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Very Funny !


Very very funny indeed.  I’m living in England long enough to know the English expressions, the meaning and its hidden venom. (learned with a pain and a disgust)  And I actuary told or faced with this words  “Very funny” = in fact, when people said this, the real meaning was “What a hell of this = I wish, I spit you if I could”   (When the man in charge with the matter faced to a strong inquiry or complaint, in order to sway the trouble, he use this word. = didn’t respond straight therefore the trouble was not exists still at least responded therefore in its appearance, didn’t ignore the matter — still no answer or admission was given. = World is still peaceful as before (to him or his company) !

   Though, in this case, the situation was much funnier than any cynical meanings.   Please refer to the original story. = when I try to contact a Tripod manufacturer Manfrotto, about their crumbling disintegrating aluminium parts,  I needed to fill their complaint form with my full personal data.  And to the space, I put the photos which showed cracked, crumbling aluminium die-cast. —– It seemed the photos were just gone before I pressed a button to transmit the complaint text.   And today I received a thanks from Google Map for me to up-load the photo(S). = How funny ! ? ? ?

—– the photo was intended to prove what was the real situation to the man in Manfrotto who gave me a rather empty response which indicates that they haven’t seen the photo hence doesn’t aware how it was serious.  = So, instead, I put the photos of crumbling die-cast into my blog post (otherwise there was no way else to show the photo to them)  —– The funniest part of this story was, that why a part of the Manfrotto complaint form was addressed to the Google Map.   And one of the most inteligent organization, who got the most sophisticated image recognition program yet able to distinguish the block of aluminium to town-scape / landscape even to a block of building.  

So, the Google Map IS proudly showing the aluminium die-cast with Manfrotto address to the  world.  Very very funny. = (to Mr Google and Mt Manfrotto)

—– I wonder, on their Map, what is this photo going to do ?     Ha ha ha  😀


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