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1085th Post or yet another 8150

I noticed that on this blog, I published  1085 posts.  And this very  1085th post was that Southwark trouble, which went up to the Ombudsman. —– As a matter of fact, this IS the second time me to deal with Ombudsman.   On the time of the first occasion, the issue was potentially I could send the MP to impeachment.   One local politician who helped me to configure the complaint half the way, suddenly became aware of the grave implication, then dropped off the support while saying Oh, I don’t have time. —– Funnily enough it was the very moment this politician and the Party lost their political fortune.  So, the party lost local election, and that politician lost the seat too and never able to come back.  (It took another ten years for this party to regain the power in Southwark.) 

Why 1085th was so much the matter, you may say. = This IS yet another strange phenomena of 8150 jinx.  It IS a kind of omen and the intervention of the fate (what Buddhists call Karma) which is telling me the significance of THE MATTER.  It could be a warning of a risk or a notice of their support.   Since I received this sign, I’ve been dealing with this current Southwark trouble with utmost heaviest priority and the caution.  So that, while dealing with the matter, I could find the crucial information or the evidences as if it was placed there for me to use.  (So the sound recording of the visitor’s words has been kept.)   In the other hand, if something became too difficult to access, such as Mail Daemon started to say “Couldn’t find the address” = such coincident was in fact a message “Don’t go there”.    Or, other side manage to make own mistake and blow up the scandal ( = such as demonstrated the Hacking and managed to perform the Extortion.)  —– (In the past, I found quite few people who has been implicated, suddenly died, such as Paul Foot etc.= Sound dubious though, as it has happened, it must be the proof of what the person did = the consequence of cause and the effect = So, I’m pretty thrilled, who come next ? —– I’m not playing with Karma, I just watch and analyzing how it works. )

———— There are many strange stories in the following “Related Post” or among the  collection of “8150 Story” in the right column category. —– (In principal, unlike Tantra sect, I don’t believe the super natural phenomena in the Buddhism, yet still, I was said to be borne under the protection of the Fire God (hence I don’t get ill neither meet any accident, so does the 8150 follow me), though, I don’t have a power to make share price up or pretty girl drop her pants ( = how shame = when I made this joke, one of my friend said to me that I was a luckiest man because I’ve been avoiding the worst possible trouble in our life in its first place —– though, Mahayana says, that the trouble itself IS a part of our Life) = power of Zen or Buddhism only works when we have absolutely no mind / no thinking / no intention while doing the work in due in our life.)


Hacking Business

Hucking to my Blog(1)323-001

There was an interesting incident targeted to this Yoshizen Blog.

Soon after I’ve put my last post [Three times BUDDHA] somebody

hacked into my account and try to tamper my text.

As always  🙂 when I found a miss-spelling and try to edit my text,

WordPress’ Auto-save told me that there was an auto-saved

another version exists.

Looking into the script, I noticed that somebody had attempted

to delete a part of my text as you can see on the screen shot.

The target was a paragraph “to fabricate so many so-called Buddha

in Mahayana Buddhism”

Hucking to my Blog(2)322-001

Lord Buddha has used the words such as [Land Deity] [Moon Deity]

kind of name (may be for a convenience in the conversation) though,

never used such as a Sanskrit Deity, Brahman, because of the only

who, who rules whole universe is the Dharma, nothing else.

And the Dharma was not personified. = It is invisible yet spread

whole universe, down to the inside of ourselves.

That was what he believed and taught. — So, he got angry when a

Disciple couldn’t get correct understanding of the Dharma, saying

“It’s a disgrace to the Dharma” = he was quite serious.

Therefore, under the name of Buddhism, to creates another object

of worship other than the Dharma, especially importing its

figure from Hinduism is nothing but a contempt of

Lord Buddha and the Dharma.


Hacking into well protected WordPress Blog is a serious business.

I wouldn’t assume it was done by a whim of silly individual = got

to be a professional, hired by the organization.

So, who was the one came through a gap of floor board like a

cockroach, instead to put a counter opinion through the front door ?

Is this a mind-set of the organisation or the sect ? — Blime !


My blog is open for anybody to put a comment or two (though, any

spam which is other than a genuine comment has been completely

rejected —– except few exception, who got an interesting family

business to advertise. 🙂 ) hence, if anybody got different view,

to express its view as a comment is welcome, but don’t use

dirty hacking. —– It doesn’t work as the original was

composed on Word, re-load the same can be done in 10 min’.  🙂

And it’s counter productive to the hacker, because it would only create

another funny post like this, and that’s why my blog got 127,000 hits.

—– though, I know, quite few of hits were mislead by a search term

“xxx nude figure” kind, and end-up to see wire sculpture here. 😀



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