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Ultimate understanding in Buddhism

There is an interesting quotation in Buddhism which said,

In his 40 years teachings, yet in fact,

Lord Buddha had taught nothing even a single word”

—– on the face, you may feel strange.   🙂  This is true but not in the historical context,

—– true in the ultimate Understanding in the Buddhism.

How true, in what context ?

[]This is the added end part of the last post [Emotion / Meditation]  = PS : Please do remember, there is yet another purpose in the Buddhism training, other than [Eliminates Thinking = Mushin] and [Cut off the Emotion = Selfless] . Also to sublimate the teachings = Imprint the Teachings into Subconscious by repeated practice and repeated reading or reciting, is the crucial process. —– here again invisible mind.

When the Teachings were imprinted into subconscious (sublimated), it controls the person unconsciously = no need to consciously remember it = Mushin again !

]= Buddhism teachings has to be sublimated (imprinted into the Subconsciousness),  hence, the person can act and live without conscious or with the memory of the teachings.

When Sword Master Musashi fought,  neither his hands or himself was thinking of Zen. = Mushin has no conscious of Buddhism or Zen.  (Same as when you ride a bicycle, or even just walking, you are not thinking how to kick or move your foot = everything would be done without your conscious ! )

= Therefore, if you act in accordance to the teachings, it is not the Buddhism.

= If you act Buddhism teachings without noticing that “ This is the Buddhism teachings” is the Buddhism.

Therefore, in ultimate Mushin, there is even no Buddhism exists there.

= If you have a conscious, that this is the Buddhism teachings and “ I’m following it”

in fact, you are not following, but just faking an orgasm.

Therefore, in the mind of accomplished Buddhist, there is no teachings of

Lord Buddha remains. (Exists in his subconsciousness but it is invisible and  unnoticeable, and this invisible mind is not regarded to be in the person’s mind but IS the very Dharma.)

= Dharma exists but not in the person’s mind or as his own SELF = (Self itself is not exists)

= Where the teachings has gone ?

= There was no teachings at all in the first place but the Dharma, therefore

Lord Buddha has taught nothing.

[] (It seemed, there were several Masters said this. —– it’s mean, historically only handful Masters ever reached to this level of understanding —– this was the reason why I wrote in an earliest post “Historically, only hand full people ever reached to the Enlightenment” though the Enlightenment itself doesn’t necessary needs understanding of the Buddhism, since the Darma covers everybody, even a non-Buddhist)



Win win – Musashi the Sword Master

There was the most strange quote of Sword Master Musashi Miyamoto.

When he was asked what is a secret to keep winning the fight, he replied,

Never fight with a man stronger than me” —– !

( I wasn’t there to hear this myself, so I’m not sure whether this quote is true or not though,

from the level of Zen he reached, this word sound quite likely his own word. )


Enlightenment in Zen liberates one’s mind = Liberate mean, free one’s mind from

all the restriction and the bondage of the ideas.

Free from pretence, rules, stereotypical beliefs even one’s own Ego.

So that, here is a contradiction, why Musashi needed to win ?

Why he needed to avoid to fight stronger opponent ?

But, before that, there was a preceding condition, why needs to fight ?

To seek a fight is driven by an intention from the Ego, Greed for the fame etc etc,

but once he reached to the level of the Enlightenment, he no longer had an impetus to fight.

( But Sword Mastery is not came from the will, but instinctive body reaction = if it

was needed to react in the situation, he could have done without having a will to fight

= it was not him fight, but the Dharma does ).

So that, once Musashi reached to this level, even the other sword master as good as him dear to

challenge him because even if challenge was successful, fight would cost a limb or two = a life of

sword mastery would be lost for ever = no point to challenge Musashi — and it never happened.


Still the remaining question is, why Musashi uttered such words to spoil the game.   😀

It was because, what the Zen and its natural choice = Middle Way was.

Once enlightened, to cling the idea of Zen disappeared too.

(Conscious idea doesn’t need to be there because everything were controlled unconsciously).

So that, on the occasion, chattering with young novice, what situation required (= a task on front

of Musashi, on that moment ) was to have a good, cheerful conversation.

Why needs to be so serious.  He just took a Mickey out of serious novice.

(To his eyes the people in Sword Mastery or Zen seemed more like a caricature figure then)

Go, Middle way.   So that, the life can have much more fun. 😀

Relax !


Conflicted view to Steve Jobs

Some people pointed out that my view toward Steve Jobs in two previous posts are conflicting.

Appreciate him in respect of his Zen influenced attitude but in the same time showing an

almost a hatred toward him. —– this is true in certain extent.

There is a very clear reason. From the beginning I didn’t like Apple at all as I’ve described before.

Then, I learned a life history of him and his background —– born as a child of Syrian father

and an American mother, but as their marriage was not accepted by their parents, Steve was grown up

in the adopted family, Jobs. —– those conflict embedded in his psyche lead him to seek the Zen

which gave him an ultimate confidence to be HIM and the mental strength.


People having a stereotype towards the Buddhism that it is a teaching of peace and harmony.

Though, as I wrote long ago in a Post [ Third aspect in Zen ] there is yet another aspect =

Zen as a technique of Mind Engineering.   How to reprogram one’s mind and give a confidence.

The most famous Sword Master Musashi Miyamoto who wrote [ Book of the Five Rings ] was an accomplished

Zen Master too. —– Still, he was a killer of 30 odd people — (said to be, as I wasn’t there 🙂 ).

And lots of opponents who fought with him were also Zenist.    Being a Zen Buddhist doesn’t mean they

avoid the fight and settle peaceful draw.   One has to die.    The matter in there was only how to kill

in the most efficient way.  Live as a Samurai, death is a part of their Karma and the contemplation.

This is nothing but the Zen Buddhism.


Zen can give completely open eyes of Mushin,  hence the reaction or decision-making is

the reflection of the Dharma, thus the result would be the most appropriate and the best.

In this aspect, Steve Jobs has accomplished the task what he needed to Do.  Which

he conceived the idea with his open-minded way ( having no dithering to the conventional

thinking or hesitation to others ).

I appreciate this, in relation to the Zen. —– though, I hate the way how Apple exploited the others.

Dharma did give him the best idea of the product design, though I quite doubt of the

well thought-out (second thought driven by the greed) business model to enslave the

consumer = too much tactical thinking and the greed subjecting others was excessive. 

Zen will make a person to perfects the task,  but to harm others

would lead to the repercussion of the Karma to him.

I give certain appreciation to the products, though I wouldn’t make myself to become

a slave or their colony.

My freedom is more precious than few hundreds pound gadget   😀


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