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Since I obtained some Focusing Helicoid, I’ve been testing their best use etc —– so, while testing 36~90mm Helicoid with old antic lens, watching the tree, I saw a squirrel on there.


The lens, originally for a Kodak red bellows Folding Camera, was mounted on an extension of a helicoid and working as a 175mm F10 telephoto lens. (Pretty dark)


I don’t know what the squirrel was doing there, I just snapped a busily moving squirrel. (Though don’t ask fine focus to 100 years old dark lens on an awkward helicoid. — this must be an optimum result for an inpromptuous handheld shot.)  😀


(And I don’t think this photo is showing any good quality —– never mind If I needed I could have used proper Lens. —– and I wouldn’t insist “fuzzy image” for this kind of picture ! —– You can see properly photographed catkin’s image.)


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