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How to Save money ?

In the Net, there are hundreds of life’s advice kind of site.

How to maintain good relation or before it, how to start, or where to find the mate.

The advice from a very experienced mature person to a very young person saying

how and why she or he was attracted to what sort of the person etc etc.

(In most of the case, the advice was not more than a good common sense.)  

         An advice which took my eyes was how to save the money, by not to reduce

the spending but simply just stop to buy it altogether.  I guess, the woman who was

advising must be saying it from her hundreds of failed experiences.  In certain sense,

it is a simple commonsense though, when the matter involving was a person’s desire 

or the habit, it’s easy to see, common sense may not necessary works. 

When someone drinks, the person may not counting the number of glasses — but

just want only one more glass.   So, to attempt to save a money by reducing the

consumption could be a hardest to achieve. 

I’m not knowledgeable of this kind though =is there such deal viable to negotiate

with a prostitute if a half of insertion could save her charge half ?   May be not.   🙂

Saving the money is not a matter of economics or a business management but 

it is the very trouble of the MIND. 

That advice in the Net, “Stop to buy it completely” is in fact parallel to the Zen.

Zen works on the base of  All or Nothing because of it is either in Mindful otherwise

it is not exists. — In our mind, if the mind of Drink was there, the Drink is there.

= you can’t have “Half mind of Drink” same as a half of the Drug or a half of the Sex. 

As long as a Receptacle of the Drink, Drug, Sex is in the Mind, we can’t stop to take it. 

But once such mind was removed = ie;  the receptacle was not there, we couldn’t

recognize “What the Drink is”  “What the Drug is”  or an image of a woman

couldn’t be connected to the Sex.


The secret of this “Mind Engineering” is, how to train our Mind = make the

signal jump over the Emotional region of the brain in the Limbic System

which is dealing with Desire, Greed and Want.   To train the Mind, Zen (in fact,

all the Buddhist sects) has the long, repeating practice which ware-out the

Emotion.  ( The brain started to ignore the repeating signals and start to

process the signal without involving the Emotion. = such as a sign-board on the

street, became almost invisible, while you are passing on front of it everyday)

Once the person mastered this Mind, the Drink, Drug or Sex become non-existent. 

And as the Mind will just pass the signal without triggering any reaction =

“Drink ?  — What’s drink ?”   “Woman ? — Yes, I can see it’s a woman.  So, what ?”

Give-up altogether or stop to buy, is much easier than “Reducing its consumption”

because there is no conflict of “Want” and “Shouldn’t” in the Mind.

(And the most funny things was, once the person mastered this Mind-set, he or she

could pick-up a glass without a hindrance but never take more than a sip, because of

there is no desire or attachment NEITHER the Mind of Prohibition or Restriction.)

And this is the best way to save the money and to have a trouble free life.   🙂


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