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Metalica of Steel wire


He said to be a hard-core original member of the heavy metal Metalica

metalica2-a09a7205Though, long time he had been confined in a box in my place.  As a hard iron man, without having a high voltage power he couldn’t play a single note nor even just shake his body.  (The story behind was, that a part of stock taking, I need to document and Video my kinetic works.  But a trouble was, that I couldn’t find the electronic controller of this man.) —  As seen on the photo, he was a man on the stage standing alone = just an empty wire work. — So, how he could play music let alone move his body, as there is no mechanism or trick was seen on the stage.   Well, that IS the ingenious part of producing him. = He play a music with the resonance. = Tune himself to the vive and excite himself.  (The base, stage vibrates almost invisible mode.  Then his wobbly body resonate and amplify the movement, so start to shake, following the resonating frequency.   Acoustically or mechanically, his body is very complexed = depend on the resonating frequency, he vibrates different way — and his heavy instrument got rather large inertia and makes own vibration.)  The reason why I haven’t done this video making was that I wanted to compile it with metal music — how to synchronize the beat and the body movement etc etc, not mention the trouble with music copyright.  metalica3-00

Anyhow, today, I’m going to see my friend video maker Funki Porcini, who got amazing creativity and video editing skill ! = We are going to produce Matalica on wire MV.   (Wish me luck.)    😀


Tim Lewis exhibition


Last night there was an opening PV of Tim Lewis exhibition at the

Flowers gallery, Cork street, London.


Despite the kinetics is rather odd in the art world, quite a number 

of visitors filled the floor and they were curious to touch and rotate

the gear —– and amazed to see how the things move.  🙂


Some of his creations are pretty small but, some are big. 

Still overall concept is always the same, like grand dad made

a toy for a small boy.  In the digital techno age, his creation

stays stubbornly analog and rather rustic and moves purely

for the sake of move. 

Normally, the things move for the purpose of something

= (nature or economics never waste the energy)

car moves, in order to take the driver or passenger A to B. 

The machines do their works.  Apple had to drop because the

gravity pulled him.  But Tim’s Machine moves only to show

its movement.  That’s all.  They were made just for the art.

= So, the visitors seems not a kind of Geek or Otaku.



The exhibition was addressed by the curator, Ann Elliot who 

saw “His work is beautiful” but only wonder the mechanics. 

(Photo above, from left = James (gallery director) Ann and Tim)



Tim (photo middle) and his kids playing with Dady’s toy !

(I would say, he must be much happier than playing with Pokemon.)   😀



People kept talking and talking — even outside (it was a hot day)  🙂

—– The most of the photos here were taken by the Pinhole, either with or

without Fisheye adapter.

Sharper photo was made by a Hand made Toy lens on Sony A7R camera.


Zen in Action (3) — Latent Thinking

At moment, I’m in chaos of shifting the mountain of boxes again. Some of the regular readers

may remember, I said the same before, though it was for fitting new window but this time it

is for electric re-wiring. It’s mean, I have to shift those to the window-side to vacate the

wall-side for the electrician to access all the power-points, switches etc. (I’m not happy at all.

= so-called Electric safety standard has been changed and they say all the system has to be

kept-up, blah blah = keep industry busy to make money, but I’m dubious about

why the contract has gone to this company.)

So that, fortunately or unfortunately, I had to dig-up the boxes berried to the bottom which

I haven’t seen since when I moved to here.


In common-sense, people only has what is essential to the own immediate life, the essential

for the daily life. —– ideally a Buddhist remained in their bare minimum though it’s the matter

of how the person define who he is = a Buddhist bikku (literally a beggar who forsaken all his

possession for a sake of seeking the truth) may needed to have one cloth to cover his body and

one bowl to receive food (then to drink, and take a water to wash himself etc.)

—– in this context when I found that the followers of

Lord Buddha had umbrella, I was very surprised (let alone the umbrella had been already

invented then ! —– this sort of analysis would lead to see the timing when Agama Sutras was

written, or its authenticity.)


In fine day, still carry an umbrella for if it starts a rain, or carry a bowl in case if anybody

offer a food are all in the speculation (may happen but not on that moment) = in other words,

it’s only in the mind.     I wonder what Lord Buddha instructed to this matter to his followers ?

So, the teaching of “Live in the Moment” include the situation “Could happen next moment” too.

So, I carry a mountain of material to make something which could happen in any moment. 😀


Don’t cling to your thought but leave the matter to the Dharma (occurrence of the Karma).

This “thought” meant be a kind of thinking we are doing in lingual form. —– as a matter of fact,

as Neuroscientists found that 90% of our thinking has been done subconsciously without convert

it to the lingual form. Even when we are in Mushin and totally occupied by one action, our Brain

is still in full working state unless we choose to have meditative state.

This “subconscious thinking” is no other than what we call [intuition], [hunch], and often giving

an [insight], or [inspiration] and those are the very “Latent Thinkings”.


In comparison, what we learned in lingual form such as somebody’s words or what we learned

from the books will stay as the lingual memories.

We can say “I understood” is in fact, lexical understanding of an abstract notion of the word and

its meanings but not what it is in practice.

But what we experienced and learned in real life always carries the tag of emotion yet this

emotion is very difficult to convert and express in the words, because the tag in the emotion is

a part of the said “Latent Thinkings”.     In most of the case, lingual memory stay like a distant

objects and not necessary relate to the emotion hence, it is not necessary takes a part

in the “Latent Thinkings”.

The words “Be careful, it’ll bite you” stay as the words until after you were actually bitten =

Then, it will be imprinted into your subconscious with a pain, and “Be careful” become part of

your “Latent Thinking”.


This is the very reason why actual practice or experience is so important to our life, and what

Lord Buddha said “Don’t believe  what others said but think yourself”

(better still through experiences).

Cupidon & back 412

—— (One of my Kinetic Sculpture “Cupidon / Archer” which was made mostly discarded material

—— I’ve picked-up, such as aluminium angles etc.  Except an Air-pomp (yellow one) I bought.  

—— The motor came from a Cooling-fan ) (Moving image is in youtube —> Click right column)

—– through experiences since my childhood, I knew, such as an aluminium angle is so useful

to make a structure, or such as a discarded printer contain very useful motor etc. = I collected

and stashed them in my room = hence made mountains of junks. So, when like this unexpected

situation occurs, I have to work hard to shift the boxes.

—– bad still, it’s an unusually hot summer.


Boob Job = It works for Bottom as well !


This wire-mesh sculpture is called Nike after the Nike of Samothraki  hence she got no

head, and the wings which are going to be mounted on its vertical shafts (and flaps !),

haven’t been finished yet.    As this figure has been hanged from the ceiling nearly

10 years,  visitors include the builders who came to fit the windows, wondered how

I made this. —– I always made a joke it was done by Shiatsu = just push by fingers = the

more I push, her boob grow larger and larger.   😀

Boob Enhancer-(2)A09A2324

Wire mesh is not a soft iron.   Rather hard to shape by the finger alone though,  as this flat

is just for ordinary residents,  I can’t make a noise by hammering. 

So that, what I invented was [Boob Enhancer] = place a wire-mesh between the caps or

small bowl and give a strong pressure to form a cup.   It worked amazingly  well.   😀

Boob enhancer-(1)287-001

For this purpose,  I bought many different size of cups — large one can be used to shape

the bottoms as well. (I haven’t figured out which one is human equivalent of  D-cup yet.  :-))

Original tool was a kind of DIY cramp,  but it was used reverse direction = instead to push, 

the bar is pulling,  hence pulling the wire-mesh inward or to see from out-side,  a boob was

pulled out from the flat chest. = Therefore it is literally Boob Enhancer.   😀 


As I wrote in the post  Supponpon (Aluminum panel sculpture), to design and to have

appropriate tool is essential,  especially if it was for a totally new kind of technique.  

And to conceive the idea to design,  open-eyed free thinking is the must.

Cramp was already there and most of the work has been done by the manufacturer,  hence

a small modification was what all I needed. 

—– without this tool, my wire-mesh sculpture couldn’t be the same.


Happy New Year 2013


Happy New Year to all those who is visiting and supported my blog. 

I hope it would inspire and cause more active and fulfilling life

on the 2013 and ahead for you. 🙂 

Yoshizen  aka  Kinetorori


Exploding Cinema at Goldsmith

Exploding Cinema Tytle Cover

Last Saturday evening,  the Films and Art event / Exploding Cinema  was held in a big church

building ( now it was converted to an art-space for the Goldsmith college / London University

of Art )   It seemed, it was one of the most successful evening of the Exploding Cinema’s history.

Exploding Cinema 1

Exploding Cinema 2

Impressive massive space though, as it has been converted = not purposely built = make use of

the space needed a lots of work especially running all together 100m of the electric extension

cables etc. —– while having time count  ” One hour left” ” Another 15 minuets” — then over load

power cut etc.    The DON / Facilitator of many art events /  James Stevens had to work hard   🙂  

( Photo right = Brian Steel’s sculpture / Dummy)

Exploding Cinema 3

( Photo right = I brought my kinetic sculpture Virtual Woman with  3W LED light to project

a shadow of moving image on the wall. )

Exploding Cinema 4

( Photo left = Jini Rawlings installing her video projection system with water reflection. 

Photo middle = Matt Lloyd was setting up the AV system in the performance Room.  

Photo right = I brought yet another piece / Hell Fire —– color changing

rotating LED with reflection ! )

exploding Cinema 5

Exploding Cinema 6

Then the door open —– loads of audiences has come and enjoyed the evening with massive

amount of all sorts of moving images —– save the coldness of a winter night in the massive

stone building  😦      = though, the advantage was, we didn’t need to use  Cloak-room  🙂  

Exploding Cinema 7

Exploding Cinema 8

Exploding Cinema 9

Other than individual set-up of video projection by each artists, the main screen

showed nearly  30 short videos —– some were pretty experimental  🙂

Exploding Cinema 10

And the Performances !   ( Photo left = Blanca Regina performed her amazing singing

with her video image !  ( And I intruded with my dancing — seemed they liked it  :-D)

Photo middle = Pete Gomes  played his impressive Flute accompanying his 8mm cine

images shot in India.    Photo right = Vicky Smith draw tyre track with her bicycle. )

Exploding Cinema 11

Celina Leiesegang’s group performed their movements.  ( Dance  ? ) 

And it is,  another fixture = Mould Wine !    Good for chilly night  🙂


PS :  Any participated Artist who want to have more photos in a bit  larger size, 

Please put a request as a comment saying Photo number / left or right or so =

Comment has your URL which enable  me to send it by Email.


Japanese New Year’s Card 2012 (2) / DRAGON IMAGE

It’s interesting to think, how the ancient Chinese got idea of the Dragon. —– ? ? ?

Their Dragon doesn’t looks like a Snake neither Lizard or Crocodile, but an element of all those,

except its head and the face (some said, that the head with its mane was inspired by a hose)

Still, its image and the myth has been in their culture thousands of years. —– where it came from ?


Neither I know the origin of the Western Dragon which got separate wings.

As Chinese Dragon can fly without having the wings, it is even more mysterious than a looks rational (?) western

Dragon. —– still, the Western Design doesn’t anatomically convincing  (in comparison to the wings of a Bat).

So that, when I designed my Flying Dragon, I didn’t put fore-legs to it.

Anyhow, it is a pure imaginary existence, what so ever the design it is the design, as long as it looks fearsome 😀

The Flying Dragon which got 3m wing-span,  flaps its wings and kicks the legs.   And the head (right photo) got

blue fire in the eyes and the mouth blow a fire —- well, supposedly.  Yes, it did frighten the people    😀

( The reason why the wings are not fully covered was, because of the air resistance — motor wasn’t big enough)

The next photos are the Wire Dragon called Dino  🙂   Its moving image is in the You-tube ;

—– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV0Oyl0B_0g    or click the Link on the right side-bar ( Associates )

I made this, when I was in the South Bank Uni’  Engineering Product Design, Master Course and

the identical (well, more or less) twin is in their permanent collection ( indefinite on loan to them).

The graphic image (right) would be easier to compose for a card.

Lastly, this is the Try-Headed Dragon.  It moves the Heads like the Snakes.

The head was made by a beer can and the long neck is the shower hose.

—– Well, it’s still a kind of the Dragon, don’t you think ?

And the brush Calligraphy are all greeting word for the New Year which

may be composed with the Dragon image to make a New Year’s Card.

( Be sure, never put it, up-side-down or use it for tattoo stencil  😀 )

Rest of the work is up to you.

(I myself is not very keen to use Photoshop, which I learned when

it was a version 3,  and don’t remember how to use !   😀 )

(Left / Read as Gashow  / Congratulate the New Year )  ———–( Right / Read as Gei-Shunn / Welcome the Spring)

—————————————- (Middle /Read as Kinga-Shin-nen / Happy New Year)

Try work hard,  still,  it will be a fun —– it’s a pleasure to live a creative life   🙂

Making a Card would nothing to do your survival, in other words, it is purely for a sake of making card.

( Exactly same as me to create the Kinetic Dragon sculptures = they are utterly useless for my survival )

Nothing essential for the life, it’s mean, it is a light hearted selfless act = Act in Mushin.

Still, you need to work with full concentration (mindfulness) and do it in your best.  Otherwise the result

wouldn’t be an up to the standard.  If it isn’t good enough, try again and again.  You can perfect it.

This is the Zen in action.  Zen is everywhere.  In fact our dairy life is the Zen, provided

you live it in your best, with your mindfulness.



Well,  KINETORORI is my Email name.  As  Youtube  is now own by  Google,  to have an account there I

needed to use the same User name.  (This is to avoid Spam and Fraud. —— it’s no use to defraud fake person)


On the time of Rickshaw Gallery Exhibition,  I’ve shot video image of my work / Cupidon.  And I was going

to put it to this blog though met some technical complication.  I found it is easier to put it into Youtube first

and embed its URL into this blog.

But,  when I put it to Youtube,  the URL appeared as —– http://~~~_0518Q_AZ-o   (you can see this on top

of the screen,  and about this number,  please refer to a post  “ Is Dharma Directing Us ? )

I was shocked  ” Oh dear,  Buddha seemed to hate this ”

—— so,  instead,  I put still photo above which doesn’t blow-up condom. 😀

(If you click a link,  you may see the moving image and URL in there )


Then  next morning,  I saw some junk mails and one of them was from UNISEF asking  support to help

children in Africa.   And I noticed their phone number is  0800 158 3694.  And I felt again  ” Oh dear ”  but

this time I took this sign to  ” I should do the donation to them “.

How the same group of the number  8150 making Positive or Negative response ?

It is in the subconscious intuition.

It would be OK for the Cupidon to blow-up condom at an Art Exhibition as the visitors may not connect the

piece and maker to the Zen Buddhism  😀

Though this blog is about Zen Buddhism.   The same joke would seemed gone too far, therefore it was a halt.

If we were notified  ” I’m watching you ” it’s even herder to go against the common sense. (Be a good boy  🙂 )


The Exhibition at Rickshaw Gallery was happened just as a coincidence as I met the owner of Gallery at

the Royal British Sculptor’s Society.   Then at the Private View of Rickshaw Gallery,  I met the owner of

another Gallery / Unit-24, just round a corner of the Tate Modern , and she invited me to exhibit in her Gallery.

Everything has happened just as a sheer coincidence,  but what so ever,if I were invited,  I just accept and

deliver at my best  (Most of my works are pretty jokey,  so, they may not necessary an Art which I don’t care

—– still definitely they make the people to smile and they like good joke.)

May be Buddha likes me to make people smile,  it would be a cool breeze in this harsh Samsara,

hence he is making those coincidences.

So, just be here natural as we are.   And follow the natural flow of occurrence.

Don’t think too much and struggle.

Its good to be a Buddhist.  Don’t you agree ?  



Eroticism ? —– Virtual Woman

Photo left is a kinetic sculpture titled ” Virtual Woman”.

The wire mesh torso which rotates  X and Y axis like

a computer 3D cage design,  hence its title.

Before this,  I made three nude figures using same

material and technique.

Despite of those nude figure (I mean female nude)

having supposed to be ideal proportion and curvy

contour,  strangely it doesn’t look erotic.

My friend who got quite a taste of female body (but not empty kind) said, ” Very sensuous but not sensual “.

Wondering  ” Why I couldn’t create erotic figure ? ”   I made most blatant one,  which is just an open-leg

part of the torso,  expecting to see literally naked eroticism.——— Yet the result was far from erotic.

The reaction of female Artist friend  was  ” Your piece is too strong as a sculpture,  leaving no margin to play

with erotic imagination ” ——- ” Thank you very much” ——– ? ? ?

———- Yes, eroticism lay in its suggestive subtlety,  not  naked exposure of ” Thing”,  otherwise

gynecologists can’t do their business.  If it is the case, where this human eroticism came from ?

The Neuroscientists / Human sexologist call this  ” Brainization of the sex” (not sure about this English

translation, as I read about this in Japanese book long time ago).

It is not from the sexual instinct,  as the imagination in the brain needs the source from out side.

So that, the Boys and Girls build up their Erotic Image Library  which is influenced by the Mass-Media, some

became obsessed by the size of boobs others are slim leg etc, and some are even become Anorexia.

Without the accumulation of the original data, we can not imagine anything.  Still,  we have the curiosity as

even a child has. ( This curiosity is at least  Sexual Instinct, which must be the relics of the lost program )

With this curiosity,  we build up own collection of sexual data bank.  Hence everybody got different one. 

But this is nothing but the evidence of  ” We are born without complete sexual instinct “

And as its imagination was made up in the brain,  it is not far from the delusion or obsession

(When a particular thought was associated with certain Emotion and when this connection become

subconscious routine,  it is the Obsession.  For example such as the word  ” Phallic”,  some people

instantly associate the certain shape of object  with  sexual connotation.)


But the trouble (?) in my case is not the perception,  but the way of expression —— way to make the shape.

One of my friend who knows my celibacy which started 23 years ago, teased  me  ” As you are a dried up

person, you couldn’t distinguish subtle juiciness of the body shape,  you can’t express succulent eroticism ”

” Oh, c’mon,  what kind of death sentence is it ?”   And he said  “But it might be your advantage,  as you

can handle and see otherwise messy slimy subjects, in perfectly cool, objective manner, people feel you

are a safe,  harmless man” ——- ” M m m, is it good things ? to a man who is still believing live and kicking ”

” May be its a trade-off to be a Zennist isn’t it,  by which you have your peace of mind,  I still have a headache

of my wife,  Ha ha ha  😀

——— So it was certified that, me to make nude figure is harmless and safe to the society.  😀

( And, I can continue experiment and research how our creativity and the perception works.)

As a matter of fact,  it has been used on the stage play directed and designed by

my friend Francesco Pestori,  titled  O-Project.

(and I took part of it acting as a life creating Scientist.  It was a fun.   ! ! !   😀  )

PS: This Virtual Woman alongside the Cupidon (pull the arrow and blow up condom) and

motorized  Wire Dinosaur  would be  exhibited at the Rickshaw Gallery,

opposite of  Southwark Station (Jubilee Line), opening  27th May, evening PV (6:00~9:00)

If you are interested to have a fun,  please come and meet them.

PPS: The Moving Image of this VIRTUAL WOMAN can be seen in Youtube / Google [kinetorori]

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