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LED Macro Light

Such as 110 Instamatic Macro, when the magnification became larger, the focusing become increasingly difficult = simply its became too dark. Flashlight wouldn’t help focusing. —– So, I made a LED Macro Light for Instamatic Macro lens.

In fact, I made many LED Ring Light before and this one is so far the smallest of all.

The first one I made was not satisfactry and I needed to make another. (You may think that the LED has no problem of heat, but the LED’s efficiency to convert the electricity to light is only 40%, its mean, rest of elecricity all goes to the heat = LED is a 60% heat generator. With over current and the over heat, LED detriorate very quick = heat management is the key point of the design to use LED)

Photo left a LED, the left hand side is Kathode (-) why it is big was to disperse the heat. And the photo middle was the LED macro light which I made this time = its (-) side all together soldered to a center brass ring to disperse the heat.

Light distribution seemed OK (photo right). Though, the image of ring light is all ways boring. (Still, we can improvise them = such as to cover the one side LED using black-tape, etc.)


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