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Big Data — ? ? ?

Obviously, my electricity supplier is very keen to change my old electric meter to so-called smart meter,  though, unfortunate for them, even if the meter was changed, it doesn’t work because the user, me don’t use a smart phone.   In the age of the internet, everything, all the data seems to be connected and exchanged each other through Wifi.  (whether they were sold for the money, or hacked free or spread by mistake.)

The worst culprit is the Google = as they spy on our activity, from the words in the mail, or search record, or net browsing history. = So, they can send a precisely personally targeted AD.   = When my friend sent me a mail saying that he got 70s, then I get the ADs of cheap funeral director, cheap wheel chair, international flower service etc etc.   And, when I made a net shopping of old film camera or rechargeable battery once —– then thy seemed to sold my data to others = I started to receive the same kind of ADs again and again.   “I’ve bought the one already, I don’t need to buy the same again, can’t you understand ? ”    Still, the Googl’s advantage is too tempting and everybody want to get such Data-Power to sell.  So does, the window-10, even the Firefox want to know my phone number with a pretext of “to increase the security of the account” — no thanks.   For my personal data security, I never use my real name on the Net or to login my PC  (therefore, my mail or PC user name never match to my banking data or NHS data somewhere in the Net = useless to hackers) neither switch on the GPS kind of location data even on my camera, and made a setting “Don’t trace me”—– For some people, to feel “Somebody be with me” and find out “I am in” might be a joy though, I don’t feel like that at all. = leave me alone !

So, the electricity supplier got the idea to spy on me through the use of the electricity, and logging its data via smart phone.  (And sell the data to such as to Amazon — then Amazon can send me the ADs through the phone = That’s why, the Amazon is so keen to invest £25 in advance, while thinking, soon they can make more money out of me) —– its might work, provided if I got a smart phone.  😀  😀    But, I’m not fancy to be integrated into such Big Data.   I’m Out.


(Dirty) Battle on the Net

With a stereotypical crèche, we are implanted a myth that we are

bombarded by too much information in the net environment. 

And we can find ANY info’ by just clicking. 

—– DO you believe this ? —– As a matter of fact I did too.  

So, as my tablet as a mobile photo book, I’ve been explaining to

the new friends what I’m doing and told them “If you are

interested in, just read the blog itself.  And to find my blog, the

easiest way is just google < yoshi, Zappa> you can see this fish-eye

photo of Zappa and the links to my blog on top of the google page”

= So far it was a good instruction — I thought till few weeks ago. 

Then I met the same man and he said “I couldn’t find your blog”

— ? ? ?   = We realized that, (as he was using a browser  MS’s

Internet Explorer and its search engine Bing) on IE  the information

related to Google were completely missing

= On Bing, you can NOT find any WordPress blog, such as a search

term, not only <yoshi, Zappa> even <yoshizen blog> NO information

of my blog coming up there at all. (even after 10th pages)

Since I don’t like bullying MS (with their monopoly), I’ve been using

Fire Fox from the start, therefore I was not aware this trouble. 

(You can test this easily = You see the Search box in the Tool Bar 

on top of screen.   When you move the Arrow there, The choice of 

Search Engine, Yahoo, Bing etc will appears = Try each of them

with the Same Search Term)  

Obviously, MS is so desperate when facing their fortune is

slipping away = try to destruct Google in any mean.

(They haven’t reached the Point “If you can’t beat, join them” yet.)

It’s an ugly battle going on.

(Incidentally, I found that to search through the browser Opera was

not recognized by the WordPress = the count of the reading of the post

was not appeared to the WP statistics. — I have no idea why.

= I noticed this, when a man told me that he has read through all the

“Photography post” which got enormous number — still, nothing

appeared on the WP stats count.    Then I found he was using Opera.)

(Later, I tested the Opera my self while downloading it to my PC and

found = its depend on the condition when it was downloaded = sometime

work, other time not — try download again and check the function)

= It seems, strange battle is also going on behind the scene.  😀

(There must be the heavy negotiation of license, money etc etc) 


Google Horror (2)


Every week, Youtube is sending me the list of new viz.  

And what I received for 1st of May was REALLY interesting

and you should see them too.

(Note, Youtube is a part of Google)


Have look the screen capture here, and see what was

there on the bottom = “Recommended” = One left was

apparently the most dreadful kind of Porn viz,

“Copulation of a Girl and a Dog” and the one right

could be a Child Porn. Since I haven’t click them,

I don’t know what they are exactly.

And as my Broadband provider set a restriction for

adult contents, I don’t know what they are.

(To make a restriction lifted, it is necessary to

register with full name, DOB, Driving License Number

— though, I’m not such keen to give my ID for a sake

of somebody else’s sex viz at all — anyway,

I haven’t touch a woman since 1987.   😀 )


Here the most astonishing fact was, “Did Youtube allow

to show those, the most degrading dreadful kind of Porn”

— does Google got any sense of “What is normal or right

or wrong”? — does Google think those kind of things ARE

worth recommending,— in other words, in Google’s

standard, those Porn are morally acceptable and

worth recommend to others ?

— And why they recommended those to me ? ? ?  

What sort of imagination or idea made this

“Recommendation”—– Only a possibility I can think

of is, this must be a dirty conspiracy = a Trap against me

since I put an exposing blog accusing

Google Android dirty Apps.


= If I open those Porn, they record it as an evidence.

Or they could put those Porn Image/ File into my PC

—– then a Policeman knock the door.  

Or, is it the intimidation while implying “What would

happen next”. How do you think ?    

Did Google acquire filthy mind as dirty as “Animal F***” kind ?  

Or was that their default = hence they deluded others

must have the same taste and anxious to know

other’s privacy ! —– Here, the serious question IS,

Greedy and Filthy minded Google still expecting to receive

ANY respect from the society ? ? ?

— And the last question is, are they, actuary a person in

charge with, doing this ? — or automatic AI program is doing ?

= If it was done by AI, to develop a graphic pattern recognition

program to distinguish “Animal F***” and send it to me must

have a lots of work needed !

( Hasn’t Google got ANY better things to DO. ? ? ? )

—— Amazing isn’t it !



Google Horror


I’ve been using Android Tab let as a mobile photo book

to show others the photos of this blog, such as

” Modify the lens. and its Optical effect” which is easy

to show but almost impossible to verbally explain.

— With security precaution, I registered my device in

different name and to have different Mail address. 

With obvious false name, no hacking, no virus ever come

here, neither Google/Android gave a sit =  no possibility

to make money out of this address = hence it’s been quiet

untill few days ago, when I  needed to read my mail out

 London, using my tablet.

2-A09A5365= suddenly the usage rocketed up.

Frantic activity toward my Email

account, address list etc etc.

Those so-called APP is not what

I wanted, neither installed by me.

Still, Google says “You agree to

our policy” though, what they 

says the policy is nothing but an

outrageous extortion.

We might have compromised to see

some AD on the side, but never agree to

give a permission to spy all the mail, and all of our

movement. — (You know, your secret naughty USB

dongle would no longer be secret = could even be

reported to the Police.  Be careful !)

You can see what they says –> go to Settings –> then to Apps


Hungout APP


Horrifying isn’t it !   Are they insane ?  Ever had common

sense ?  — I try to uninstall the App, deactivate, and

empty the data without success — while I was working,

instead to succeed removing those Spyware, the address list

“Contact” was disappeared !  = (Tit for tat)


Very  very  Funny.  😀

Google has been making a friendly face and try to appeal with some

amazing invention etc —– though, that IS their cover-up mask.

 And those Apps are their real intention.    Using their internet

 dominance which can reach any corner and the well-developed

AI system to aautomatically read (even read the image) and spy

= they are going deeper into our private life,— for making

more profit !    But they’ve gone too far !

— A remedy or a measure against such situation is = Instead

of Android, use Linux, or to have a small MS device registered

with funny or useless name and use it to connect to the Net = 

It would be enough for mailing, watching YouTube, small

download.  Use other PC which is not connected to the Net, for

heavy work (design, compiling, analysing etc) in business,

Industrial use.   Address list shouldn’t be kept in that satellite

device = type one by one each time = it would be a life in the

stone-age though this IS the safer way to keep one’s life

in peace.  (I don’t think I’m a paranoid —– I just don’t

like a big cooperates arrogance)

A09A5523Then the real horror started = As those APPs automatically

checking the activity, mail contents etc, etc, and keep

updating, the data traffic become enormous.  

Past 4~5 years, my use of Net (read news, mail and blog)

needed only up to 3Gb/month but with Android APPs,

the data traffic swelled to 3~4 times. = This is yet another

Extortion / Highway Robbery isn’t it ? !


***** A remedy / evading action I found was, 

1) Re-start (Format) the Device by Pressing start button

over a Minuit.  Then pretend to start as normal =

2) While ignoring “Their request to Authenticate“, 

3) Press “All menu button (6 Dots in a circle)

4) and go to where ever you want to do = such as

Google Search of the Blog and read it 0r take

pictures etc etc.

5) Where ever, when ever they ask you to Register,

Give your profile = Just IGNORE all of them.

(In the settings, USER = leave the user as Owner,

don’t touch it.  (Without Register,  or ignoring what

ever they asked, the Device works perfect !)

6) Biggest disadvantage was= can’t use Email other

than use in a false new account.

— With those operations, the Device was regarded

as an orphan and become out of their target =

NO download of their App hence no update =

the usage become purely what was used.






Cyber Space / Twitter

It’s a funny situation, somebody an expert of IT made a practical joke and created

hundreds of my Twitter accounts (all under Yoshizen’s name but different account code and

pass-word which I don’t know hence I can’t access or Tweet back) and sent-out automatic

“Following you” click to thousands of Twitter user, thence thousand of Twitterers followed

back (me) = Hence, I’m receiving “The person is following you” automatic notice. Everything is

run automatic (programmed) = completely out of my hand and out of my concern. ( the person

seemed to have tested his “Net promotion program” me as a guinea-pig :-D)


Even funnier is, it seems tens of Twitterer are sending direct message “ This person is saying

dreadful things about you” kind, expecting me to click back their link though, I’m a Zennist.

I don’t give a damn to those = If anybody really saying anything dreadful, let the person say.

And most likely no such things could ever happen, because very few people know who really I am

hence not a kind of dreadful real story could ever be created.

If a funny picture of me has been uploaded, let it be there = make others smile is good

things, but I don’t need to give a glance at all.  —– In fact, I made a setting of

my Email  [***  has sent you direct message]  is automatically goes into trash.


This is the syber space / false environment = Everything is just a stream (in fact, compact packet)

of electronic pulses.   And how true its information is = Who knows.

And this is why, everybody just saying “How nice” and others are reply the same almost

automatically. = Scratch the back and others will scratch your back automatically = hence, making

up the number of followers, hit, so-called friends automatically high. = Nothing is serious.


Among the animal, Mankind is only a creature having a false environment.

Thanks (goodness) to have huge memory bank in our (semi-artificially) enlarged brain, we can

accumulate huge past patterns. And with the algorithm we figure out to forecast future or other’s

response based on the information from the memory bank. = in other words, we are living in the

false environment based upon a speculation. = imaginary sphere.

Seeing the number of [followers] or so-called [friends], thousand of it may make the person feel

happy = congratulation.

Since we have the said [imaginary sphere] include the image of oneself, we are very very

self conscious, we are very conscious about what others are saying or seeing you.

Because of we have no confidence of the [imagined Self] —– whether it is true

or illusion = we need to know the proof from others.

This is almost an obsession between the Ego and the fear of failure.

(Though, it exclude Zennist = Zennist has no Emotional Attachment to the SELF,

not mention the self-conscious to pay attention what others say about “ME”

= Zennist doesn’t have imaginary sphere).


With those reason I don’t have an account of Face*** something or Twitter (myself) in fact

any of so-called SNS. —– (though, I had to make Google+ account when I found I couldn’t send

Email with attachment any more, —– I couldn’t solve the problem with any change of setting

= I thought “may be Google is harassing me, because I don’t use real name, location etc”

= I needed to try please Google though, I’m not doing anything there since then. 😦 and 😀 )


I wonder, how others is living with Twitter = is it useful or made you any happier 😀

(Isn’t your happy feeling = false ? —– Think deep)

—– Because of its ease of communication, Net is giving you a false impression that

you are in the circle though, in fact, in real term, it is making the people

more and more isolated. (and made a person immobile and obese  😀 ) 

—– think deeper.


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SEXUAL Conotation

It is a funny paradox. I always amazed to find that the search term and its wording which end up

here having many sexual connotations.   Its mean I’ve been giving so much disappointment to

those who is expected to find somewhat erotic content here.   Sorry folks   😀

It was not in my intention or tactics to attract the readers but my careless choice of the subjects.

(For instance, when I used the term [xxxx Do] it supposed to mean such as Kendo, Judo, etc.

in general. As I was not familiar with X-rated film kind, I was not aware — to other’s eyes, it can

be construed as “about Do XXX act” Ha ha ha, very funny. 😀 —– my ignorance but too late)


In 1987, when I heard very first news of the new disease from San Francisco which is now known

to be the AIDS,  I noticed that the sexual relation is no longer safe.

And it was the same time when my court case which related to a woman’s exploitation of

immigration loop-hole was started.

(A woman deported from here, fraudulently registered the marriage in Japan using my name

without my knowledge.   The woman admitted that she did it by an instruction of employer, though

the High Court Judge made it valid and granted her quick divorce for her to escape deportation to

Japan where the Police was alerted.  Naturally,  the case was brought up to the Court of Appeal.

Because of the case was too obvious fraud, the President of the High Court came out to suppress the

matter saying “no need to go into the evidence”—– since the evidence in the transcript says

“Marriage is Void” —– He couldn’t go into the EVIDENCE ) —– ( From this evidence, how

High Court Judge Dobly made the marriage valid, reflect the situation in the English justice)

I just gave up any relation.  Woman is nothing but the trouble.

So that the file in my brain to deal with woman was deleted.

The woman became just a part of a landscape, hence its sexual connotation disappeared.

Existence of Genitals doesn’t mean sex —– its sexual connotation is all in the mind.

( of which I’ve been calling  [ OBSESSION ] —– which can be erased )


Anyhow, court case consume a lots of time and a money. Especially in my case, to proceed it myself

as Litigant in Person (without Lawyer, while studying English Law overnight) was hard.

I was simply fallen into the situation,  not able to spare the time or money to a woman.

It was totally out of question.


Of cause the knowledge was still there and able to see or hear what woman says, though it doesn’t

connect to my EMOTION  hence the so-called female sexuality or their sex appeal stop to

appeal to my mind —– they became the matter of  foreign land or different universe.

A funny side effect (?) was, as the receptacle to read sexual context in my mind has been deleted,  I lost

a capability to see the innuendo or meaning of suggestive approach or its signal. (So that, in many

cases, after long time, I suddenly became aware “I see,  she wanted to sleep with me” 😀 )


As a matter of fact, even myself was amazed to see the change of my own perception. And it

made me realize, this must be the condition of mind what the Zen Buddhism is talking about.

Then I gave a thought. Read the books I brought from Japan etc. etc. —– it was an epoch in my

quest to the Zen.   If the mind can be controlled in this way,  in reverse this must be the way to control

the mind in general. (If even a so-called imperative instinct could be negated and completely

disappeared, there can not be any difficulty to control the mind )


Since then somewhat strange 23 years past —– but, it seems it was seen by others even more strange.

Most of all, be in the Club every weekend, seemed to give an impossible puzzle to others.   😀

I was there to perfect my body movement (others call it dancing) nothing else. Though, even a

club owner, manager seemed not able to understand what is the purpose for.   As a matter of fact, I had

the indispensable opportunities to observe the Skinner Box of male-female behaviour ! ! !   😀

And seeing hundred of almost naked young girls shaking their ass every weekend for (just with the

Fridge Club in Brixton — almost 6 years) so many years, I’ve accumulated a collation of body shape, facial

expression and her dancing style and the character —– how to behave, and so on.

But never dance or even talk with them (and never drink alcohol) created funny myth —– such as,

I was the real owner or under-cover detective etc. —– The worst was mistaken as a gay (for their mind,

“if not interested in woman it must be a gay” then start sexual act straight on the spot, hugging from

behind or touch the body while wearing only kinky strings, etc. —– I respect their right to be a gay.

But I have exact the same right not to be sexually harassed by them —– do what you like but

don’t count me in) —– yet still, those facts enforced my view even stronger—-> not all the gay

person was born to be a gay, but became gay by their choice, its mean a drive came from

their thinking = mind-set can change even an inherent, imperative instinct.


To accumulate too much data makes a person insensitive. —– nothing would surprise nor excite.

And having so much data (about woman) made me too casual, or there is no romantic sanctuary left.

So that I might have lost the usual sense to handle the matter with kid gloves, hence I might be

giving an impression to have lots of sexual talk. (Certain extent, it is true 😀 —– when the subject

having no significance to place in the sanctuary, it became just one hilarious subject among the others)

Hence, I just have no boundary or prohibition.


And the reason why I created so many female nude figure was, simply it is easier. —– it is much

more cumbersome to make a dressed figure, using such as wire or metal panel. And if you put big

boobs it became female nude. In comparison, to show the male figure as male, needs to show more

complexed muscles etc. which is harder for the simple material. (Strangely, my Buddha stature has

no muscle, just the bones —– still nobody thought he is no other than Buddha    🙂 )


If you happen to be an unsuspecting,  misguided reader, who unfortunately end up here,

it was mainly caused by the Google’s key-word program —- they literally, pick up a word out of context.

Still, I hope, you had unexpected fun while reading this.     Ha ha ha 😀


YOU are a part of the DHARMA

The people who is thinking to know or believing the Buddhism, might be believing that

Shakya muni Buddha started the teaching of The Dharma.

You are wrong.


The Dharma exist from the beginning of the time and the space. —-or even before that and

may triggered the creation of this world itself.

And the notion of the Dharma has been existing thousands of years before Buddha.

In fact, an ancient word Dharma is a headache of the scholars and the translators alike, as its contains

so many meanings.   All the existences is the Dharma, and the Rules among those existences is the Dharma.

And the Rules and the Law are also the Dharma. —– it’s suggesting it was the long-established philosophy

to see the world, visible and invisible, the existing world is an entwined system of the existences and

the relations and the rules between them.   It was derived from the basic attitude to see the things not

just as a material but to understand them in a spiritual context.  Typical in the Eastern Philosophy.

It is more akin to the general theory of the Universe which can define from the sub-particles

to the life-cycle of the stars and the universe.

What Buddha found was mainly the relation and the rules between Man and the Dharma.

But as the Dharma itself is the Rules, what he taught was the way to see and follow its rules in the Dharma.

And taught his followers, to follow and live according to the Dharma, it is the way to attain the Nirvana.


As everybody born with the Dharma within ( of cause, since we are a part of the Dharma ) every body

should able to see and easy to follow it. ( provided, to see it with clear eyes and the mind. 🙂 )

So that, Buddha ordered his disciples to see and think it by themselves —– not believing what others

said or written.

—– Why, the reason was?  Because, the Dharma is invisible and deep inside of each person’s

subconscious, only a fully opened mind, without any disturbance of the thought in the mind

can see it. Listening, reading somebody else’s words need to think the meaning —– utterly opposite of

what Buddha taught.   Of cause, no-one can write down and listing up what the requirement of the Dharma.

No human being is above the Dharma.

Even Buddha followed the Dharma and accepted his Nirvana.


As everybody is a part of the Dharma, everybody is connected each other and to the natures.

As if you feel the pain of the injured hand in your whole body,  the pain and the agony of the victims

in Sendai hit the other people,  even a Yakuza in Osaka,  and made him to drive a truck to deliver the

relief goods to the victims.  It was his spontaneous actions and nobody needed to persuade him to do.

Thousand of volunteers like him are helping the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and evacuees of the

destroyed nuclear plant,  simply because the compassion in their subconscious,  which is no

other than the Dharma, has driven them.

Some volunteers may be the Buddhists or other persuasions but not necessary all of them.

Its mean,  the humanistic compassion is not a monopoly of the Buddhism nor any religion,  but

the Dharma and its virtues are the common among the all the human being.

Buddha pointed out this fact, and taught the way to see and listen it,  since he noticed the

mechanism and the tendency of the Rules in the Dharma,  by his insight while in Mushin.

What makes the Buddha’s teaching unique was,  that he found an active process to reach the

Dharma by sharpening one’s perception by the practice.  The practice to silence the useless noise,

the one’s thinking which is masking the Dharma.


Fundamentally the Dharma is Selfless as it is,  say the Universal Soul,  the Rules of

the Universe,  it doesn’t belong to or favour any individual.

And its Rules are for the continuation of the Universe,  not necessary for a single individual.

Therefore, to see and listen what the Dharma is aiming, the one has to silence his own projection.

In other words, the one has to know he himself is not a single entity, only a part of the Dharma.

In metaphor, there is no such things of the sovereign independence of the Nation of the Self.

Strangely you might think, giving up the independence can bring much more benefit to a  nation.

( Don’t fooled by a silly sample of a farce in the European Community and the troubled  Greece and the

Portugal etc,   EC is not the Dharma.    Ha ha ha  😀 )

Of cause, the power of the Dharma and its aim of continuity is far grater than an individual.   😀

Its power ratio is the infinitum against virtually nil.   Better forsake useless own thinking and let the

Dharma to decide —– this is what Buddhists calls the Selfless-Life  or  Life in Mushin.

In another metaphor,  the Cloud Computing has more power than the set of program in an individual

PC. ( —– though, I don’t like the idea of Cloud itself,  since Google is not the selfless Dharma.

There is no such things like free lunch.  Think while using free Google,  what we gave up to them ?

To them we are completely naked. What we are interested in, what we are searching, what we are

talking with my friend etc etc and made ourself to just a target of the  advertisement )


Once the individual thinkings were cleared off,  one’s subconscious,  and the Dharma which

has been masked underneath will prevail.

And it allow a person to react instantly without the hindrance of time-wasting thinking or

useless consideration of Ego.

This is what the Zen Buddhism is doing and what you can achieve with it.


CYBER SPACE — (and Z80 mini-computer)

It is 25 years  since  Dot Com was first created,  and 20 years since  WWW  was invented.

One of my old colleague,  Camera Critics,  Kazuo Taira  was one of the pioneer of the PC networking, using

acoustic telephone modem and he organized the Photographer’s Computer Network in Japan.

It’s shame Mr.Taira  is no longer with us.  Unfortunately  we in the creative field tend to lose the friends who

tend to be a heavy drinker.  ( Do you know,  the average life-span of Rock musicians are 38 something,

of cause it may not caused by the alcohol alone )

And since then, our lives are more and more entwined with the Computer and the Internet.

Nearly 20 years ago,  I made a small computer using Z80 CPU,

designed from the scratch.  ( Left  Photo)

( I would say, it’s a half sculpture, half computer )

Its operates on only 10 MHz clock speed and having 512 Kb memory,

which needs to be programmed by Machine Code.

—– In electronics, to design and to build is one thing and

to make it works is the another.

Eliminate all the glitches and instability etc etc are the hard part.

—– As the definition,  computer operates on the data in the

memory,  once the memory was corrupted,  it needs to re-program from the start.

( It was the time of  UV erasable  memory,  before easy to re-program  Flash-memory )

After this experience,  I became a computer skeptic ” Computer can make mistakes ” hence, even now

I don’t use Credit Card and I rather like to use hard-wired design,  not soft control.

In this reason, I honestly admire the person who can design and manufacture a  10 GHz device which works

in any environment  reliably.


In another side of the revolution,  the Internet is becoming almost a monster, and the Necessary Evil.

Since  I  started to use Email,  I wrote very few letters  which  needed to be a signed evidence.

—– The trouble of Net is their intrusive activities.  As everybody knows,  Google / Gmail is

watching our use of web and the contents of communications word by word. ( Cookies, hidden files etc)

When I heard about  Facebook,  I instantly felt their dubious nature  ” Why do they need to have so much

detailed personal information ? “—– obviously they are  the salable commodities.

Without having such profitable return,  what is the point to provide free service.

Personal info’ used to be sold to the marketing / direct mail company before.  Now the Internet provider,

social networking site are the Marketing/ Advertising/ Direct-mailing/ Delivery Service  All-in-one.

(When  I got an Email from one of our Old-boy telling, he has reached to the grand age, the Ads on right hand

column are all cheap Funeral service and the international flower delivery — Great, thank you very much :-D)

So that from the beginnings I didn’t use my real name to open Email account, and never sign up the

Website which asks Date of Birth.  ( Still, now Yahoo knows my DOB, obviously from the content of

the mail between me and my friend. )

With full name and the DOB, the one can hack-in and get the information of National Health, and

together with the Address,  it is possible to access the Banking information.


To live in peace, we have to be aware ” We are in the battle field ” which the Buddhists call  Samsara.

With technology and the Internet,  we opened the Pandora’s Box.   It’s a funny situation, as in the Informations

we are becoming almost naked,  in the same time our contact itself becoming even more indirect.

Just by  the chain of characters on the screen, a 30 years guy pretending as a 15 years old boy,  chatting

with a 40 years woman who pretending 13 years old girl. —– Yuck,  how  beautiful,   😀


Zen  rely on the Direct Transmission,  still what I’ve been trying here, is the triple, quadruple indirect

communications.  In order to type, I converted my feeling to the lingual form, and express it in the

bloody English, which typed chain of ASCII code traveled through unknown node here and there and

end up —– how do I know where.

As I thought,  I never met Buddha himself,  or  I have any idea , how many times the Mantra was translated

or re-written,  and  2500 years apart, someone try to reach the same conclusion as Buddha,

( in the point of indirectness, this is the far-most remote situation )

still, if its works,  a talk to others through  Internet may works too.

Thats what I’m thinking.


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