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Can Ordinary Bicycle Rider become Zennist ?

I’ve wrote about many samples of the Natural Mushin, such as the examples,

Typing, Riding Bicycle even ordinary Walking, or through the practice to Cut

Lemon, Put a Pen onto a paper, just watching a Flow of Water, Sea Wave etc.

= In our daily life a Moment when our brain fallen into the state of the No-Mind [Mushin]

is not a rare occurrence, far from it, it is quite an ordinary psychological condition.

—– If so, you might ask, what makes the difference between those

common Moment of No-Mind to the ZEN.

= The answer is in the person’s Mind, or what the person thinks and accepts

[this is the ZEN] = then, it is the Zen or at least it is a start.


While riding a bicycle or cutting a lemon, once you realized that your mind doesn’t have

any thinking other than a mere feeling of “ I’m riding” and the vision “ Land scape is just

passing by” and “ Air is just flowing on my cheek”, or you just see the Knife cutting a Lemon.

—– You need to feel [Oh, this is the ZEN] or feel [I’m in the ZEN] = and

make it a kind of tag bound two together, so that the notion of ZEN is always

stack to the action, Riding, Cutting or Typing what ever be the action.


And you must became aware, the subject you are acting on, and your action is just passing

on or going on, such as the Landscape, shape of the Lemon or the Letters you are Typing,

next by next and moment to moment, like as to see an endless continuing flow.

= As it is the Flow, it never stays the SAME (of cause, that is what Riding, Cutting or

Typing meant to be = otherwise you can’t reach destination, couldn’t make Lemon Slices

and a cup of tea, or finish Typing).

And you must become aware, “ This is what the action meant, or the situation IS

= YOU just have to DO, hence the SITUATION CHANGES = You are seeing

its flow as if you are just an observer, despite YOU, Yourself is


( You have to see and aware this, as it is just a passing phase = but NOT THINK,  just see

as if it is a distant land scape) —– And need to be convinced and become aware,

This IS the ZEN scape.


This detached eyes is what called OPEN EYES and the OPEN-MINDED MIND.

= with this, you must become aware YOU CAN DO THE THINGS ALMOST


While DOING this or HAVING this eyes, a landscape even a bottom of a woman become

just another landscape ! (fortunately or unfortunately 😀 😀 )


Ultimately, ZEN is to have this MINDSET and the OPEN EYES (often called

Clear-Eyes), by which, strangely you might think

“ With the detached EYES, I can see the Real Detail more”

Details, hence the Change, in minute Moment to Moment = Hence YOUR response as well.

Because of the open-eyes, you can have more facts, hence you can be much


(as you can have the More Freedom on YOUR  JUDGMENT and the CHOICE)

and able to pay more attention even to the others as well.

This is what the ZEN IS.


When you try this and became able to DO this, go back to the old posts in this blog

= You must be realized Why, and see What is the psychological mechanism behind.

And see, amazingly all those were taught by

Lord Buddha, 2500 years ago already = this is nothing new or fancy novelty.

( In fact, they are the matter of Subconscious =To see and Feel is done by your intuitive 

Subconscious — but Reasoning and Rational Sorting etc is done by the Thinking. 

ZEN rely on the Subconscious perception and the straight response = hence

eliminates the bias or distortion caused by the intentional Thinking )

= Have a good try or many = it is not difficult as even I hthinkingave done (as DIY).



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