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Early Magnolia 2020

In this post, the photos were taken by a homemade lens Godo Lens, except no.4.
Those photos were taken by Tamron SP 90mm Macro on Nikon Z7.

I featured this flower twice (?) before using another fuzzy lenses. But, it seems the people takes the flower branch home there is no branch left on the lower part of the tree, and made me very difficult to take picture. (So, I needed to resort with something special measure. 😀 )

Those following five pictures were taken by the other homemade lens “Pla-B” Lens” —– though, with the bad weather I trid three times to get a kind of results. 😀


Too Early Spring (2)

2-Early Spring(2)A09A4131

This is definitely a Cherry tree though, she already started to bloom. 

(on 10th of March !)

2-Early Spring(3)A09A4133

And somewhere in the town, I saw two of the Common Magnolia in full bloom.

2-Early Spring(1)A09A4138

2-Early Spring(4)623-001

2-Early Spring(5)A09A4137

This is yet another Magnolia tree.  

In London, the temperature became as high as 25 degree C yesterday.

2-Early Spring(6)A09A4139

2-Early Spring(7)A09A4144

2-Early Spring(8)A09A4149

2-Early Spring(9)A09A4146

May be having a warmer weather seems to be better than frosty one

—– though, I’m not necessary comfortable.     It’s something wrong.   

PS: ————————–

Cherry in Greenwich-03-2014(1)DSC_1005

Cherry in Greenwich-03-2014(2)DSC_1007

I just found this cherry tree in full bloom in the Greenwich.  

I’ve been here around every Wednesday though, there wasn’t a flower

last week —– and suddenly today !   🙂   ( Honest, Believe me.  😀 )


Too Early Magnolia

Early Magnolia(1)A09A3860

When I saw this Magnolia, I was even annoyed by it.

It is definitely wrong — gone too far.

Early Magnolia(11)A09A3964

Cherry can flower earlier but not this variety of magnolia.

Normally, this tree flowering after the Cherry — in May.

Early Magnolia(3)615-001

Without a reason, I have strange soft spot to ancient plants.

 Cycad, Tree-fern, Horsetail, Ginkgo, Yew, Monkey-puzzle, Magnolia, Lotus, etc.

Early Magnolia(12)A09A3969

For them to survive hundreds of millions of years,  they must

have a supreme wisdom printed in their gene ! —– I feel awe !

Early Magnolia(4)A09A3857

So, what’s wrong with she in this time ? ? ?

Early Magnolia(5)A09A3868

Those fuzzy images were taken by Wide-angle Pinhole on Canon 5D Mk-III.

Early Magnolia(13)A09A3967[]


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