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Following my post [Wet Mid —] I’ve received amazing comments which said,

the young people live in the MOMENT and LOOTING is ZEN.

It seemed this man has read a book about the Zen Buddhism and picked up few buzz words, and as he is

pretty tenacious —– he might be believing what he is understanding is the Zen or believing he

had understood the Zen !

Fortunately, I haven’t read the same book therefore I can’t tell whether the book was crap or his reading was.

( ZEN for DUMB written by a dumb ?   for the dumb ?   😀 )


Often people mistook, just pick-up a buzz-word or two is [got it] even worse [understood].

Even more worse is, especially this kind of people tend to talk a lot    😀

( In my Uni’ there was a woman nicknamed “ Three fold BESHI “ who got a reputation of, when she read

one book, she talked about three times more amount —– a book inspired her and her creative interpretation

sky-rocketed —– only a trouble was her idea was utterly bull-sit   😀 )


Later, I gave another thought, —– in hypothesis, if the man was actually in the line of rioters, and

actually did looting —– then he realized, he has been completely absorbed in the situation, in the rapidly

changing chaotic situation, he just reacted moment to moment —– there couldn’t be a

time to give a thought, —– when he saw a gadget on a shelf = just grubbed and run.

—– then, he become aware ? ? ?    Where am I ?   Why this gadget is in my hand ? ? ?

Boila ! ! !   I got Zen, it was an act in Mushin.


When he was arrested and sent to a Court,  it could make a very interesting case. —– as far as I

know,  it will create an unprecedented test case in the regal history.

If a man accused for a theft,  but pleaded not guilty on the ground of diminished responsibility

since, he was acted in Mushin,  and in the fundamentals of Buddhist’s belief, there is no Self,

therefore an allegedly accused / the man himself was not really in the crime scene = since

the body which has been captured in a CCTV is effectively empty or illusion.

( Don’t laugh  😀 —– this is quite a feasible scenario !  )


This case would give a   nightmare  as big as public disorder itself to the Judiciary.

As it is concerns to the fundamental belief of the Buddhism,  it can not be denied or criticized, therefore

a civil-right organization such as Liberty ought to defend the case,  as they did to Sikh and Moslem, otherwise

they will be accused of their discrimination against the Buddhists.

As long as  he is not having any mental disorder,  to throw the case out in this ground wouldn’t succeed.

There wouldn’t be any difficulty to have Expert Evidences from  Zen Master,  Martial-art Master,  Sports man—–

as it compels them to testify that the teaching of Zen is not  mumbo-jumbo = Mushin is a real phenomenon.

And, Prosecutor has to prove that the [Self] of accused was existing and the proclaimed [Mushin] is not exists.

( But how to prove it ?  It is exactly the same problematic  issue like whether the God exists )

—– It is the direct confrontation over the Buddhism. ( You see how tricky this case is    😀 )


Then, Council may address “My Load,  if the prosecutor is right,  it is the fundamental denial of the

Buddhist’s belief,  but on the other hand if the court find that the Defendant is right,  it is the seal of approval that

the Dharma exists and in the case of Buddhists,  responsibility of the Self may not exists.

Hence, creating yet another loop-hole to escape  Justice.   This would bring the serious problem to the future of

the law and order and to whole Judiciary.   Therefore only the remedy would be, an out of court settlement to

sort the difference out “

—– so, an awkward case will be swept under the carpet without leaving any precedence   😀

Ha ha ha   😀   😀

PS:  I will explain  What is real Buddhist’s Mushin on the next post.


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