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Wish Better or the Best

Somebody commented “Where the urge to make it better comes from ?”

—– as a reply I wrote “Even a monkey chose a good stone to crack a

hard shell = good choice or not, makes the difference = able to eat or not.

In the worst case, it may cause an injury to the fingers.

It’s mean, it is a key to the own survival= survival instinct.” — yet still,even

if it wasn’t such serious but rather playful situation, we try to do the better.

Just through something, stone, trash — we aim, to a target, bin etc.

—– Why ? —– To satisfy the Ego in a challenge ?  “Hey look I succeeded” or

“I’m better than you” — Was it ?     Not necessary in a serious situation, no

other person around, even trivial small things, such as just put few items

together,  we try to put them tidier way or make the shape easier to handle.

(Then, the personality exposed = somebody pay more attention and make

the things / situations better.    Otherwise, others creates even more havoc !)

If it was an instinct to avoid a pain and to chose the way which needs a least

effort, was based on the learning, why some of us never learn ?  = In the net,

there are endless number of silly stories still, they were produced with the

effort to get an impact and the maximum number of view. 

Have a good fun seems yet another instinct.


After the accumulation of the learning, we human being made up the map

of which can tell General List of Goodies.  Then those would be told by the

old man or wise man as the common sense, moral or social rules still, they

were originated from the human instinct.  Therefore,  the eyes of

Lord Buddha, they were seen as the expression of the Dharma.  And as we

have it in our instinct, it was explained that we were born with the Dharma.

And the Zen is the practice to make it better with thousands times practice.

(If not million times) —– and to learn its mind-set.

So, Zen could (possibly) make a better person (in theory)  😀

I wouldn’t guaranty the better person still, the product produced by the

craftsman with such Zen mind, has been so good, such as the Japanese

cooking knife has become a must have item to the top chef of the world.




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SUBCONSCIOUS again ? — is it a Face ?

Collection of images here are supposed to be a face, picked up by the Google Picasa Face-recognition

program.  Google is expecting us to make up a Web-album —– effectively  my own facebook.

Obviously Google want to tap-into the social-networking market therefore,  listing up the faces appeared

in my cyberspace —— then connecting the face to my Email etc by the name, to utilize their vast amount of

the information about my contacts, my interests, my search records, which they accumulated over the years.

So, Google can sell the AD ” Not just personally targeted, but also to their contacts / friends too ”

—— though, I’m not interested in that kind at all, yet still Google is keep scanning and making a face

collection without my permission ( I can’t remove this program —– do you know how ? ) while making

a number of mis-recognitions.—– So, I got an opportunity to collect ” False images”. 🙂

Some of those are looks like faces —– I can see too, though some are not at all, and puzzling how on earth

this image could be mistaken as a human face  / what made a computer to think this is ?


I don’t remember the detail of  whose report though, there was a psychologist’s experiment, which showed

even a few months old baby can react to the photographic image of such as a tiger, and came to a

conclusion that the human has genetic memory of dangerous predator. We do not expect that a small

baby has learned knowledge of tiger yet—– its mean the reaction has to came from instinct, in another word,

its visual memory / basis of reference information is in our subconsciousness.

——– Whether it was a Genetic memory, Proto-image or just a mistake, we are very responsive to

the image of the face. And the Face recognition program which the human possess, seems to be a

very old / primordial program in the Old Cortex, hence it can function even a time of newborn baby.


In this blog, you might thought, I am using the word ” Subconsciousness ” as if it is a magic keyword.

But how do we know, such invisible, therefore unaccountable memories and the process can be reliable,

let alone a myth of Dharma is there or not. (Please read “Mistake in Philosophy — Answer in Zen” together )

——- The reason why I picked up Google Picasa program was, —– at least it is a rigid visible

counter reference. — In comparison,we don’t remember how many times ever mistook an image as a face,

let alone to know what % of probability.   So, this program showed a counter sample of the case when the

recognition was done by an artificial intelligence / computer automatic pattern, face recognition without

having any cross-reference (such as a flow of logic ” If it is a face, where is the body —-> false or true ).

So that it would show the worst case as a bottom line <—- Human got to do the better.  🙂

So far, Google Picasa picked up about 40 false images of faces out of 50,000 facial photos ( plus, may be

twice as much number of the graphic images in the saved Net files)—— 0.08% ~ 0.03% of False rate.

Statistically negligible figure ? —– still, one mistake could change one’s life, therefore significant ?

This is a very rough science or one might say, it is not even a science at all though, this is a DIY  Zen Blog,

hence, I would say, it is convincing enough to conclude, human can sense and able to accumulate

quite accurate information of the surroundings / environment. (Even a machine can do with

negligible false rate, why not a human)

—– Are you bemused ?   But this is the situation in our mind.


Origin of Mind

” Here I’ll explain how the Mind evolved and structured / in my Hypothesis “

My understanding of the structure of the human mind took the form coinciding with

the understanding of  “How Buddhism works”.

So, they were developed in a two-way traffic.  “Assuming, if the Buddhism works, the mind

needs to have such and such structure” in the same time “If the mind have such structure,

Buddhism must be working in this way”.  So that it was like working on a Zigsaw Puzzle

which got the fuzzy pictures on both side.  I might be wrong, hence it is a Hypothesis, yet still

so far the Buddhism picture seemed to fit well, therefore the other side should work as well.

( This is a quick summery of it, as somebody said, a blog got to be in 100 word to be read by others)


In any life form, selfish Ego is the fundamental of its instinct, to eat, to sleep, avoid the pain are

all for the survival of the Self.   Sex is in its extension toward the extended time scale.

In the simple organism, those activities was often programmed chemically, so that in that level,

the boundary between physiology  and the instinctive activity is rather vague, still  its indicate

the deepest origin of even highly developed organism, like a  mind of humankind today.

When the life form evolved and started to have a complexed behaviour, more than an instant reaction,

(with supporting nervous system and information process power,  which we call intelligence )

even a simple animal start to have each distinctive behavioral pattern.


In order to make sure own survival, they start to act more proactive, selecting suitable environment,

seeking better hunting ground, picking the sign of danger and avoid a direct encounter etc by fully

utilizing its  intelligence—– in other words, use memories and the knowledges for the necessary decision.

And this decision can be projected in the time scale as well, to the future, such as to avoid possible

danger or wait a play to come, even sense the change of  weather from the sign to seek the shelter.

Its mean, they not only see an object in their front but also able to imagine which has not appeared  yet.

( Incidentally,  I used this idea to define the level of life organism to social organization, how high it is evolved,

by measuring the length of the projected time scale, such as an action to catch a play with a fraction of a

second projection,  to years long development plan of the Government —— in the Thesis for my Degree)

So, it is safe to say, even a simple animal having abstracted cognitive  notion and its future projection.


In my view,  originally the emotion seems to have developed to support this projection by preparing the

physiological condition of the body with the appropriate hormone balance.——- (Since it is a chemical

based effect, it last longer and deep.  And hard to control by any logical persuasion.  Therefore

it may need to remove the cause in the first place ——and this is what the Buddhism is doing)


During the process of evolution, the human brain not only increased its size but also the amount of

informations stored, and more importantly, it acquired the sorting and filing systems as well.

Same kind of informations or data will be filed in close association or as a group.

And later, each group started to have an own  [Tag ] which is the abstract notion of the contents,

such as fish, bird, hot or color red (which include 100s of hue) etc.  (note; it’s not yet by the word)

This abstracted  notion was the essential for the omnivores mankind’s survival, for them

to know which is the kind to chase, otherwise run for life, before actuary encounter face to face.

And with the development of the notion, it enabled the brain to have a process of the information purely

from the memory with its own cause, and also give the category to each vague feelings.

Those ability lead to the development of the internally generated signal flow and the process.

—–This is the birth of the Mind.

( On this stage, it would be functioning like, the one came across a dead snake, first alerted with fear,

then moment later, as realizing it is dead, start to play it with stick,  even try to carry back.——this is a

highly complexed behavior involving inference, further observation,  judgement—-there is the Mind )


When the human brain further evolved and acquired the language, those Notion [ Tag ] was

given each Name or the Word such as Fish or Bird, Good, Cold, etc etc.

And with further development, when human started to form social system, the linguistic

communication become the essential  tool for the survival.

On the end, the human intellectual system, based on the linguistic Notion ( Thinking ) started to

have the dominance in their Mind, and even created purely abstructic System of Notion, such as

Idearism, Metaphysical Notion, the God, even a Deluded Idea. etc etc.

(Which may completely remote from the life’s reality —-and the two systems started to alienate )

In the same time, this Notion based system has masked all the original information system which

had been evolved from the time of primitive life and containing most of the fundamental rules of the life.

Which is Buddhist calls as the Dharma. —– And this hidden [ Primary  System ] is the Subconscious.


The paradox is, even though most of the mental process was carried out subconsciously, as the

neural net work such as sensory nerve are connected to the [ Primary System ] first, yet still, as

the display unit is the very [ Conscious System ] we wrongly believe that the Mind is in our Conscious.

It is exactly the same misunderstanding that the display or monitor screen is the TV.    🙂

(As the Mind has such multilayered structure, we need to uncover layer by layer to find the Dharma.

——and this is what the Buddhism’s practice for)

In the same historical origin, the Self having multi layered structure too.  (such as Ego, inner Self )


(Copy righted by Yoshi Imamura / 2010 )

Why Subconscious (2)

Posted in Buddhism, Enlightenment, Ethos, Meditation, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on December 27, 2009

” How Buddhism dealt with Mind “

In this post, I’m going to talk about the practical effect of the practice which Buddhism

invented  as the way to deal with the matters in the subconsciousness.

If you are more interested in the historical, theoretical view in the Buddhism, please read

the Mantra of the Yogacara school. especially about the Alaya

——though I found there isn’t much useful insight.

Or you can look into a mountain of the books about brain science——again, they may lead you nowhere.

Our Ethos, notion of the Dharma or Spirituality is not operating in electrical, chemical level.

(Still, the hormone, Serotonin and Dorpamin seemed to have an effect to the deep contented feelings

but, of cause they wouldn’t make you any wiser or enlighten you )


Buddhism’s teaching method and its practice has been well thought out in the history.

Whether it is walking, banging the drum or sitting, what ever  they looks monotonous silly practice.

Yet, there are 2  hidden agenda or very effective function behind.

(1)  is what I’ve explained many times, it is to induce the selflessness, and disconnecting the coming

signals to the Emotion which contained the subconscious of Self or Ego  as well.

It can be said, it is to automatize routine work, together with the apathy caused by the mental fatigue.

(This is the harsh varier you have to go through.  Any soft sweet words to sugar court it, is a fraud)

(You can’t buy cheap Enlightenment in pink color.  Real one is pretty heavy and cost you, though

its worthwhile to pay.  Since the value of it would be much much more than your own life)


(2)  and the second purpose is to make you give up any

question such as what for, what would happen after or  think what others say.etc.

Here absolute obedience  is essential.   As long as you  keep fussing about what, why or am I good ?

you have no hope to go any farther therefore the teacher would just give you a nice smile, as he

is not operating in no win no pay policy,  to keep the student coming back is far more important.

So, the second purpose is to make you to lean giving up your Ego without any question or condition.

This is not easy matter,  that is why its have to be repeated again and again to imprint the notion deeper.

This process is to change the system in the brain down to the deep subconscious level.

And (1) (2) together the denial of the Self became complete, both conscious level and subconsciously.

This is the reason why, even if you  get the intelectual knowledge of how and  why practice,

it wouldn’t help you to get  Enlightenment any quicker, if any at all.

( So does, this blog too.  That’s why I’m keep shouting, Just Do It, yet still this blog would gives you

a kind of navigation guide to find  where you are.)——- if you can see where you are objectively ,

at least it will gives you a confidence, you are on the right path. (or completely wrong place   😦   )


So, the Buddhism practice will kill two birds in one stone.

Yet still, even with this practice, which may have killed off your  Me Me Me Ego,  the another animals

in your instinct is still at large.

So, this is where the rules, discipline comes in force to curb your greed, desire etc.

Still, from the personality profile, the one who could gave up the Ego, tend to follow the rules easily,

and the effect of the practice which had blocked the connection to the Emotion, the greed,desire,anger,

obsession, etc, even a fear of death, will gradually lose the grip and you no longer be bothered by them.

( I’ve been using a metaphoric expression ” The File has been Dilated  ” therefore, even a word ” Alcohol ”

is no longer exist.  So that a bottle on front, wouldn’t give any meaning.   It wouldn’t excite the emotion,

as it is not exist.  Same apply to another evil, money, drug, ghost, vanity, sex-mania ? ,you name it )

———— (Sound grate,  though your wife may not like this. ——— But don’t blame me  😀

There is an Old say, in its reverse Maxim,  If you can’t beat, run away.   Ha Ha Ha )

In fact tender Buddhist persuasion may work, and if you succeeded she is the first one you have saved.


When you read this, you may think it looks too simple.  —— You are right, since there isn’t much secret

in the Buddhism or the margin left to think about, since  the secret remained in the black box.

So far we only know the functional map of brain,  still don’t know even how or where the memory kept.

And even with the limited number of input, try to induce human like response with a simulation

program had all failed, since we even not know how many factors which may influence the result, were

hidden unconsciously.  Even worse, in a real life, situation and the perceived informations are never

static and its never same to a person to person. / Nothing stays permanent and each Karma is different )

——- So, the mind is still in the black box, but this black box is like a Nintendo, you don’t need to know

the internal electronics. The matter is,how to use it, which button to push, that is all we need to know.

Exactly like this, what Buddha found is, this button in the human life.  This is why its so simple.

———-And this is why when grate Zen Masters realized this, all of them were so annoyed.

The story of  ” Its a dog sit ” was well known even at the time, still another Zen Master

couldn’t understand  until he discovered it by himself.  Its too funny, but unshakable fact.


One of the most Not Thinking Sect, the Pure land Sect  (Which followers are just chanting

Nam-Amida-Butsu  that all, and may even  not necessary to know who is  the Amida-Butsu, still,

the follower can attain  the Enlightenment.——–( In this aspect,  the Zenist  is the worst.

They will make a question to Buddha when they met him in the Heaven.   Buddha wouldn’t answer   😀 )

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