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XP Again ?

A09A7600It’s not right.  The HP laptop, which I’ve been using for net connection, suddenly died. In the righteousness of the eastern heaven’s standard, such unfairness shouldn’t be happened to such nice man like me !  😀   Theoretically, I can still check Email or my blog using my phone though I wouldn’t do such awkward work.  HP seemed to be hopeless. Even worse, it’s on Sunday = no help. My friend in the WW workshop texted me “It will be saved” though, I can’t wait till Wednesday meeting.  With a kind of last moment struggle, I tried to revive long dead Toshiba with XP on it. —– Basically, this one is working except the connection to the net. (MS said, that they can’t configure) THEN, if MS said so, how about IntelPROSet Wireless ? = Oh !  It’s works.  Then configure its connection with the router password etc etc. (so-called tinkering = and update many program)   😀 


It was a funny situation.  Window was saying that they no longer support, still they supply some update for XP.   In this way, I managed to access my Email and a lots of lots of trouble, reached to my blog (this one) —- still, in a certain extent it IS working !

A09A7606So, somewhat sneaked out the trouble, and while thinking whether HP could be repaired or not or buy new one —– I’m testing this one (= TOSHIBA saved from a scrapyard) to upload a new post. (while finding out loads of mismatch.  😀  )

Still it’s a fun !   Honest.


On this Planet

1-A09A2867-001Time to time, I fond the very rare access to this blog, such as from

the Palestinian Territories or Bhutan.    And learned, such as

Faroe Island who supposed be a part of Denmark was treated

as an independent country and has their own flag.

Of course, these days, even middle of desert such as in Mongolia,

the locals has electric generator and watching satellite TVs so,

nothing strange to have a computer connected to the Net

—– and stumbled my blog  🙂   (Where ever on this planet, be ever

so remote, still someone stumbled and read this blog is nothing but

a manifestation of the Karmic power.)


Mankind is an incredibly resourceful animals.  Longtime ago,

I heard from Afghan, in order to connect satellite mobile phone,

they improvised to use chicken-net to make a satellite dish.

And I heard that in Cuba, where under the trade sanction,

everything has to be homemade or improvised = engine-oil

was made by a washing-up liquid mixed with sugar !


Nothing like their creativity, still, I had to improvised a bit to take

a photo above. = Long list of the countries.

On the beginning, I tried to collage scrolled 2 images though, it 

wasn’t looks good. — So, I setup the screen upright and showed

whole list in one screen and took the very photo.

(the reason why I’m writing such trivial story was, “It’s so funny

— and difficult — to use a screen upright”)

= It’s better you try it by yourself. —> Go to Control Panel —>

Adjust Screen Resolution. (in there, you’ll see “Screen set-up

= Landscape : Portrait”  Then click Portrait. = So, the image flicks.

But, when you try to use mouse or touch pad, you’ll see the hell.

(It may not happen, if the device was touch-screen type).

After having had a fun, Go to the Control panel and click back.

= everything back to the normal !  (You feel sigh !)  😀

(I couldn’t imagine that the Microsoft still having such incredible

shoddiness in their program === It was a DISCOVERY !)


Giffgaff and the TESCO’s Fraud

To connect my Google Tablet to the Net, I’ve been using Giffgaff SIM card 

more than a year.    It was recommended by the wireless expert.  

G'Gaff-1-Sept-20151-001On the beginning, its unlimited Internet connection for £12 per month

seemed good deal and worked well. (= They needed to cut into market)

G'Gaff-2-A09A2631(Note: They changed the tariff, Unlimited Connection to 3GB without notice)

Then early this year, when they started to talk about 4G, and up-grade etc,

the connection was getting bad. = I could see it was a sales ploy to

pressurize the user to feel needs of better connection.

G'Gaff-3-A09A2633And the situation was getting bad to worse, hence more than half of the

occasion, when I wanted to show my blog etc to others,  NO CONNECTION.

 Even in the middle of the night, connection couldn’t be made at all.

= Who can trust such company and pay even more money for an up-grade.

G'Gaff-4-Sept-20152-001It is the time to look for

somewhere else.

The shop staffs selling Elecs’

secondhand, who is the most

knowledgeable people in this

kind of up-to-date information.   They recommended me Tesco SIM card.

The trouble was, it was not available in the ordinary Tesco shops.  I had to

Ask around three shops, and I took a journey to the largest one in the area.

—–  While testing 2 weeks so far, it made only 2 occasions hard to connect.

(At moment, it is only 1GB  £10  One month try,  though, seems not too bad.)

Funny things was, both Giffgaff and Tesco are using the same O2 net-work

which IS giving 4G service —– but Giffgaff is making such difference !

(Provider is adjusting the Bandwidth intentionally for their purpose)  😀

G'gaff-A1-A09A2814And what I found was even

more disturbing !

This is what they are now

advertising.(free SIM is norm)

—– Did you noticed ?

Now £12 for only 2GB. (saying

with 4G) Though, O2 IS 4G. 

So, Tesco use 4G from the start.

(But Giffgaff was intentionally

 making it to 3G speed !)


Get rid of the Giffgaff SIM and changed to TESCO SIM —– looked 

like a good choice though, suddenly the hell opened.

Tesco-1-353-001The use of Tesco SIM on my tablet was on a probation period.

= To test how Tesco works as a provider and its O2 connection.

But, the observation was abruptly halted. = suddenly, the usage

said to have reached to the 1GB upper limit. And the Net was cut-off,

the screen started to say “TOP UP”  —– The usage graph showed

incredibly unnatural rise seemingly caused by “TuneIn Radio”

(photo above left)  which said to have consumed whopping 0.67GB

within few days.   But funny fact was, this App was not active = as

the screen shows ” App isn’t installed”. (photo middle) = This is

the “Caught in Red-handed” case of the TESCO’s fraud. —– Is there

any possibility of the Radio was accidentally activated and off again ? 

And can the radio kept making the noise in full volume for few days

without me noticing it ?     Especially when  2 years old battery is its

end of the life so that, never able to leave the tablet left switched ON.


—– (Now I got new battery

for my Nexus 7 — BUT, it

found to be a scavenged


We should be careful with so-called “UK-Seller” in Ebay)

Above all,  when I’m testing it for a month within 1GB limit — who leave 

the radio kept switched on ?   ( Even if the App was working — but not)

( I use a lap-top with proper keyboard with land-line broadband to deal 

with Net, Blog, Youtube etc, so that the tablet was just for fun when I go out.

In other words, I don’t need to use the tablet in my home = why do I ?)

= Obviously, it was the TESCO, who has tampered the counter.

( Who else can access the counter without making the radio noise.   🙂 )

—– (and it was for the sake of few pounds — can you believe ? ! ! ! )

(May be few pound from me though, in the systematic massive scale operation,

the total gain would be huge = in other words, they must be doing it systematic.)

As a matter of fact, every Broadband provider did the same, but they

didn’t leave the evidence behind, unlike the TESCO did for this time.  

Yet still, I’m not sure, whether this is a case for Ofcom or

Consumer’s Association or even Police.

* * * * * * * *

—— As I took the tablet to the TESCO Mobile Shop where I’ve bought

their SIM  3 weeks ago and complained while showing the evidences,

a man in the HQ offered me free 500MB compensation.

= So, they are well aware what they are doing.

* * * * * * * *

After those findings / Experiences, when I wanted to terminate the

contract with Tesco Mobile, the real hell was opened.    The Shop who sold

the SIM said, that they can’t terminate the contract, it has to be done through

the Telephone 0345-301-4455 which never work.  And the Email kept saying

“No log-in” —– So, the only a possibility to contact / complain them was by

way of the writing.  —– It IS really funny, to get out from the 1 month Only

contract seemed such trouble. = The best way is NEVER start deal with Tesco.



Hot, Hot — Do something !

Hot Dongle(1)175-001

After the Summer solstice, the room temperature climbing up and up.

—– I think I wrote a story before, a comparison of two different approach to

deal with a summer heat in Buddhism. = The one said

 “Sinto wo mekkyaku sureba, Hi mo mata suzushi”

(When you negate the mind and the thinking, even a fire could be felt cool)

And the other “Atsusa no natsu wa ase wo kaki, fuyu wa chizimi-agaru”

(Get sweat under the summer heat, and shiver in the winter)

—– The former was a typical attitude in the Hinayana Buddhism and the

later was the Mahayana Buddhism.

I think, the both are correct —– for them.  Please carry on.

= It’s not my business to argue with them as they are not on front of me.

—– I’m facing the heat in my room. —– Of course, I can escape and go out 

though, my PC is here and I have to do something on the Net. = The trouble is,

since I’m using an Internet Dongle to connect, the Dongle get hot.    And as the

room temperature nearing to 30 degree, the Net-connection is getting slower

and stated to say “Connection timed out” “This page is not available”. 😦


In most of the case, trouble or malfunction in the electronic devices were

caused by the overheat.   Any mistake such as wrong polarity, over current,

over voltage, all resulting overheat and burnt-down (of some area or inside of

a chip).  So, the heat management is a big issue in the electronic circuit design,

which is parallel with the issue of “Low power consumption” —– though, the

situation is always the same. ( 10A current on 1A device cause overheat, and

10mA current on 1mA chip will blow them off).   And the devil is, when they get

hot, the current increases = more current more heat = Thermal-runaway.


Funnily enough, even this extremely advanced technological age, when the

fore-front of science is dealing with such as almost invisible Gravity Wave still,

the way to deal with a heat isn’t different from 100 years ago. = Hoping the heat

would disperse (hence, lower the temperature of the area) through heat

conductive material (include the air).

( To generate the electrics out of heat, hence take the heat away, seems a good

idea though, it’s efficiency is less than 10% = 90 % of problem is still there. 🙂 )

—– So, to against a problem of Hot Net-dongle, my solution was “as advanced

as the fore-front of the technology today can offer” = disperse

the heat through a heat-sink to the air.

Hot Dongle(2)176-001

Photo Left : Disassemble the Dongle.

The Centre : Put heat conductive paste on a metal part of the Dongle

then place a heat sink over it.

Photo Right : Place the SIM card in position and clamp all together.

—– It’s working perfect.  Heat sink is getting warmer, mean dispersing the

heat from the dongle and as a result, the Net-connection got much faster. 🙂

(So far so good. —–  In case, if small window appeared saying “SIM card

invalid” etc, it was caused by the card was not properly slide-in  ===>

Place the card again while mimicking the action to slide-into the position.)

~~~~~ So, have a cool Net surfing.    🙂



Spy-Chips in a Net-Device

Past ten years or so, for my connection to the Internet, I’ve used most of the provider next

by next. = In another words, those provider gave me more trouble than a satisfying service.

The one gave me hidden charge, the another gave me double charge from their internal two

accounting system.   And another’s connection was so unreliable, or another’s setting has been

kept changing again and again which seemingly pressurised me to call their engineer to

sort out the problem with extortionately high charge. (= It’s their way to make money)


And there seems a tendency, if the provider’s program is in the computer, it try to

connect even their device is not there, then if new device and its program try to connect,

a message appeared “Another device is using the connection, please set us as a default”

—– so that, I accustomed to remove the program of the old device.

So far it has been worked well except [Three G] = When I dis-installed / removed

their driver program, one file was stubbornly refused to go.

I thought it was a kind of their Ego to keep showing their foot print with their logo.

Huawei 3G-(1)A09A2493-001

—– Though, few months later when I try to remove it again   (photo above)

Huawei 3G-(2)A09A2492-001

When I clicked “Remove” a small window appeared which is in fact list of my selected documents.

=  It seems, if I remove this last remaining [Three G] file, all those files of my document could be

deleted as the elements of [Three G] file.

—– So, to avoid the risk, I had to abandon the attempt to remove [Three G] file.

= Then I realized that this must be the conspiracy which American Government,

Defense Authorities has warned, “As a risk of espionage had been

pre-programmed in the Chinese communication-chips —– Don’t use them”.

And they are quite serious = to an application of Japanese communication giant Soft Bank to

buy American communication company, American government gave a condition

“Provided, not to use Chinese equipment for the Mob-Phone Business”.

—– (If I connect my old computer to Internet, my files could be automatically

sent-out to Espionage Head quarter where tens of the thousands of their staffs

filtering millions of files from all over the world, to seek gold-dust. It is an

opportunist’s blanket theft.  To stumble good file, it would make a good sale.

Otherwise, why list of my documents needed to appear as the files of [Three G] =

I shouldn’t connect my old computer to the Net, unless I copy and remove

all of my files before-hand. —– Even though, there is no valuable file.  😀 )


Pre-programmed spy-chip seems really existing, and it could be in your

net-device as well.

(My [Three G] Internet USB dongle was made by Huawei and the another

company the American has named was ZTE = both Chinese companies said to

be working with Chinese Army Intelligence Unit)

—– it’s another seriously rotten world.   😦

(Among the readers, any body knows about this matter, please put a comment here)



Posted in Belief system, Evolution of Mind, Kinetic Sculpture, Paradox, Zen by yoshizen on June 30, 2010

Life as a Zenist is not a guaranty to be trouble-free.    To do anything we may stumble trouble.

As I’m making kinetic sculpture I needed to capture  moving image, video clip ( I’ve put them into Youtube /

Kinetorori, was just  byproduct )   So, I needed to edit or convert the video signal with new program or

downloaded  program etc, by which my PC was pushed into hyper clock speed etc etc.

Then the PC started to malfunction, converting unknown video signal behind the other task —— ? ? ?

In the same time my broadband connection  ( which has been getting poorer performance ) was stopped.

I thought my PC was corrupted.  So, I tried everything,  re-loaded program or restore the program by

setting to the back dated state, etc etc ——–.

On the end I bought a new laptop with hefty cost.  😀  ( This was much more a comedy than an angry situation

—— how miserable the life in the techno society is ) ——- Then I discovered the trouble of net connection is

still there, its mean it has been caused by the broadband provider TalkTalk.  ( They looks cheap though, with

hidden charge of paper billing,  it become nothing cheaper at all )

To solve the problem,  it took two days phone calls costed me £20,  while making strange access to the

program and administrative setting myself etc ( Why they can’t do this with their set-up CD-Rom ?   Wasn’t

this what I paid for them to set-up on the beginning  ? )


I remember the words of adventure journalist  Katsuich Honda who made amazing reports in 60th, 70th from

remote corner of the earth, saying  ” People accusing us risking the accidents though, if anyone want

to have no accident,  stay in their bed.  The one who does nothing wouldn’t cause any accident “.

Yet, stay in the bed may causes bed-sore.  Do anything may invite the trouble though, this is what  the life is.

To deal with recent trouble,  I learned a lot.   To restore and recover the previous setting by going  back-dated

state and undo it ( back again to present date ),  unauthorized ( by Microsoft ) program also disappear etc.

—————- Still, on the end,  I got one more lap-top which I may use only for the image processing .

( to see and say bright side 😀  )

The beauty to be a Zenist is, we can see even ourselves with detached eyes and think

” Oh, poor Yoshizen, what a hustle you are having,  but why not try this way ?” ——-We can not be drowned

by a flush-flood but might be able to do surfing on its torrent. ——– Really ?   Ha ha ha  😀

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