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SELF again ? ! ! !

One of my friend who is a believer of the Brahmanism sent me a link to the site showing a (long )

conversation between a Guru and a follower.

—– www.krishnamurthys.com/profvk/advaitadialoguepage1.html


Gosh !  Is it going on to 1008 lines ?

It’s a good sample of 3~4000 years argument.

My blog having strange conflict about this.  And 2000 years still no answer was found 😀

The argument is time-consuming and on the end no answer —– so,

Buddha cut off the time-waster “No such things like the Self ”

—–Though,  the obvious trouble is — I’m still here,  Who Am I ?

In my Blog,  I’m saying True Self is in our subconsciousness but it is not the self but the Dharma.

And the apparent self — Self-conscious is false or self-conceived illusion.

Still, leaving murkiness — When enlightened man sees the ” Dharma let this hand move” and created

something ( by himself ) — whose hands did the work.  Undeniably it was the same, very man —– though,

he was working in deep concentration (abandon himself  / he was not even aware his eyes were watching

his work )—–there was no Self,  as he was in Mushin, state of the Mind of No-mind ).

———- Your Brahmanism, your Guru is talking about abstract definition of the Self —– but

Buddha was talking about mental-state / neurophysiology.

Because, Life is not in your abstract imagination —– but you actually need to DO and LIVE.

And when you can achieve much better result  “ Do it in Mushin ”  why you need to have

conscious of  Self / notion of  Self.

When a Bank rend you a good money, you don’t need to think about the financial system behind the banking

operation —– you just invest the money into your business and work hard.

—– Buddhism is the pragmatic answer, the best answer applicable to the real life.

Not for a philosopher. Buddha didn’t need to save the Philosopher / Brahman.

He wanted to save the real people.

By the way, those conversation is the long tradition of which even Buddha did it with his disciples, and

the origin of the Rinzai-Zen though, as you too might have found, it’s hard to read 1008 lines without

fallen asleep  😀

That’s why I’m suggesting ” Cut a lemon> and learn Mushin ” 😀

———- Convinced ?  😀


There is a story of Buddha attending to a man wounded by an arrow.

His disciples were wondering from where the arrow could have been shot, the material it is made of, who

could have shot it etc etc,  while the man was dying !

Buddha said  ” Gentlemen !   STOP !!!   Attend to the man first, before he dies  !!!”

This is Buddha’s revolution with respect to Hindu philosophy  😀


I’m well aware except few differences, there is little distance between Buddhism Dharma and

the Brahman / Atman. —– Yet its argument wouldn’t help much to the human life.

So, I would concentrate pragmatic implication ” Just Do It ”  😀

Because we can’t create our life just by imagining it.  We have to LIVE, while we LIVE.



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