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Multi layered Cherry – X6 Lenses(?)

Mag Lens

Multi layered Cherry (Yae-zakura) started to flower.  Here is a collection of the photos taken by 6 different homemade Lenses / Pinholes.

Sony 30 mm Macro

Gaudy Lens

Gaudy Lens

Sony 30 mm Macro

Mag Lens

Sony 30 mm Macro

Gaudy Lens

Mono Pinhole

DD Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

X4 Pinhole

Sony 30mm Macro

You must be convinced that how dry the images of “So called Good Lens”.  Still, you may not to have any choice but to go with the “Good Lens” other than just wet the lens with your spit.   😀   (Don’t worry, it’s not a serious matter at all.)



Garden Flowers @ Greenwich Park

Greenwich Pk-01-A09A2098-001

Lots of flowers from the Greenwich Park. (They were taken by the Homemade

Two Element Lens and the Homemade Gaudy Lens on Canon 5D Mk-III.)

Greenwich Pk-02-A09A2099

Greenwich Pk-03-A09A2108

Greenwich Pk-04-A09A2118

Greenwich Pk-05-A09A2115

Greenwich Pk-06-A09A2100

Greenwich Pk-07-A09A2131

Don’t see this as a botanical picture.  (If this one was for botanical use, it must be a

nightmare for the photographer = may be even beyond the  Hi Dynamic Range process.)

= So, see this as an abstract painting. —– black petunia kind and the white one.  

After green and the blue Chrysanthemum was created, next by next, rather fancy

colored flower has been appearing in the market.  

Another day, I saw an almost perfect black Tulip —– and started wondering, if the

flower industry managed to crack the genetic-code of black color or found the

chemical to tint the flower.  In either way, it is a very very uncomfortable situation. 

Greenwich Pk-08-A09A2112

Greenwich Pk-09-A09A2120

Greenwich Pk-10-A09A2121

Greenwich Pk-11-A09A2117

Greenwich Pk-12-Hydrangea G'nich-001

They are extra = I found a huge Tulip Tree in the park. = I may need to visit

again to see its ancient flower !

And realized, in fact there are lots of Chestnut tree = better come again

on October to pick the nuts.  🙂

Greenwich Pk-13-A09A2137

It was a very hot day —– still some people like to enjoy the sun.


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