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Google Horror (2)


Every week, Youtube is sending me the list of new viz.  

And what I received for 1st of May was REALLY interesting

and you should see them too.

(Note, Youtube is a part of Google)


Have look the screen capture here, and see what was

there on the bottom = “Recommended” = One left was

apparently the most dreadful kind of Porn viz,

“Copulation of a Girl and a Dog” and the one right

could be a Child Porn. Since I haven’t click them,

I don’t know what they are exactly.

And as my Broadband provider set a restriction for

adult contents, I don’t know what they are.

(To make a restriction lifted, it is necessary to

register with full name, DOB, Driving License Number

— though, I’m not such keen to give my ID for a sake

of somebody else’s sex viz at all — anyway,

I haven’t touch a woman since 1987.   😀 )


Here the most astonishing fact was, “Did Youtube allow

to show those, the most degrading dreadful kind of Porn”

— does Google got any sense of “What is normal or right

or wrong”? — does Google think those kind of things ARE

worth recommending,— in other words, in Google’s

standard, those Porn are morally acceptable and

worth recommend to others ?

— And why they recommended those to me ? ? ?  

What sort of imagination or idea made this

“Recommendation”—– Only a possibility I can think

of is, this must be a dirty conspiracy = a Trap against me

since I put an exposing blog accusing

Google Android dirty Apps.


= If I open those Porn, they record it as an evidence.

Or they could put those Porn Image/ File into my PC

—– then a Policeman knock the door.  

Or, is it the intimidation while implying “What would

happen next”. How do you think ?    

Did Google acquire filthy mind as dirty as “Animal F***” kind ?  

Or was that their default = hence they deluded others

must have the same taste and anxious to know

other’s privacy ! —– Here, the serious question IS,

Greedy and Filthy minded Google still expecting to receive

ANY respect from the society ? ? ?

— And the last question is, are they, actuary a person in

charge with, doing this ? — or automatic AI program is doing ?

= If it was done by AI, to develop a graphic pattern recognition

program to distinguish “Animal F***” and send it to me must

have a lots of work needed !

( Hasn’t Google got ANY better things to DO. ? ? ? )

—— Amazing isn’t it !



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