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How convenient they are.  I absolutely agree.  Without Ebay and the Chinese supplier of the small components, my kind of DIY couldn’t exist.  Though it has an inevitable drawback of remote shopping.  I’m buying the things only from its description and the photos, without actually checking the product, and paying the money in advance.   As a matter of fact, I’m doing this while fully aware of me lose the money.   That was why I don’t do the shopping of more than £15 (with very few exception).   That may be a cost of having a laugh, Ha ha ha.  —– On the history, in the early days, 10, 15 years ago, I failed all the shopping which was more than £50 each = two from US and the other from Australia when I wanted to get Hi-power LED.   Just the money has gone and I never seen any LED.   No reply to my Email, or any Phone call.  That’s it.  The end.  What I got was the expensive lesson.   😀

Recently, I bought several items on the Net.   MNh 2500mAh DURACELL Batteries from Green something of UK dealer. Because I trusted the DURACELL , I bought two packs of them.   They were fantastic on the start.   I used them for a kind of LED lighting = Their power continued more than double of the previous set (seemed 1500mAh )    Then, after the second, third charge, they lost the capacity, down to the half.   In fact their price was cheaper among the others.   But, obviously there was a catch behind.  

There are two different approaches to the sales tactics, “Less profit but selling quick and more”  or  “With higher price, selling less but more profit with less handling and posting” —– yet another approach was, find the cheap deal for threw away goods, such as the rejected product from the factory bin.  (Well known example was the half price memory card —– you can understand where those memory can come from if you realize that only few company in the world can produce such Hi-Tec memory = cheap one was the rejected because of so many dead address = to skip the dead address slow down the process which you may not noticed)  Anyway only few customers return the goods or claim the refund. = They expect that they can get away with the money in the pocket.  (And they do.)

The another item was two sets of Lens / Body cap for Sony E-mount —– though I got 1 Sony, 1 EOS = then, who bother to send them back and get replacement for £3 product ? = Ha ha ha.  

I had talked about the Piercing saw = as I wrote, they were good shopping yet, the saw blade came with (supposedly 6 different sizes)  were, in fact all same size.    Ha ha ha   again.

In the another shopping = against the ordered item 58mm to 58mm mount, 36mm to 90mm extension helicoid ring, what I received was 25mm to 50mm extension ring —– still they want to have my 5 star response.  (they may not aware that they made a mistake)     We can’t to be too serious with Net.   Because of they are loose and not square, we can have a fun.   Likewise, even with President Tramp, still, life goes on.   Ha ha ha   😀 


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Fake Lens ? ? ?

Spot fake-1-A09A5906

While looking for the items in the ebay, I found a small article “How to spot 

the fake Nikon lens” by gmek111  in which, they says 7 points to check — but 

in fact, it was try to sell their App. —– Think about the “Fake camera lens”

—– on the market, there are thousands of the cheap camera lens though,

I never heard of such as Fake Nikon or Canon lens kind.


In the world, one particular county is notorious for their fake products —– in fact

80% of counterfeits in the world found to be coming from there.  And in there,

such as cooking oil made out of fat from the sewage has been sold and so on, the list

of the scandals were endless.  And their cheap products such as the netphone of

Shaomi sold very well and eating away Samsong’s share. —– Yet still, its  screen

was made by Japan Display, camera sensor was made by Sony etc etc = more than

60% of the component inside were imported from Japan = they can copy the product

using the same components imported from Japan = but they don’t have the

technology to produce those components by themselves.



You might have seen a cheaper Memory Card from that country —– half price for

128 GB kind = do you know, only 5 companies in the world having such nano

technology and non in china.  —– So, where those cheap memory came from ?

When those electronic component were produced, there always defective reject

found on the test, which goes to the bin — somebody pick-up those from the dump

and sorting them for such as the one, 90% of memory is still usable —> make a package

and the label then export. The device jump the address of dead memory = still usable.

It may have only 127GB, and due to register dead address and jump = a bit slow for

industrial use though, the amateur on the street wouldn’t notice on their camera.  😀  

—– the reason of defect might be caused by the mis-process and the memory would 

deteriorate further by its heat,  then the photo would be disappeared next by next !

= on the market, you will get what you paid.  There is no such things of good bargain. 


When Contax camera was produced in Japan, their “Carl Zeiss Lens” was said to 

be made by Tomioka-kogaku — though, after the production of Contax camera was 

ended, the rumor said that the Zeiss lens for other DSLR were made by Samyan.

(under license of Zeiss, using their design and microchip — in fact I have one, but

that one says “Made in Japan” and the other rumor says, it was made by Cosina.)

(But I couldn’t find where “Zeiss lens” for Sony camera was produced now.

—- of course, optical part of Sony was former Minolta, they got own production line.

And Minolta was the inventor of the Auto-focus system, = they got top technology.)


To make a fake Rolex watch is easy = it’s a matter of making a copy of its outer case and

put a cheap moving-unit inside. = it shows the time, therefore not much trouble to sell.

Similar situation was such as a fake computer HDD — inside may have just a SD card.   

Though, to make “Convincing, working copy” of the Nikon, Canon lens is very difficult.

Those lenses are as sophisticated as the camera body itself.  In fact, having a Zooming,

auto-focusing drive mechanism, let alone the tricky optical design =

It wouldn’t pay for making counterfeit.    And to defraud the buyer, it doesn’t need to

make a counterfeit —– just show a real photo, then grab the money and disappear.

If the company has such technology and capable production line, the company would

do much more profitable business, instead of taking a risk to commit a police matter.


So, the article in the ebay, “How to spot the fake” is just a scaremongering

only to sell their App.    This article or advertisement itself is the fraud !

I buy small adapter, filter-ring kind, from ebay, but about £2~£7 of cheap products.  

Because, I prepared to lose money = I never trust them.   In fact, I never be successful

with the internet shopping when it was more than £50 price. — Ebay is having useless

“Claim system” — we need to report the transaction-code kind — Type-in — they says

“Code is wrong” — Type again “Code is wrong” repeating for ever.    😦     😀 😀

On the End, sake of security, pay a bit more in the shop would bring more peaceful life.  

Ha ha ha. 



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