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Foot Note for LIFE’s DOMAIN

Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on February 26, 2010

In the script of LIFE’s DOMAIN, the  words of the Monk  who gave me a small cloth was not clear.

Translation I’ve put there was not exact.      The actual words  “Isshyo ga, koko ni aru no wo O-wasure naku ”

Koko = Here  may even mean  Here = Eihei-Ji Temple, not on the cloth.

I’ve translated  Isshyo = whole-life  to ” the time span to remember this ” by its  implication.

” Remember, whole life is here ”  or  ” Remember, the life is in here, for whole of your life” ——- ?

What ever the truth, it was the typical sample of  ” Think it by Yourself “


To take the significance of such somewhat patronizing words,  which might have told just for a formality,

is the matter to be a Buddhist.       Anyone can just sway and ignore such words.

But some others may takes its full blunt of weight  whole-heartedly, and think about its deep meanings.

———- See the hidden meaning of the phenomenon or the words,  and take it beyond  its

superficial meanings, or take its implication to own existence or humankind in general, is the matter of

the person’s  Spirituality.    ( or being nuts or paranoia   🙂 )

Spirituality is not a pretense and hung a Crystal on the neck,   but able to see the significance and  its

deep meaning behind  whole-heartedly.

——— Of cause,  there can not be any practical implication of the life on the foot square space,  but

Spiritualy it carries heavy meanings, which remind us to aware who we are, and who we

should be. —– It is the matter to know how we are humble and small ——– in reality.


To be a  Buddhist is not a matter to chant few words for a day,  but the attitude and the mind-set to see

the life ( and its details ) in full intensity,  whole-heartedly.

On the beginning, at least, it is not peaceful easy life at all.  ( If you tried  Skate Board,  how long you had

miserable bruising days before you can leisurely cruise it in peace )—— Buddhism is no different from it.

This is how the study of Buddhism progress,  in step by step process.—— With intense approach,

once YOU found your answer and when it sunk deep into your Subconsciousness,  you can do it,

feel it automatic, even  without noticing it ( it called MUSHIN ),  as it became your nature.

Then you can enjoy your peaceful life.  (In fact, it’s a pretty advanced stage to be a Buddhist )

And you may find yourself  contented and peaceful  on the foot square space.  (Strange isn’t it 😀 )

Even more strange is,  you can enjoy more freedom in its foot square space

as you feel the JIZAI ( being full  in your nature ).

In the foot square space,  still able to spread your wing 1000 km wide.

To be in the MUSHIN, its needs to be completely detached from Ego and any intentional Idea,

even from the Notion of very Subject.  ( So that the Subject was seen as just one of ordinary

objects).   Since the Subject was seen as emotionally detached Object, with objective /

value-free / bird’s eyes view,  it is possible to have much clear view and really free response

——– This is the JIZAI.


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