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Fruits – X-lens comparison

Gaudy Lens

Yet another lens comparison of the homemade (and Sony) lenses / Pinhole.  (The link to each lens can be found in the “Related” post “Lens Comparison”)

Sony 30 mm Macro

By the way, this strawberry seemed to come from Spain in its original package — and not only looks gorgeous but also seemingly keeping pretty long shelf life.  BUT almost tasteless !  (Low suger level may keep long life.) —– We buy them with its looks, then become AWARE the taste after. = So, the growers succeeded to create “GOOD product” = good to sell.   A costumer who bought strawberry on a street market never come to Spain and complain to a farmer.


X4 Pinholes

DD Pinhole B

Gaudy Lens

Left = Sony 30mm Macro Lens, Right = Mag Lens

Close shot by Mag Lens

I’m not implying that the “Good lens” as a good-looking tasteless fruits. —– I’m after good taste = its typical fruity and well matured sweetness.  Otherwise, why we need to by fruits.


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Sweet images

Well, they were yet another template like photos — fuzzy cherry flowers, this time created by the homemade Mag-Lens.  

Don’t worry it wouldn’t cause any infringement of the copyright law.    😀

It supposed to make fragile flowers even more soft though, strangely, it made flowers looks somewhat like a ceramic craft.  —– ?      Are my eyes got something wrong ?


Flower flower = x3 Lenses

Suddenly many flowers started to open. (The above seems to be a Plum flowers) — So, I’m capturing them with a lots of lenses (?) — above, by Sony E 3.5 30mm Macro.

This is rather early though, Somei-yoshino Cherry by Sony lens.

And this year again, the early Magnolia by Sony lens.

The same flower by homemade Mag-lens.

Yet another shot by the Double-density Pinhole.

The same flower by the same DD-Pinhole but with LED lighting.

Cherry flowers by Sony Macro lens = straight shot.

Then by the Mag-lens.

A bit too messy though, by the DD-Pinhole.  (Being as a Pinhole which is pan-focus, messy back grownd become very prominent.)

So, how about with added LED Ring-light. (Hoping the back mess going into the dark)

By the Mag-lens.  (Only the far back grownd showing funny coma aberration.)

By the DD-Pinhole.

DD-Pinhole with LED Ring-light.    Good evening Sir.

And they are the Lenses(?) and the camera — Sony A7R with E 3.5 30mm Macro, DD-Pinhole and  a homemade Mag-lens (A lens originally from a magnifier, mounted into a lens barrel from other compact camera = equivalent of 40mm F2.4)

Flower flower(14)-DSC05530

Well, this is an extra addition = Yama-zakura (see its brownish leaves come out with the flowers) taken by the Fun camera lens.


Baby baby


Yesterday I went to see my friends and their three months old babies.  Those babies are the cousins each other and born only a day apart.  (This photo = Pinhole)

When I saw them, I noticed that one of them had very hard birth from the shape of his head.   Dady explained me, it was a 40 hours battle.


The baby having the face amazingly resembles to his parent = that’s because of their Gene, yet still the babies having big head despite the mother’s passage he had to came through hadn’t been evolved accordingly, was because the our (or ancestor’s) choice. = We human changed from herbivore to omnivore started to scavenge animal carcass, borne marrow etc. resulting our brain grow bigger. (omnivore needs to process much  more information too = needs more brain power.  —– And to compensate a such painful trouble of giving a birth, a pleasure the woman can get from the sex is far more = otherwise the woman would say “Oh no, never again” and the human race had been extinct long ago. )  

Funny tendency of our attitude is, that we accept the physical appearance of the baby such as the face, and do know that the lines on the palm is fixed on the birth, still wouldn’t accept that the basic character (such as expressed on the line on the palm, the tendency in the emotion, a type of the brain, or Ego etc) =  accordingly a kind of the life that the person will have, IS also fixed.  (People doesn’t like to be fixed or been told by the others, and hope to have a hope = expect good luck, and the effort would change the fate = be optimistic.)  It’s not a matter of Gene, but the Karma which was specifically given to the person.   Otherwise why the person was made to be exist as this person.  = It IS the same person since he was born.

(Those photos were by modified Olympus Pen-F 38mm F1.8 on Sony A7R)


( by PEN-F 38mm lens)


(by the Fun camera lens on A7R)


(Fun camera lens again)


So, they were the camera and the lenses I used here = Olympus Pen-F 38mm on Sony A7R, Fun camera lens, Pinhole (equivalent of 21mm lens view and about F125) and the lens from a Toy camera.  ( The point is, I could carry all of them in my pocket.  Why do I need to go back to a heavy DSLR. )


This Pinhole photo showing about 90 degree view and heavy vignettes (corner fall off) — ISO was 25600.    Think, if this photo was ordinary sharp image, would it be useful for you ? — I don’t think so, since we are not seeing the world in its detail, anyway.


Yet another baby photo by a Pinhole (ISO 25600) on a DLR train — the girl wanted to touch the camera. 

You see, a Pinhole was usable even for general snap shot.   😀   (Of course, such as the ISO 25600 — in full color ! — was never possible without having a processing power of the digital technology. —– So, I’m not insisting the pure analog in its own sake.  I just want to have the image I want, not the image what the manufacturer recommends. = What they recommend was the style of the mass market of which they make and sell in millions. )


Soft Option (2)


I found quite few very sharp macro lens (or the lens unit which can function as a macro lens) among the junk optics, still there wasn’t many soft macro lens so far.   So, this lens seems to be an exception.  The lens itself was yet another omunifocus toy lens though, when the lens was pushed forward and went into the close-up region, the spherical aberration seemed to be increased, hence the image become very soft.   Otheres may say it is a useless lens, still, for the sake of the soft image, I very much like this character. = So, this was yet another soft option = the special goodness this lens can offer.


And how unusual this lens IS too apparent on this photo above.   It’s fuzzy, still, we can see certain information = its mean, this is a usefull picture in the certain situation. (like for the evidence)


With the extension, close-up photo is fuzzy, still showing certain detail.


Same can be said in a distant subject = fuzzy, still, amazingly, having the details.  (did you noticed ?  The center of the enlarged photo, back-slash straight line is that crain ! )


With a normal lens, it should looks like this. (This one was by the Zeiss Distagon 18 mm lens) — that crain seems busy working !  🙂  

  Forget the theory or blurh blurh, see how “Fuzzy lens” works in practice ?


Unfortunately, situation was not ideal at all.  Under rather wet and windy days, I couldn’t find good flower.  Worse still, they were on the higher branch. —– So, this was what I managed to do with “Fun camera lens + close-up extension” and its “Fuzzy image” !


When the subject was not rich, it is the time to go to humble Zen Photography.

I’m serious.  Believe me.  😀




But these last photos here were by the other lens from Panorama toy camera, with close-up extension.  Despite the cost nothing plastic lens, the photo looks quite normal isn’t it ?    Almost religious belief that the photo has to be pin sharp, the lens got to be expensive hi-quality —– Who invented this idea ? = Only untill few dicade ago, most of the people was quite happy with a photo of the Instamatic Camera, printed on 3″ x 5″ chemist print.   Once you get rid off the idiosyncratic idea, you may find how you can be free to create “photographic image” = you don’t need to be just passive to encounter the subject neither just passive to receive (and buy) manufacture’s supply. 


Soft option in close-up photo


The lenses of which I dubbed “Omunifocus Lens” produces quite usable images from infinity to 0.5m without having any focus control.  Yet, it has a limitation — closer than 0.5m, the image became too blurred.   Still, if the position of the lens was adjusted it can produce pretty sharp image.   So, I ordered the close-up ring for Sony E-mount and while waiting its delivery, I took a soft option of close-up technique.  = The lens was stack on the camera mount with 10 mm high soft plastic putty. (Bluetack) = As the lens was positioned further away from the image sensor it’s enables the close-up shot. 


Those homemade lenses were mounted on the OM body cap (which can be used as a Sony E-mount body cap), so that I can change each of the lens quite easily = take one out and just stick the other.   Since its humble origin from a toy camera or disposable camera, every lens are all one or two plastic, still each of them showed the different character.  Such as the one from panorama camera got quite deep depth of field = keeping omunifocus character even under the close-up shot. (Photo above left and middle)   Still the other lens showed very nice soft image. (Photo above right) — Can you believe, those images were created by the lens costed almost nothing !   And now you might be realised that the photography even with such thousands pound Hi-Tech camera may not necessary be very precise and rigid technology or art = in fact they can be very soft.  (You can see the images if the optical axis of the lens was 15° out.) 


Oxford Street (and Selfridge) Xmas shot






















Those photos were taken by the lenses, homemade Mag Lens or Halina wide Lens though, few of them were by the Gaudy Lens on the Tilting Bellows with Sony A7R.


Aster — (Secondly Photo)



Aster (Aster amellus) must be one of the most common flower here.Its name Aster came from its star shape (why the round shaped star was sheen by such astric * shape  is the other problem ! )  😀


Leave such problem to a neuro scientist to argue.   I did some screen shot of its Aster’s image and created the secondly images.

In my policy, I reject the use of Photoshop or in-camera “Effects” kind, because they were the creations of somebody else. Not mine.

So, whether the artefact of “Hi-ISO noise” is a Digital process or a Character of the hardware is a point of the argument.



On process, the screen shot was made with ISO 25600 setting and during the exposure, the focus was shifted to give a blurring effect.

(Originals were shot by a homemade Mag Lens and the copy was made by Gaudy Lens on Sony A7R)


Pen-F Zuiko 38mm F1,8 Lens on Sony A7R

pen-f-38mm1-a09a6822I don’t remember why this lens was still here.  This Olympus Lens

has been in the end of shelf many years.  It was a Olympus Pen-F’s

standard lens though, Pen-F was a half frame camera (24×16) and its

flange-back was 28.95mm, the lens couldn’t have a focus other than

a macro use, I might have had a test of close-up photo on Canon 5D.  

— The funny history of this lens was, on late 80s, one of my friend

photographer who wanted to experiment, “To get a rough-grain soft

image, using a Push development on a Cross-process” = In order to get

rough Grain, he wanted to use even smaller original = hence Half-size. 

—– So, he asked me to make an adapter to use Nikon Lens on a

Pen-F body.  =  I made it out of Nikon close-up ring and a Pen-F

mount from this 38mm lens = So that, this lens lost bottom mount.

= in normal sense, it is an utterly useless junk

—– though, while Googling the Net, I found the people using Pen-F

lens on the Full-frame Sony camera !    (Unlike the lenses for the

Cropped size senser DSLR camera, those Olympus Lenses has

been made to cover (well almost) the full-frame image circle !) 

pen-f-38mm2-001To modify this lens for a Sony E-mount camera, I found a M-39

Leica lens to E-mount adapter has the almost a right size. 

So, I screwed  M-39 ring to the back of Pen-F lens (+ some

adjustment for infinity focus) = = = Voila, Pen-F lens on A7R.

pen-f-38mm3-a09a6830The test shot on general

distance was usable but

not bliliant.

(The lens might have 

sold as a spre parts =

damaged goods)

Still, Close-up photo

was pretty good.

(Photo below, middle)

Though, there isn’t much soft texture (It may be because

the Sony A7R camera or its image process.) (Photo right)


Olympus Pen-F Lens is very small, (In comparison to such as

Nikon lens + adapter on Sony) pretty nice match to the A7R,

so that, I’m quite happy to have this  F1.8  wide-angle lens.


Yet more Homemade Lens — KodaFun Lens



As you can see from the following photo, this lens came from a Kodak

fun camera.  Originally, the lens was mounted on the F8(?) sized hole

on the camera body though I used this plastic lens with fully opened

condition. (Hence more halation and the aberrations which I want !)


Even Fun lens needs to be mounted in the precise position.   😀


Basically as a omunifocus lens, it’s creates a kind of certain image

in any distance = in other words, no fun on the Bokhe !

Still the matter is, where to use it.


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