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Pinhole Machine in the Field


It’s not a Pinball Machine.  And a photo above is a Japanese maple ! 

As I explained in the Previous post, it is a combined / selectable Pinhole.

Single Pinhole, Multiple Pinholes and a Concentric-Double-Density Pinhole

were all in one panel, with or without a Wide-angle Front Lens.

02-PinholeMachine in Field4-001

Those were taken by the Concentric-DD pinhole.

03-PinholeMachine in Field5-001

They too, by the DD pinhole with the typical radiating halation.

04-PinholeMachine in Field1-001

And those images were taken by the Multiple (4) Pinholes.

If you carefully check the photo, you will find the 4 repeated images.

PinMac-Fi-A09A3695And DD pinhole image again. (Some years ago I made similar image !)


In the same time same subject but by the Multiple Pinholes.


Taken by a single pinhole though, with a very slow shutter speed =

camera was shaken, bird has moved = hence utterly blurry image.  🙂


09-PinholeMachine in Field3-001

Still, they were the very painterly images which I wanted.

10-PinholeMachine in Field2-001

By the DD Pinhole.


Last moment of sun hit the Single Pinhole and created

fantastic diffraction pattern.


Single Pinhole with half a second shutter speed = camera shake.   😀


And this image —– 1.6 second exposure.

(I would rather say, not too bad for a hand-held shot !)

I think, the Lens (?) worked well for the purpose to produce

impressionists like / painterly image !   🙂

(You must have seen the most unusable photos here though,

if you like to have so-called good photo, use Phone-camera.)


Pale Blue-Pale Red and Yellow Tri-color Pinhole Pictures

DD-Pale BYR-01-A09A4347

The previous post [Blue-Orange-Red Tri-color ] was obviously too reddish.

Yes, Red + Orange was too strong indeed.

DD-Pale BYR-02-A09A4348

So, I tried Pale Blue (Sky), Pale Red (Pink) and Yellow next.

DD-Pale BYR-03-A09A4388

Though, the effect of Yellow was rather weak —

It gave only a bit warmer color-temperature.

Then I realized that the pinhole for Yellow was not clean round hole. (too late)

DD-Pale BYR-04-A09A4387

DD-Pale BYR-05-A09A4353

DD-Pale BYR-06-A09A4354

DD-Pale BYR-07-A09A4356

DD-Pale BYR-08-A09A4395

DD-Pale BYR-09-A09A4376

DD-Pale BYR-10-A09A4364-002

DD-Pale BYR-11-A09A4363-001

Still, end results weren’t too bad.

(But I need yet another try.)


Yet more Impressionists Photos (2)-B

4th DD-2B(1)-A09A3850

With much of annoyance of the regular reader, I put yet another

fuzzy pictures — but with added “academic” ( 🙂 ) interest !

4th DD-2B(2)A09A3784

The pinhole which I’ve called 3rd version, used in the previous post

and “Quest for Fuzziness” post etc was the one gone too far, hence the

image has very little informations.  

So, I made the 4th version which gives less halation and a bit sharper image.  

(outer hole is still the same 1 mm though, the inner hole was much smaller.)

4th DD-2B(3)A09A3839

4th DD-2B(4)A09A3806

4th DD-2B(5)A09A3800

So, here is a comparison. (Photo above was by the 4th version)

4th DD-2B(6)A09A3492-001(3rd DD)

And this was taken by the 3rd version. = Difference is too clear.

4th DD-2B(7)A09A3760

 Those white halation can be reduced by darkening  (shadowing) though,

by doing so, the color contrast also increase = higher color saturation.

This was the reason why the images in the previous post looked like

a copy of old cine-film.  (It is a contradiction, supporsed to be a soft image

end up with strong color.  😦  )

4th DD-2B(8)A09A3761

4th DD-2B(9)A09A3765

4th DD-2B(10)A09A3766

4th DD-2B(11)A09A3767

4th DD-2B(12)A09A3768

Outer 1 mm hole was made on the thin aluminium panel (from beer can)

though, the inner pinhole was made on the thin plastic (from a cap of yogurt)

therefore it is very easy to make another one in 10 seconds,

and thanks to the DSLR, the effect can be tested at once.  

So, the Pinhole photography suits for a DSLR camera and really a fun.  🙂

(Especially in the case of Canon DSLR —–

Nikon needs to have Non-CPU lens set-up. (See the end of the Post)

—– I haven’t tested with other camera though)



Yet more Impressionists Photos (1)

More fuzzy(1)A09A3802

I guess, to the regular reader who followed past few posts, those photos must be

looks very familiar.   Yes, they were taken by the Concentric Double Density

Pinhole but this time it was by the (say) 4th model.   (In fact I don’t know

whether it was 10th or 20th —– I’ve tried so many minute variations.) 

More fuzzy(2)A09A3779

Still, this time the diameter of outer hole was smallest 1 mm and the image was

a bit sharper than the one on the post “Quest for Fuzziness”   🙂

More fuzzy(3)A09A3811

They may looks the same though, where “Fuzzy enough, but still show

the identity of what” lies somewhat critical.  😀 

More fuzzy(4)A09A3812

More fuzzy(5)A09A3848

More fuzzy(6)A09A3836

More fuzzy(7)A09A3822

More Fuzzy(8)A09A3851

More fuzzy(9)A09A3861

More fuzzy(10)A09A3853

More fuzzy(11)A09A3860

More fuzzy(12)A09A3868

More fuzzy(13)A09A3855-002

When the picture become more and more like a painting, it’s need to

have “likely stage-up” — like this picture, it may need to have

a man and the dogs (if not a peasant) near the foreground.  🙂 


Park after the Rain

After the Rain-3rd DD(1)A09A3469-002

Following those photos were taken by the same Pinhole as in the previous post.

(This top photo was by the two element homemade lens.)

After the Rain-3rd DD(2)A09A3476

Unlike the Homemade Lens, in order to use pinhole which is equivalent of  F125

on hand-held, it is necessary to use very high ISO setting = tonal character etc

became unnatural and have Magenta color cast.  —– but it’s a part of the game.

After the Rain-3rd DD(3)A09A3474

After the Rain-3rd DD(4)A09A3556

After the Rain-3rd DD(5)A09A3486

After the Rain-3rd DD(6)A09A3493

After the Rain-3rd DD(7)A09A3520

After the Rain-3rd DD(8)A09A3485

After the Rain-3rd DD(9)A09A3519-001

Of course, you may say, why photography needed to be like oil paintings ? 

Only the answer is,  why not.


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