front diverging lens was removed)

Tokina Wide-Converter.




Regardless the technical blur blur, all about

the photography (or any art) the matter is the

end result = if it is good, it’s good. 

Nothing else.   😀

(And when the result was the same, the cheaper

the cost is the better.)


Peach flower

1-Peach flower-A09A4901

—— (Photo above: taken by a homemade, so-called Gaudy Lens)

Peach flower is much more appreciated in China than in Japan.

In Chinese myth, the famous Shangrila was written as 桃源郷

which mean The place where the Peach Blooming. = (neither

Cherry nor Banana.)   The reason why Chinese value Peach more

than Cherry is, not only its juicy fruits but the color of flower is

more reddish.

The color Red mean prosperity and the longevity to the Chinese.

In a stark contrast, Cherry Blossom is the symbol of the ephemeral

life, even the death to the Japanese (in the Buddhists context.)  So,

Japanese appreciate its moment of the flower falling like a snow

storm, as well as when it was fully blooming.

2-Peach Flower-001

——- (Photo above Left : by Canon Fisheye Zoom 8~15mm —

——–Photo Right : Converging Lens from Tokina Wide converter.)

The reason why Chinese likes Red was originated from the vermilion.

Vermilion is the Mercury Oxide = deadly poison = therefore it is a

very effective preservative to the timber. So, the Chinese temple etc

has been painted with Red Vermilion = never rotten for thousand of

years.  So, Red Vermilion is the demonstration of the longevity !

And there was a fancy story of the Vermilion, whether it was a 

fabrication of the novelist or not, there said to be an Elixir of life made

from Vermilion, which was repeatedly oxidized and deoxidized 9 times,

called  九還丹 in China.  (If you found it in the Net, you may try ! )

3-Peach Flower-A09A4892

—— (Photo above : Converging Lens from Tokina)

To the Japanese, the appreciation of Peach flower was in its

association with the girl’s festival (桃の節句) on 3rd of March

other than that not much special feeling in the Japanese mind.

So that, other than in the fruits orchard in a country side,

we don’t see as many Peach trees like Cherry in town .

4-Peach Flower1-001

—— (Photo above : by converging Lens from Tokina

Wide Converter mounted on a Bellows = Photo right

= As the lens was mounted on a bellows, it can focus

from ∞ to 1/3 close-up)

Front element of the Diverging Lens has been used somewhere

else, and the left over converging element was used here.  😀

(You may amazed, how photography can be done in such a casual manner.)


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