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Void and Middle way (2)

As I wrote on the beginning of the previous post, that the Matter all about Buddhism is The Mind.  

But, on this moment, forget about whether the Mind exists or not, can it remain after the death or not, kind of argument. (It seemed, that the writer of Mahayana scriptures made the matter too grand and ostentatious — don’t exaggerate too much. (= It’s a bad habit of the Indian scholar)  It’s just the matter of the Mind and Heart Sir.)  So, just think of your own Mind. We all know, that there are two kind of mind in our brain.   One feels and often perplexed in a depth of our mind (often called your Heart) and the other is thinking a logical answer while giving complicated consideration or justifying excuse.    The former was generated from the old part of the brain, called Lymbic system.   And the other from the brain’s new cortex.   Sound strange though, the neuro scientist found that we are first thinking deep in our subconscious, then convert it to cognitive (in lexical) form second later.   So, technically, the former can be the first impression or your feeling and the later is the Second thought or Consideration.  This mechanism appeared when we see, hear, taste — 5 senses = feel it, then categorize, name it or describe it.  So, this Second thought has been given a Consideration (while referring to the data-bank)  or Judgement whether it was for an answer of Yes or No = like, you have seen it or didn’t see it.

—– But here is a trouble, you might have thought, that you saw it — Did you ?   How you ARE shure.  Even if it was there, next moment, the projector was switched off or changed to the next image or the person is dead.   So, the Buddhism advise you, don’t cling your thought or hard judgement of Yes or No.  Leave the matter to your first impression.   Neither Yes or No, but your intuitive observation = This IS the Middle way.  Not between the Yes or NO, but your own initial intuition.   Because the whole Dharma is moving and keep changing = try to define it in a fixed form is nothing but the our delusion, since the Dharma itself IS VOID.  In fact we too.  (Though, I wouldn’t guaranty your debt disappear on the next moment or your wife let you free tomorrow.  —– World may look the same. 

So, don’t ask me what is the point to become a Buddhist.     😀   )




Intuition is a tricky subject. 🙂

Every body knows it is there though, as a mater of fact nobody is sure how it works and

works correctly or not.   Generally, the woman said to be good at with this though, if it is true,

how come 1/3rd (now it is getting nearly ½) of the marriages end-up in divorce = wasn’t it

correct intuitive choice —– or, correct intuition had been over-ridden by the useless thinking ?


Many Internet blog sites are keep shouting “Be intuitive” though, funny contradiction is,

in the same time, often the very same blogger also saying “Never judge a person in first

impression but to be Kind to others and Open-minded” or

“Never chose a book with its cover” kind of crèche wisdom.

In most of the so-called WISDOM, there is always opposite wisdom as well.

= Silence is Gold and Eloquent is Silver, still many relation brake down because of lack of

communication —– if intuition is so good, why it needs to speak by the words. 😀 😀

Reality is, to see the situation down to the minute details and to pay attention to every

aspects of its implications and give enough consideration and correct rational judgement

is a heavy task, in fact too much to do —> So, don’t bother JUST react and pick-up first idea

—– IS what people calls “Intuitive Decision”.


Our subconscious memory-bank has enormous amount of accumulated data, deposited since

we were born —– the more serious matter, it has been imprinted with the more stronger

emotional tag, often with the accompanying pain,  or if it is important in the family or in the

society,  it has been strengthen by the repeated input as it occurred again and again

= hence, the first INTUITIVE reaction against the situation was based on those

important data without having mere hear-say or “read yesterday” kind of

cheap data and thinking,  therefore it is more or less correct, but not necessary

perfect. —– to compare to the result of “Deep consideration” which has been done by

a not necessary very bright brain = may be the probability of hitting right answer

would be the same.


If the outcome would be the same = right or wrong, half and half, why bother

bothersome consideration or thinking ?   Anyhow, we have to pick-up the

consequence — favorable or not =  This IS what the LIFE is.

This contemplation is the core of the “Intuitionism”.

And to live the Life in natural flow.

And the more importantly,  even the most wisest man in the history,

Lord Buddha has found (= even to such a wisest brain) “the Life is suffering”

= no one can escape from this fundamental truth. (If you feel not seriously suffering

= You’ve done rather well  😉 )

What we can do the most important attitude toward the Life is,

= NOT dwell the idea “IF NOT” = as the situation is changing moment to moment, to

keep regretting a wrong decision which had been made in the past,  and a result already

arrived,  is in the matter of the fact = have to deal though, the new and current situation is

on front of the eyes and it is burning. = This is what we have to fight against.

(If the fire is not big, a pint of beer could be enough to put the fire down otherwise, just run !

Don’t sitting there ! 😀 )


Yes, don’t sitting there.  DO something !  Enjoy a nice and active Weekend. 🙂




While ago I’ve stumbled an interesting blog site of a Japanese artist.

Her site  ” ciharukaido. wordpress.com ” showing not only her art

but in fact everything, from poetry to food ——-.

And when  I put a comment to an amazing sculpture

” La geometrie du coq” 2007 ( Photo left ) she replied

Sometimes your hand would tell you what you

want, rather than thinking

——– this is the remarkable words from such young artist.

Among the so-called artists, not all of them reached to the level,

able to conceive the idea in the depth of subconsciousness.

( Lots of them just manufacture it in the process of thinking ——–what is new,  what is in fashion,

how to make it looks sensational  etc, choosing, improvising  from the existing knowledges )

Yet still, some of them are able to do it almost unconsciously with their intuitive imagination, and some are

aware of the difference between the conscious and unconscious process of creation, such as Ciharu here.


Amazingly, but not surprisingly, this is the same situation of the Mushin ( Selflessness ) and

awareness of the True Self in the Buddhism.

( Incidentally, this is also the same thing to the  Wu-wei ( Mu-i in Japanese ) in the  Taoism, which

was remarkably adopted as the name of new theme in the WordPress Blog design.)

It is no doubt, in many philosophies and the religions, the matter of True Self is the main subject, yet to

some people it is not a subject to seek or debate, but naturally being there.

So, it is no wonder, the art created by this Chiharu Kaido has strange indescribable impact as if it was

a long forgotten memory or genetic vague memory of far far ancestor.  ( So, we say ” I lost word ” )

( Since it was expressed direct from her subconscious without involving linguistic notion / thinking, neither

the viewer can catch clear notion but strange impact of what she felt——eroticism out of word and the time )

This is the sample of the artistic communication between the two subconsciousness.

( If you can see and feel, this is it. ———- If not, forget it   😀 )

So, to be an artist, to be in the true self is an advantage, though whether its Self is compatible with

society is the totally different matter.  They may not aware social convention or responsibilities etc.

The artist I’ve talked about, has just disappeared without delivering the piece, even though it was

paid in advance.  (Some said, never trust artist, only give a money in exchange with the piece  😀  )

Seems it is true.


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