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God — Who ?

Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Paradox by yoshizen on August 6, 2010

The trouble of the personified western God is, —–  (there are too many 😀  ) as he was personified,

he came under the logic and the rationality of the human being.   So, he can be questioned.

Who is the Mother of God ?   Or was he suddenly created out of nothing ?

If it was the case, who created him ?  Was there another God somewhere ?

And in that case, he doesn’t have a belly button ?  ( Therefore the first man created by him / Adam didn’t

have neither. )    If he didn’t have mother, thus without knowing how the conception occur and it is

essential to have male and female to copulate etc,  —– How he managed to create all the animals in pair

but forgot to create female human in the first place ?

——— so,  it remains in the myth,  and beyond the logic.

Then, poor Adam and Eve went out the Eden and raised a family ——–

The son of Adam and Eve married to each wives ——- What ?

Where those women came from ? ——– Or, are they actually the sisters ?   Married to sister ?

When fuck a sister is not a sin,  why bother eating apple ?


It is better to leave  mythical existence as an abstruct myth.   Man made story all ways break down.

Yet still,  such story was forced to believe  (hence it is the Dogma) and anyone contested it has been

severely surpressed,  such as Garileo (of cause he didn’t argue about the belly button,

it is the children’s joke)  his question was the slight wobble of the planets and why.

God is the power and the order of the universe and it is invisible.   Attempt to describe it by

a manmade words is the sign of disrespect.  We human can not see everything or able to know.



Human psyche is the complexed awkward animal.  It has too much pretense and the vague drive.

Pretense,  What ?  – – – – – because it is the posture of the idealized image,  not necessary the inherit nature.

——- though,  this is the foundation of the so-called  Spirituality.

And the vague drive  which may even came from the genetic memories are hard to define.

Still, it is not necessary a bad thing.

In my high school time, the talking shop of the left-wing activists ( of its milky junior rank ) concluded

the definition of the human as  ” a man aiming to become the human”. ( Here,  the Vector is the key )

This persistent aim and the tenacious effort is what makes a man as the human.

Actual direction may not necessary clear and it varied person to person,  so that this attempt include

its search as well.

Of cause,  the reason why we do need to search is,  as we are not born to be ——- its mean,  in nature

we are not human yet,  still if we abandon this attempt,  we will sink to the bottom of the stagnant water,

and we lose even a candidacy to be a human.

Even though we are not perfect yet,  the aim or hanger to achieve perfection is hidden in our nature.

Since this is the same Dharma which has given the vector to Mono-cell Organism in the primeval

sea to evolve ultimately to us,  the Mankind now.

Hence,  the aim or attempt and the effort to achieve the better is the Order of the Dharma.

———- and in the Buddhism,  this Drive / Vector is the very cause to attain one’s  Enlightenment

and ultimately  reach to the Nirvana.   And it is the reason why we need to practice, ——- the Drive

is there, but the one who actually work is the oneself.   Just born with Dharma is not enough.

( This continuous drive is the unique key factor of the Buddhism,  never seen in any other belief system

which tells a fixed Genesis story  ought to be believed )

Starting Point of BUDDHISM / Enlightenment

Well  well  well, this blog is coming to exactly the one year since its started.

So,  I should write something very fundamental.  This is the final piece of the jig-saw.


Unlike any another religion,  the Buddhism doesn’t have a myth or the story of the creation.

Since,  long before the existence of the human being,  long long before the arrival of Buddha,

the  Dharma  exist from the beginning.   Nobody know why. ( Ask scientists. They don’t know neither.    😀  )

As Buddha had absolute faith and the respect to the Dharma, he refused to give even his

interpretation of it, since it is unknowable to the human being and made up a story is

nothing but a disrespect and a treachery to the Creator / Dharma.

Therefore the Buddhism has to start from here “to unconditionally accept the one’s existence ( as he

or she ) as it is,  and  to see own existence as a part of  the Dharma”.

Therefore,  to give a person’s own  interpretation as a thought of the self, is nothing but an arrogant trespass.

Since,  the self is not definable by the person but only by the Dharma.


If anybody having an understanding,  that the Buddhism deny the self,  it is utterly wrong.

A person here is the Noble creation of the Dharma,  hence, try to give own interpretation or definition of it, is

a transgression,  therefore such thought has to be denied. ——– (Denying the thought of self,  not

the awareness of the self  itself) ——- In metaphor, ” Appear in person, not by a photograph ”

(a Copy or  Made up Description is not Yourself / its your wishful or distorted imagination)

The person’s  Imaginary Self  is a delusion,  its got to be in flesh as it was created and  it is keep changing.

So that,  to live as the True Yourself,  not as an imaginary fixed self,  is the key.

And this is the meaning of  ” To live in MUSHIN ” and  Just Do It,  Just Live.

So,  this is the starting point of the Buddhism,  and  its  goal.  ( Very simple and easy  isn’t it    😀  )

———- This is the reason,  why it is so simple and ubiquitous like as a dog sit,  but as difficult as

making the people puzzling  2500 years. ( People has been expecting to see glorious secret, Holy Grail   😀 )

As long as a person is puzzling, while expecting to find something over there,  it is not the Buddhism and

far away from the Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is within yourself——- as where the Dharma is.

And when the person abandoned such attempt and start to just live ——- is the Enlightenment.


But, to learn the way to accept and just do it, the person may need to practice repeating practice.

( I’ve fully explained its effect and the psychological mechanism in the past blog posts —–Please refer them )

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