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SUBCONSCIOUS again ? — is it a Face ?

Collection of images here are supposed to be a face, picked up by the Google Picasa Face-recognition

program.  Google is expecting us to make up a Web-album —– effectively  my own facebook.

Obviously Google want to tap-into the social-networking market therefore,  listing up the faces appeared

in my cyberspace —— then connecting the face to my Email etc by the name, to utilize their vast amount of

the information about my contacts, my interests, my search records, which they accumulated over the years.

So, Google can sell the AD ” Not just personally targeted, but also to their contacts / friends too ”

—— though, I’m not interested in that kind at all, yet still Google is keep scanning and making a face

collection without my permission ( I can’t remove this program —– do you know how ? ) while making

a number of mis-recognitions.—– So, I got an opportunity to collect ” False images”. 🙂

Some of those are looks like faces —– I can see too, though some are not at all, and puzzling how on earth

this image could be mistaken as a human face  / what made a computer to think this is ?


I don’t remember the detail of  whose report though, there was a psychologist’s experiment, which showed

even a few months old baby can react to the photographic image of such as a tiger, and came to a

conclusion that the human has genetic memory of dangerous predator. We do not expect that a small

baby has learned knowledge of tiger yet—– its mean the reaction has to came from instinct, in another word,

its visual memory / basis of reference information is in our subconsciousness.

——– Whether it was a Genetic memory, Proto-image or just a mistake, we are very responsive to

the image of the face. And the Face recognition program which the human possess, seems to be a

very old / primordial program in the Old Cortex, hence it can function even a time of newborn baby.


In this blog, you might thought, I am using the word ” Subconsciousness ” as if it is a magic keyword.

But how do we know, such invisible, therefore unaccountable memories and the process can be reliable,

let alone a myth of Dharma is there or not. (Please read “Mistake in Philosophy — Answer in Zen” together )

——- The reason why I picked up Google Picasa program was, —– at least it is a rigid visible

counter reference. — In comparison,we don’t remember how many times ever mistook an image as a face,

let alone to know what % of probability.   So, this program showed a counter sample of the case when the

recognition was done by an artificial intelligence / computer automatic pattern, face recognition without

having any cross-reference (such as a flow of logic ” If it is a face, where is the body —-> false or true ).

So that it would show the worst case as a bottom line <—- Human got to do the better.  🙂

So far, Google Picasa picked up about 40 false images of faces out of 50,000 facial photos ( plus, may be

twice as much number of the graphic images in the saved Net files)—— 0.08% ~ 0.03% of False rate.

Statistically negligible figure ? —– still, one mistake could change one’s life, therefore significant ?

This is a very rough science or one might say, it is not even a science at all though, this is a DIY  Zen Blog,

hence, I would say, it is convincing enough to conclude, human can sense and able to accumulate

quite accurate information of the surroundings / environment. (Even a machine can do with

negligible false rate, why not a human)

—– Are you bemused ?   But this is the situation in our mind.


Why Subconscious (1)

Posted in Buddhism, Selflessness, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on December 20, 2009

Many of you who have read some other posts here, may wondered Why I’m bothering

Subconscious so much ?

(1)  The first reason is;  Fundamentally the  Selflessness appeared when the incoming

signal of visual, sound, linguistic etc what ever, has not been connected to the emotion.

This brain activity is taking place, in deed, subconsciously.

And only in the Selfless state the one can see and communicate with the Dharma.

Therefore, to gain a control of this process, we need to access into our subconscious.


(2)  The second reason is;  If we need to control our Ego, Selfish-Self, Delusions etc,

which is hiding in our Emotion or primitive region of our brain, not to mention the troublesome

our instincts, we have to deal  with very subconscious.


(3)  The third reason is;  as all of our brain activities are carried out without our conscious.

We only know the end result when it was converted to the linguistic context (to the words) or

visual image or action of muscle etc, without even knowing how this result has been deduced ,

induced or inferred by the algorithm there( which all the attempt to simulate by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

had failed ) So that,  we can not discuss the matter while avoiding to touch the matters in subconscious.

On top of this, the basis of those process are relying on our accumulated knowledge, or

[ Data Bank ] (I discussed this in earliest post) which we gathered mostly unconsciously.

Even worse, some part of our  [ Data Bank ] seemed to contain even the Genetic Memories which we

inherit from remote ancestors, which we may only see under the heavy trans like state of the mind.

Trouble of those hidden file is, it quietly influence our perception, way of thinking  and the life itself.


Of cause, non of the Mantra said anything near to this kind of observation, because of it is not

visible and easy to explain, and anyway, the notion of subconscious was not exist in ancient time.

Still, the Buddhism  managed to control those matters in subconsciousness without knowing how its works.

So, it must be said, the one who discovered this phenomena, Buddha had really incredible insight.

He had seen the invisible phenomena which hadn’t have even the notion or the word to describe it.

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