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Among the WordPress photo-bloggers, Karen of Draw and Shoot is a photographer

I’m following more than 3 years as she is the Photographer who can capture

the air beyond the image can tell. 


So, I want to learn from her a lot though, art is not a kind of faculty we can copy

but we have to born with, still, some of her technique such as intentionally blurr

the image or make it out of focus, could be  somewhat superficially mimicked.

—– anyhow, those are the first attempt to learn.  🙂

(Shaking thousand times, there could be a moment to discover a secret.  🙂 )







Of cause, even making identical image doesn’t mean able to create the same art.

(anyway, I don’t have the same woods or the river, not mention the same snow ! )

—– buying the same camera, in order to take same good photo like a famous

photographer — is a well repeated joke.    And using the same technique doesn’t

make same photo is “strangely” true !


Many years ago, I set-up the lighting and a model to teach portrait photo to the

students of  St. Martin’s.

While shooting, I found a tick on the model’s expression, so, I asked a student

“Hey give me the camera, let me click” and took a photo using her camera.  

I did twice of this during a session.  — When the film was developed and a contact

print was made, the other graphic student of  St. Martin pointed out those two

photos which I took, saying that they are looks different. (but not know why.)

The same lighting, the same model sitting on the same chair.  Camera and the

lens was the same and on the same film, still the differences were clearly visible.

= If the photographer couldn’t make such difference, better go to another 

profession.   And the art student who couldn’t distinguish the difference

among the shots, better change the school.  


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