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Been watched ? ? ?

(This is the back screen of my D850 camera)

When I lived in the north London, on one of the hilltop.  From its window, I could see the horizon (in fact it was the hills of North downs / Rochester and Dover direction) and a New Year’s sunrise.   But now, here from a corner of south London I could only see the sunrise over the roofs.   Warse still, this year, I could only see the sun behind the cloud.  —– So, the first picture of the year was the cloudy sky.  Then I noticed that its number of the photo in the camera was 777/777.  Other than that fatal number of 8150, I’m not fussy the number like 666 or lucky 7 still, to see so many sevens, its reminds me the zincs of the Gurdian God is watching.   It might be a message of an encouragement for the New Year / This Year = since I still need to push the  2 complaints against the Council.    This sign looks very good ! 


First Sunrise of 2016


1-_DSC2543Sunrise in densely build area of London is not dramatic nor beautiful,

nevertheless it was the first sunrise in this year 2016.

Happy New year.

1-_DSC2521-002Last night I was in a new year’s eve party of the locals though, as

usual, I didn’t drink but just dancing —– I took some pictures though 

I wouldn’t bother to publish them while taking the consent of all the

people in the photo.    With their generation, the music was 70s, 80s

even 60s.  🙂  — and some kids as well. (very unusual party for me.)




First Sun-Rise over quake-stricken Miyagi, Japan

————————————————————- (Photo from Mainich News Paper )

This is a photograph, I found less than an hour ago, which has been taken only few hours ago in Japan.

The first Sun-rise seen from the hill-top (Hiyori-yama) in Natori City, Miyagi Prf’ which

is over looking a mountain of rubble, left by the earthquake and the tsunami.


To see the First Sun-rise of  New Year is the tradition in Japan.

First day of January, many part of Japan has been covered with snow though, lots of people

goes out cold, some are even climb the high mountain only to see this Sun-rise. (I did it before too).

Of cause, to reach high advantage point before Sun-rise needs to start the journey in the

middle of the night, the temperature could be well bellow Zero.

—– Don’t ask  “what for”,  because the answer is just  ” To see the first Sun-rise”  (初日の出)

 If you see it yourself, you can’t stop to feel owe. —- Why ?   This is what Spirituality mean.

Western people asked ” Why Japanese brought a cash found in the mud to the Police” (and 90% of the

money — £23M all together — has been returned to the rightful owner by the Police) or  ” Why Japanese

didn’t loot” —– the answer is all same.  Such kind of morality is in their fundamental ethos = Spirituality.

(It is nothing strange, when people talk or behave according to what they have read in a book or Bible, as

it was simply in their memory.    But when people behave without such knowledge, against their instincts

such as greed or selfish gain,  and even without the other’s watchful eyes = This is the Spirituality.)


People saw the Sun-rise there, might have played (don’t ask “to whom ?”.  Spirituality doesn’t

need a figure or name of the God )  for the Soul of who lost the life in  Tsunami or

wished the well recovery of the surviver.

To share the same play, I put this photo here.

Peace to the people who has been suffering.


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