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Selfless — Mushin ?

In my blog, I’ve been talking about the way of conditioning our brain to omit the process of the amygdala where the tagging of the incoming signal to the “Self” would be made. In the normal way, we can separate the particular face or person to such as my wife, kids or my friend etc. against the other nobody. Or the certain possession, or the occurrence to mine or my concern otherwise to no interest. Therefore, if we do negate this tagging process, everything would lose significance and become a remote landscape. —– to a certain extent, as everything become to detached object, a worry to lose them or want more kind of greed would be no longer there. So does the emotional trouble of up and down in the relationship would be gone. (How boring you might say.) 😀 —– A bit more serious front, where the situation is a fight or flight. It is the moment to be or not to be. Yet still, we can be free from such trouble by avoiding to be overwhelmed. —– We can be cool.

Amygdala is a part of the limbic system = primitive part of the brain. = It’s mean, they are common with other animal and in fact, those primitive part alone can manage the primitive life. (Only human needs a big brain) In the limited narrow environment, and as the limited life form, such as a small reptile can live their perfect life. They may not have a complexed communication system or accumulated information system still, enough DNA information to navigate the environment and the response to the life’s each needs = where to live, how to eat, how to mate, where to lay eggs etc etc. As long as the one lives their life as their life, the life existing as a complete life form. Only very few creatures imagine the situation beyond what their existence is. (Other than human, such as the monkey use the tools, even crow knows to drop a shell from the air to clack it and eat = speculated expectation made by the brain power)

The funny origin of the Buddhists “No-self” was that it was conceived against the Vedic / Hindu idea of the Atoman (perpetual soul) still, not only that, from the point of Karma (interrelationship of cause and effect) how the soul can exist after the own body’s death, and from the observation of the facts that is we are walking, working without having clear conscious, and such state must be the state of the truth to be with Dharma. So, to do the things without having conscious, became the point to achieve. —– The remarkable achievement under such state (of Mushin) is the by-products of later days.

When the coming signal was diverted from the amygdala, where they goes ? = they might be treated as nothing or nobody and as it got no pre-tagging, it could be made to quite illational connection. As the amygdala could make very rational established responce, but, once it was diverted, the signal could be treated quite wiled way = this is the very hot bed of the creativity or known to be open-minded situation. —– When the signal couldn’t find its natural nest of “Mine or Ego” the stray info’ end-up in the bizzerre fancy shop ! 😀


Karma – Fate – (3)

This is yet another 8150 story.   On my life, the sign 8150 is regularly appear here and there = nothing special or I would say, they are a kind of road sign, OK to go.  Yet still, it may seen quite odd or even a supernatural phenomenon to others eyes.

In the world, there is a kind of people who proclaims that they ARE the chosen people though, it seems if it was a case they seemed to have far more share of the bad fortune all through the history.  =  It doesn’t seem that the God is anywhere near to their side.   From the eastern view, the idea of a personified God speaks same language and negotiable, sounds too odd, in comparison to the absolute eastern Heaven.   They are more like a children’s bed time story.   Yet still, you are free to believe any story.

Lord Buddha, as the enlightened teacher, he didn’t believe a God kind or after life as they are too irrational, and banned the magic kind of deceptive practice to his followers.  (Its mean, Tantra’s “Magic words”= Dharani is not the Buddhism, neither all sorts of Mahayana fantasies are nothing to do with the original teachings.  (They are the stories borrowed from the Veda = Brahmanism / Hinduism.)

Yet still, the belief of the Dharma and the Karma is in the teachings.   So, where those two seemingly conflicting idea reconcile ? —– In fact, they are the real phenomena and its rules.  They themselves exists like a phenomenon of lightning or thunder, they exists without the imaginary god of lightning or thunder. = Such Gods are nothing more than a children’s story.

So, does it mean, the Dharma and Karma are just the visible phenomena ?  or actual occurrences ? —– the rules  rules behind = invisible.   Those ruler IS the western equivalent of the God, but the Rules or Heaven is almost the abstract, —– we only see its sign.   And in my case, the sign was the number 8150 (and its variation).   When I see it’s there, I feel a kind of approval of me doing it.   Still, to find the address of the seller in China was also 8150 (in fact 518000) frightened me.  (By the way, the mysterious lens I talked about also having that number —– its mean, I was right to speak out)  😀 —– So, what’s all those mean ?  Even though, the Karma is abstract, it IS watching us and ruling our life.  It is not an imaginary existence.  It’s real.   (at least on my life = I was born to have this life while possessing the palm line which is saying the same = So, its benefit is, I don’t get ill or get accident. Except getting old.   😀 — getting old is a nature of the Karma ) —– I wouldn’t boast such as that I was chosen but I’m actuary seeing the Karma / Dharma is with me. —– though, as an honest feeling, it is a bit bothersome = leave me alone.  I want to have a bit more naughty life away from their watchful eyes.     😀  ) 



Karma – Fate (2)


(Photo above left showing the back of the ticket on the mirror)

On the surface it may looks just a personal story though, I realized

that this IS more like a public demonstration of the “Karma at work”.

The photo above right was a letter I received some days ago which

showed that notorious number 8150 (= said to be the Sign of Haigorei)

Though, this letter has no strong significance to my life =

So, it is just an indicator lamp.  Showing that the system is ON.

But what IS such system all about ?    It is the system of the controlling

mechanism of the world / everything within, including the man’s Fate.

2-E'Docu-A09A4746Photo above left was an One-day

Ticket of the London Transport

which is showing the same 8150.

The date was 19 Feb’ 1992 =

the deadline for me to lodge the 

460 pages, x6 bundles of the

document to the Court of Appeal.

(refer to the Court Order, left) — since I received an “additional Order” 

from the High Court on the morning of very day, I went to the Court Office

to have an extension of the deadline. (Which I got 2 more weeks, and spent

£ thousand more to Re-Photocopy to incorporate that additional Order. =

since the page number has been shifted, they needed to be Re-Photocopied.)

(Obviously the conspirator try to make my appeal Out of time though,

the rule is the rule = Court office had to extend the time-limit.)   

Can you believe, this has been done by the English High Court themselves !


For a part of my Stock-taking operation, I published the papers of

the Court battle about a month ago.  Then somebody who read the

post, tipped off me a crucial info’ to incriminate the opponent. 

And to find the name of the person I met then, I found this

One-day Travel-card stacked on my old diary.

All the life’s occurrences (even if it’s looks utterly a coincidence) ,

was in fact caused and placed by the Karma, and all the flow of the

life was observed by the Dharma = even my movement has been

watched by the Dharma.

(= so, the number 8150 was posted on the back of the ticket to tell

me “I know what you are doing. Carry on” —– If they want me to

stop, they could have staged an accident to destruct me.)

===This is not an imagination of the nuts. ——- Can you tell,

who could possibly watch all of our life/movement/action and

able to adjust even a number on the ticket.

(My 8150 story was just a hi-profile example to demonstrate 

the existence of the Karma and the Dharma.) = What else ?

The most important matter is not the display of 8150 but having

those occurrences next by next, the troubled matter seems to

find the breakthrough and converge into the better solution.

(So, keep watch the space and see what happen on the end.)

(You may not figured out the sign/number of your case yet , but

surely they are there, otherwise how you were born as you ARE ?)



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The controller I made to create a Focus-shift effect for the photos was using

the battery case from the discarded Canon G9 camera together with its battery

= NB-2LH.

What I needed was much smaller battery though, other choices were the

battery for Lumix camera but they are 3.7v (it needs to be more than 5v)

otherwise AAx4 or AAAx4 type. —–> I settled to the Canon battery.

As the brand-name suggests, it was a well made battery system = easy

to use and could last for ever kind. (I mean the case, not the battery itself)  🙂

 Battery case-1-A09A8659Commonly used among the Canon cameras,

 the battery retaining latch was well designed 

 and made.

 —– think, if I had to design this kind myself,

 what would I make and need to work ?

= conclusion = if it IS already there, why not

use it straight.    It could save

all the hustle, still it cost nothing. 🙂 = This is called appropriation.

— this word gives pretty bad impression though, think about, is there

ANYthing we are NOT appropriating for our life.

= All the foods were happen to be there, not necessary to be eaten by us.

= We are just appropriating its edible character and its existence. (Only a food

we are not killing for us to eat IS the humble salt.)

—– Give a thought or two, have we human being ever contributed to a survival of

this planet and its life form ANY good ?


Even an electrical component which was a human invention, still I didn’t make

= I’m just using it.  Isn’t this, an appropriation of its character and the function ?

There are two types of the semi-conductors, one would open the gate and allow

the electric current to flow when positive signal was given, other type does open

the gate when negative signal was applied. (they were called NPN or PNP type or

N-channel or P-channel type etc) = We are just utilizing the appropriate type of

component to configure the circuit.

What we call “Landscape photography” is in fact, an appropriation of the natural

(though, sometime man-made) scenery to copy — there is very little opportunity 

to create the image out of nothing. —– You may not guessed 

what I would write here —– this network of appropriation is indeed, what

Lord Buddha pointed out “the Karma” = nothing could exists by its own.




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Time to time I was asked to give an advice to a friend or friend of friend etc, in all sorts ——

Some time, how to deal with family or woman to electronic circuit ——- 🙂

While talking with computer programmer, a man (say Mr.A ) told me the pressure he is feeling from

the family or relatives who expecting he should be a genius and become a millionaire.

After that meeting, while dealing with Emails I just got a thought, why not Mr.A develop an  App

for mass user of such as iPhone etc —— may make him quite rich as his concept to deal with programing

is rather novel.  Market system, whether its got bad name of capitalism or not, it is quite democratic,

if it is good for the people it sell.   Not Mr.A  not me having wishful thinking —— let the people to decide.

So, I send him short Email saying  ” How about, to develop App for iPhone kind”.

Soon after,  I received his reply in which he explained this and that, and mentioned  ” By the way I just

have  received an Email from Intel’s development director, asking whether am I interesting to take part of

their development project ” —— then I realized the time-record of his Email was —2010  8:15 — M m m ?

( I hope I’m not paranoia though, as it happened in the same time of me to suggest him, and it must be a

peculiar coincidence )  I took this as a sign and Email backed him mentioning this number

” Be honest, do what you want.  Dharma is watching you “)

As he knew about this number, read of my post / 8150 Story,  he replied  ” Oh, dear God,  SCARY !”

Exchanging the mail with Intel, he found he is not very keen with their business, and found his

direction —— not the money but to keep what he really want to do.

Which he said ” Keep my path is what Dharma directed”

Despite popular misconception, DIRECTION is not an external menu which we can choose by will.

It is what we ourselves having in us.  It is in fact synonym of the self.

Here, the source of all the misconception and confusion lies, to be true to yourself, reset your mind

to the default state, have a blank space in your mind is in fact Just to be yourself.

In most of the case, what we are thinking This is Me ——– is in fact The imaginary Self, the Role to

play or the tactical Pretence to chase a goal (such as power, fortune  or delusion to be a Macho Man).

This is why, the Buddhism says, There is no such thing like the SELF ——– so-called Self is not

there, yet Buddha taught Watch it by yourself.  Watch who you are. ——- If the self is not there,

Who is watching ? —— What Buddha meant was, not by such imaginary fixed figure of the Self

(as the Self is continuously changing with Karma, no still photograph exist —– You can’t capture an

image of running horse / still horse is a dead horse.(forget hi-speed camera which Buddha didn’t have   😀 )

but by the eyes, free from the conscious of self.——simply, just who you are.


Unlike awkwardly dressed masquerade, the person inside is the real self who can spontaneously

respond the Situation and the feeling (unconsciously) like natural Flow.  Buddha saw this ability

to respond the Karma is, it is because of the fundamental rule / Dharma.

Hence it is not the SELF but the Dharma. ——- of which everybody has inside and born with.

( As you are born with it, it is easy to be, though, strangely it is a hardest thing ——- so that, when it was

achieved it was described as a Dog Shit )

So, I’m watching what next move Mr.A will takes.


Time of Reflection

When we came to the END of something, season, road, a task or a project even a relation etc etc,

it is the time of reflection. —— WHY ?  on that moment ?

As the task had just completed, ( or the relation has ended ) there is nothing left to think ahead.

So that (as our mind is not necessary accustomed to have blank moment ) our mind was forced to go back

to somewhere we have passed.

We start to think the each moment which we couldn’t forget, not only we have actually done but also

the alternative —— ” It could have done, or If only ——- etc etc.”

As it is literally a hind sight, we can see better way to do it, and different outcome —— hence a

lots of regrets. ——- sound sad isn’t it ?

Why can’t we have the life with no ( well, nothing is perfect though  😀 ) regret.

So, why not to have a moment to sit back and think ——- in advance  🙂

We have only one life and only one chance.

We can not repeat the same moment in different way.

This is THE reason why we have to put the full effort to the very moment / each instant.

So that, leaving no regret. ( Well, ——- in theory  😀  )

Unlike the life itself, if it was a small project, such as designing small mechanism or electronic circuit,

if it was not perfect ( or not good enough ) I remake it often from the start. ( why not, this is a feed-back )

Though, the real life is not such simple.  Surrounded by so many factors and the occurrences affecting

the decision or others action of which we ourself has little control.

So, we Buddhists call it as the Karma / Fate, or even the providence of the Dharma.  And, we

accept it as it is and effectively wave the right to contest it.  Its mean, Buddhists have no regret.

Whether it was good or bad if it was given, there is no point to argue.  If it was bad, it’s because myself

didn’t do good enough work and the Karma to back fire ——- yet no point to have a  regret, but we have

to learn and do better next time. ( because, we can not change the past —— only look forward )

So, in my case, the time of reflection is not to have a  regret, but to face the music and laugh.  😀

( Oh, c’mon Yoshizen, what have you done ! ! ! —— Ha ha ha 😀  —— like this )

So, Don’t make your life even more miserable with regret, just laugh at it.

( So, life is Happy —— Honest, believe me.  Ha ha ha  😀  )

___/\___  😀

Rules in Helping Others

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Be kind to others, help someone in need. ——- What a nice words —— as the Words.

Though, when its came to the practice, there are loads of question arise.

If you are a Buddhist, there must be the fundamental understanding to pay a respect to the Dharma.

Therefore has to accept the manifestation of the Karma.

Everybody got their own Karma. ( Not only the Buddhists.   🙂  )

——– So, when something happened or you encountered and see somebody in difficulty and obviously

needs a help.  If it is a very simple matter, it may not very complicated —— just give a hand.

Though, if the matter was very serious and the help may affect the person’s life or fate. ——– M m m  ?

How do we know,  if it does not interfere the person’s Karma ?

To live on their own pathway according to their own Karma is their individual birthright.

In the same time, we shouldn’t be obsessed by the idea of   ” I’m helping others ” —— just help without

having any notion of help.   If you do, you have to do it in Mushin.

Why encounter such situation, there was our own Karma  working as well —— It was not just an accident.

———- So, where a Buddhist draw a  line IN the Middle way ?

For such situation or even for the general rules to deal with others, I’m following a hose Rule.   Give a  help

automatically but  ONLY once. ( Buddha said to have offered three times  though  I’m just a small man  I can

afford only once.  Any how we got only one life and only one chance, never able to try the same again ——

—- have you ever seen or heard the same person born again and did the same attempt and succeeded ?

No such things like reincarnation exists. —– yes, decomposed my body, the element must be re-used to

constitute another life form, well may be a plant —– what so ever —– like a hydrogen atom in my body

has been recycled, recycled billions of times since it was created in the Big-Bang (allegedly) though,

no same person had ever created or same mind / soul ever exists, since even the soul is the result of

own Karma and the Karma of this moment is never the same in second later. No moment stays the same )

If my help didn’t work, it is the sign, I’m doing wrong  AND / OR it is the person’s Karma.

Struggling my way of help, believing this should work is the delusion.  It may make situation even worse.

Observe everything include the self, in the completely detached eyes.  So that never exited or panicked.

Other than technical difficulty, a sudden occurrence of blockage or short coming such as suddenly

mob-phone broken or train service halted etc is the sign of halt from the Dharma = stop it at once.

If the help is essential and when you are doing it in your Mushin, Fully Minded, strangely all  other

factors work together as well.  Others give a hand, conveniently specialist appeared etc etc.

So-called  Devine Intervention really happen.

After the event,  never contact the person unless the person gave me a contact.

( If the person is a stranger, never exchange contact unless the follow-up is the essential part of advice

——- avoid to touch personal matter as much as possible and limit only to the issue or problem itself)

It is the arrogance to see the result of the help. (such as ” Have look I’ve successfully helped this person “)

As the matter of fact only the person knows whether the help was really helpful or not.

If the person is not grateful and contact to say thanks, it was a sign of inadequacy.

Then, erase the memory of event other than the data of the experience (practical technique etc).

Above all, I myself have  One Week Rule which is, even when I’ve offered a help for the project etc,

if it was not started or the person did not make a move within one week, its file is deleted —– so, I

will not retain the memory.  If it is not urgent to the person, why do I need to take initiative and if the

person got yet another problem occurred, it is the sign, Dharma is not keen to its project.

Me to help a project lie on front wouldn’t have any problem though I wouldn’t undertake the person’s worry.

This is my way to live as a Zen Buddhist and live the life with  light luggage.


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According to the news on a asian radio,  in a corner of India,  there was a serial killing of  the children, and

a couple who is desperate to conceive a baby was suspected for its killings,  as the (religious ?) belief says,

” To conceive a baby,  it needs to kill 11 children “.

? ? ? —— this is 21st century.     If this kind of belief is still held among the people  even now,  it is

no wonder,  why  Buddha needed to utter ” There is no such things of the dead person’s soul.   Once

the person died,  it is the final, hence it is the Nirvana ”    Dead children can’t contribute anything

to the conception,  since they are dead.

In the Buddhist’s eyes,  it is obvious if anybody committed such killings,  it will  boomerang  back,

——— completely opposite of happy conception.

This is what the Karma mean.   And this is a simple human commonsense.

Really ? ? ?

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The previous post  NATURE and  NURTURE  may seem convincing in theory,  though it has fundamental flaw.

It was a typical sample of a theory made by thinking for the Sake of Theory.

It is true in principle but not necessary applicable in lots of the cases,  because the genetic trait which

makes the person’s feature,  especially like in the male’s case,  not everything is on the Y- Chromosome.

And  the work of Fox Gene,  which ” activate  this one but not that one ” is unpredictable.

( In the identical twin’s case,  even Fox Gene works identical )


I have two brothers, so, three of us should have the identical  Y- Chromosome, still all three are quite different,

except the voice.

Funny story here is,  when each boy was born, my parents did know  Who this boy is  and  Would  become.

And each of us were given each name according to each  Karma.

The eldest brother was born to be a literal academic type of person,  so that he was given his name after

an ancient  Chinese Kingdom.    Second brother was born to be a man of skill and got the name after the

12 century  Sculptor who carved many  Buddhism Devine Figures.

And I got my name, one of letter after a famous Samurai Lord and another letter from the great  Shogun,

but in Chinese pronunciation it sound like a name of a monk.


Our Paternal grandfather was a well known Calligrapher as well,  but Maternal side grandfather was a

highly skilled  Cabinet Maker.  So that it seemed, eldest brother inherited Paternal gene trait and second

brother received maternal side of trait.    And I seemed to have half and half of both trait.

Eldest brother became to an expert in foreign languages and he was a Professor in a University.

Second brother didn’t like the school,  but became a mastery of many skills and even built his three story

house everything by himself. ———– And here I am. ( as a strange mix  😀  )

It is true,   three of us became more like father when we got older,  still each other is a different type.

Yet the life or Karma is really expressed in each name. ——-  how my parents could know it, is really amazing.

In the theory of Chinese Ichin ( part of the Tao-ism ),  a person’s name is the defining factor of the fate.

So that each name creates the person’s life —— its idea is just other way round of the Buddhist Karma.

As the  Chinese spent thousand of years observation to establish the theory of  Ichin,  my mare 60 years

knowledge is too little to argue with it. ——– So,  mystery remain.

(You may feel it is a mystery though,  ” Who the person is and his (her) Karma ”   is appeared in the line

on the palm which is already on the new born baby’s hand .  My  Mother might have found from there.)


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Buddha didn’t find anything new. Didn’t show or prophesied anything fancy.

So that,  he was called as Buddha ( Enlightened  Man ) not a Devine figure or Shaman.

But he was the only person ever pointed out the mechanism and its Rules of the Karma and  Dharma.

Therefore,  only after him,  mankind got the knowledges to deal with this Karma.

Since almost all about the Buddhism is, about this Karma, even the most

fundamental  Noble Principals are still,  four different aspects of the Karma.


Since Karma operates in its own cause, not for the convenience of the person, it is often creates unexpected

havoc to the person, hence the life looks in trouble.

Also,  Karma works in relation to millions of factors, it keeps changing,  hence nothing stays the same

therefore even the person’s Self couldn’t be defined as a solid entity.

So that, to live the life in such condition,  the one shouldn’t expect too much,  better live in modesty.

(still, it’s open for us to try  to push it to the limit—-even if the one loose, still it is the Providence of the Dharma)

And when the one become able to see the Dharma, it is the Enlightenment which lead to the Nirvana

( I may not have the test report in time—- so, this is my guess.  But historically it was widely believed right. 🙂)

So,  this is the Wisdom to face the Truth of the Life where even the death was integrated into the

one’s Path Way.   It is not an abstract idea or fancy promise but the Actual Way to live along side

the Karma,  not fight against it.       Since the One was created by the Dharma on purpose, live

the life accordingly to its purpose,  is the Way to achieve the best Harmony with Dharma.

Since,  Karma is not necessary a restriction, but it can be the direction pointing the opportunity.

After all,  You to fulfill its purpose is what the Dharma intended and expected to see.

———- only a difficulty  is,  as the biggest cause in one’s Karma is the very person,  so that the person has

to deal with it in person, while observing the Real  Self  /  Who He (She) is, which only the person can find out.

So that,  we have to live with this Karma, by carefully observing it by our sensitive subconscious,

while avoiding the interference from the useless thought, which we can learn from

the Practice as the way of  MUSHIN.   And in the state of MUSHIN, one can see the Dharma.

This is what the Buddhism is.  (  According to Yoshizen ‘s  experience  )

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