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8150 — Ha-I-Go-Rey 背後霊(?) again!


To renew my passport, I went to the Japanese Consulate and

obtained an application form. — M m m  m !   Gosh, 8150 again.

This number is like Big Brother, where ever I go, it’s follows me,

or stalks me. =  It might be Guardian Angel

or the Guardian Spirit Behind as the word Haigorey mean.

Maybe, that’s why I don’t get ill or accident.

But, I couldn’t see a point for this = why for this time, what for ?

My Guardian may telling me “Be careful with this business” or 

gave me an alert “It would have a heavy implication”.

Otherwise  just reminded me “I’m still here, watching you”.

(Expecting to give me a piece of mind — or irritation  ? ? ? )

—– the Consulate’s staff just picked a form and gave it to me =

so the serial number happen to be 518A6  must be purely random.

— Still the Question or problem is, why always this number comes ?

Who choreographed those coincidences = who is “WHO”  Is it the

Karma or the Heaven/Dharma. ( —– otherwise, who could able to

foresee where I go next or what I pick-up next.)

— It’s definitely there, such as this IS actuary happening.   Same as

the existence of Gravity.  You can see it exists but nobody know WHY ?

Or is it still in my imagination ? = See, what happen next.

(So far nothing serious happened to myself (= nothing mean

good news ) but in somewhere, without me seeing (I noticed it

much later), such as someone was bankrupted or suddenly died

though whether it was because of the trouble with me or was it

just their own fate — I could only speculate.)  Anyway, I can’t test

it — What IF the course was different. = If the man didn’t betrayed

me, could he still be alive?   Or he died anyway with his own fate ?

Life is only once = never able to repeat it in different way.

And when mistake was made, has to pick-up its fruits. = no escape.

This is what the Cause and the Consequence really mean.

And, I don’t know how to ask “Stop 8150” to the Karma !

(So, I can’t test without it’s intervention = IF not —)

I’m doing what I need to do — and the Karma might be just

removing the obstacle on my pathway.    I should be Grateful,

Lord Buddha IS walking with me. ( — I dare say. If I may.)


1-A09A4100PS : You might think it is a

very special heavy occurrence

though, in fact it is casually

happening almost everyday.

Photo left was a number on the

letter I received few days ago.

1-A09A4213PPS : Now I became aware why there was a warning on the passport

business = it seems heckle a lot of trouble ahead = to receive my family

registration certificate from Japan, there is no way to send its fee,

because the International Reply Coupon is no longer available in UK.

— still,they insists it is the only mean we have to use.

— how can we ?    It’s no longer exists here.

So, I needed to make a lots of Email exchange with Japanese officials 

of which even a received time of the Email was 0815 !   😦



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